Let's Talk - Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai - S02E07 - Lull

November 27, 2019 Just Curious Media Season 2 Episode 7
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E07 - Lull
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E07 - Lull
Nov 27, 2019 Season 2 Episode 7
Just Curious Media

To prepare his students, Daniel gives some new training methods a shot. Miguel puts a new lesson into practice. Johnny makes a tough but pivotal decision that affects Cobra Kai.

Recorded on 11-04-19

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Show Notes Transcript

To prepare his students, Daniel gives some new training methods a shot. Miguel puts a new lesson into practice. Johnny makes a tough but pivotal decision that affects Cobra Kai.

Recorded on 11-04-19

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Let's Talk - Cobra Kai - S02E07 - Lull


[00:00:00] JC: Welcome to Just Curious Media. This is Let’s Talk - Cobra Kai. I’m Jason Connel. 

[00:00:05] SR: And I’m Sal Rodriguez.

[00:00:06] JC: All right, Sal. This is season 2, episode 7, lull. 

[00:00:11] SR: What’s it’s called? 

[00:00:13] JC: Lull. 

[00:00:13] SR: L-U-L-L?

[00:00:14] JC: That’s correct.

[00:00:15] SR: Okay. I think I know what that refers to later in the episode, I think.

[00:00:18] JC: It’s an 8.8 rating on iMDB. Another very good episode, and we open bright and early at the LaRusso residence as Amanda wakes up to an empty bed.

[00:00:29] SR: I love that the first thing she says is, “Good morning, baby.” That’s the first thing she says. She reaches over for her husband and says, “Good morning, babe.” I’m sitting there going, “How come my girlfriend never says that to me?” 

[00:00:38] JC: I don’t know.

[00:00:38] SR: I need a dealership. That’s what I need.

[00:00:40] JC: That’s exactly right, series of dealerships in the valley. So she calls Daniel, and of course where is he, Sal? 

[00:00:48] SR: He’s at the dojo and he’s got – At first I was thinking like, “Why isn’t he on Bluetooth?” But he’s driving the ’48 Super Deluxe. Of course, there’s no Bluetooth. He’s got like the Apple headphones hanging only one in his hear. You know that in some states, for sure California, it’s illegal to drive with headphones in both ears. You’re only allowed to have one in.  

[00:01:05] JC: So my old vehicle, didn’t have Bluetooth, and I was on the phone and I was using the a headset, Apple headset, and a police officer was next to me and he held one finger up and pointed to my headset.

[00:01:18] SR: Did you know what he meant right away?

[00:01:19] JC: No. It took me a second. I clicked in like, “Ah! He’s saying one –” So I took one out, the right one out, or the left one out. The one without the microphone and he nodded. So that’s how I learned.

[00:01:29] SR: So you got a warning.

[00:01:30] JC: Yeah.

[00:01:31] SR: That’s very nice.

[00:01:31] JC: Yeah, very nice. 

[00:01:32] SR: I don’t get warnings. I want a warning.

[00:01:34] JC: Just give you straight ticket.

[00:01:35] SR: Straight ticket.

[00:01:36] JC: Well, I believe in hands-free. I’ve not been on a phone or holding it. In my FJ Cruiser, there’s a nice little spot you can put your phone above the steering wheel, which is like built for it. I’m never on that thing. You have never have it in your hands.

[00:01:49] SR: No. I know, because I got a ticket once for having the phone in my hand. I just picked up my phone at the stop light to look at it. Boom! Ticket. 

[00:01:56] JC: But I see people to this day in California, phone to the ear. Seriously? If anything, put on speaker.

[00:02:03] SR: Yeah. So I did notice Daniel gets out of the car and he has one in his ear. He’s talking to Amanda and, yeah, he’s at the dojo. He says he wants to get a jump on today’s lesson is what he says.

[00:02:12] JC: Right. So she reminds him of an important lunch meeting with Anoush. A very unhappy Anoush I should say.

[00:02:17] SR: Did we know that Anoush was unhappy?

[00:02:19] JC: Well, we know he was happy about being at the NoHo Dealership. 

[00:02:22] SR: Yeah. Okay. Because he doesn’t have the right tattoos or something. What did he say?

[00:02:26] JC: Well, he has no tattoos. But I think he’s more comfortable at the Encino branch.

[00:02:30] SR: Sure.

[00:02:31] JC: But that’s all we know. So apparently he’s unhappy. There’s a big meeting today. They hang up the phone and then we hear a punching bag getting hit.

[00:02:39] SR: Sure, and you think it’s Robby, and I think he even calls out, “Is that you, Robby?” Then he goes outside. 

[00:02:45] JC: It’s not Robby.

[00:02:45] SR: Yeah. This was a surprise. 

[00:02:48] JC: Who is it?

[00:02:48] SR: Chris. Hitting the bag with a cigar in his mouth. 

[00:02:52] JC: Yeah. He hasn’t lit the cigar yet.

[00:02:53] SR: He hasn’t lit it yet. Okay. But the cigar was in his mouth though, wasn’t it?

[00:02:55] JC: Of course.

[00:02:55] SR: The cigar is in his mouth unlit. He’s hitting the bag and he comes out from the other side and would see Daniel reacting to him. Yeah. I was surprised to see that for sure.

[00:03:03] JC: Chris is thanking Daniel for taking the weaker soldiers, ex-Cobra Kai’s. Daniel says, “Oh! So they’re soldiers.” So you can kind of see Chris is back to that. His whole initiatives, which we’re talking about in previous episodes.

[00:03:18] SR: Oh! Daniel did say, “Oh! This is what it’s come to? Breaking and entering?”

[00:03:21] JC: Oh, that’s true. He did say that.

[00:03:23] SR: Yeah, which is right off the bat, Chris is doing something illegal. 

[00:03:27] JC: Always. Then Chris goes on to say he won’t let Johnny lose this time around. 

[00:03:32] SR: Yeah. Was he referring to like the ‘84 All Valley? 

[00:03:36] JC: Yeah, because obviously Johnny’s team, Cobra Kais, won the tournament recently. But he is referring to ’84. He must be. 

[00:03:45] SR: Talk about stuck in the past. Gees!

[00:03:46] JC: Yeah, no doubt. Then he says, “Peace is just a lull in between battles.” 

[00:03:53] SR: Now, that I totally – I’m a lover of peace. I do. I love peace. But I have realized and accepted that here on planet earth, there is no peace, only pause, and here they call it lull. Totally, yes. Any time you have peace either in your life or in the nation or in the world, it’s just temporary. 

[00:04:11] JC: It’s true. Then he puts a cigar out in one of the plants. So disrespectful. 

[00:04:16] SR: Oh! And you hear it go “Tsss.”

[00:04:18] JC: Then he gives his respect to Mr. Miyagi. So backhanded.

[00:04:22] SR: Yeah. He says, “Give my regards to Mr. Miyagi.”

[00:04:24] JC: What does that supposed to mean?

[00:04:25] SR: I was surprised that he said that. I mean, he’s got some balls to even say this. Mr. Miyagi kicked his ass in the beginning of Karate Kid 2, and now he’s giving backhanded compliments to Daniel about –

[00:04:37] JC: This is the second time as well. The first time was in front of the Reseda [inaudible 00:04:40].

[00:04:40] SR: Yes.

[00:04:42] JC: So Daniel doesn’t even move. He’s just kind of probably in shock that Chris is even there. 

[00:04:47] SR: Yeah. But I mean it could have been worse. Chris could have said, “Give my regards to your family,” which has more horrible implications than Mr. Miyagi. At least Mr. Miyagi has passed and he cannot be harmed.

[00:04:59] JC: True. Now we’re back at the LaRusso residence and Samantha has Moon over.

[00:05:04] SR: Yeah. So they’ve rekindled their friendship after Hawk, right? Moon dis talk and she dumped him, because she didn’t want to date a bully, she said, in the previous episode. So now they’re hanging out again, but this is our first time seeing Sam and Moon hanging out again, right? 

[00:05:16] JC: Yeah.

[00:05:16] SR: Okay. So that’s interesting. 

[00:05:18] JC: It’s like the only time I think I’ve seen Sam and Moon just together without Yasmine or anyone else there.

[00:05:23] SR: Yeah. This is a new era for Moon and Sam.

[00:05:26] JC: Moon has her try this hippie smoothie that is supposed to balance your kinetic energy. 

[00:05:32] SR: Are we led to believe that Moon made that or did she buy it?

[00:05:35] JC: I’m not sure, but obviously I’ve always said this. Moon must come from some really cool hippie parents.

[00:05:39] SR: Yeah. Okay. Maybe her parents made it.

[00:05:41] JC: So have you ever had such a smoothie, Sal?

[00:05:44] SR: I’m not big on these expensive smoothies. For one thing, I definitely believe is that let’s say you take a supplement and it’s great. You got to keep taking it. You can’t just take it one-time and it’s going to do anything.

[00:05:54] JC: And your kinetic energy is just fixed?

[00:05:55] SR: Yeah. No. No. You would have to have one of these expensive smoothies at least a couple of times a week for it to do anything, if it actually does anything. 

[00:06:02] JC: Moon swears about it. So anyway, as they talk, Moon suspects that Sam has a crush on Robby. 

[00:06:08] SR: Well, it’s the way Sam is talking about and being so picky and choosey about her clothing. So that’s when Moon, the female instinct kicks in. So she says, “Do you have a crush?” Then she says, “Is it Robby?”

[00:06:19] JC: Yeah. Because it’s kind of written all over Sam’s face. She definitely has a crush, and it’s definitely Robby.

[00:06:25] SR: I was a little surprised that Moon would automatically assume Robby, because she would have to sort of know the inner workings of Miyagi Do, right? 

[00:06:31] JC: I think Moon’s aware that Robby lives there.

[00:06:33] SR: Oh! Okay. There we go.

[00:06:36] JC: So there’s been a lot more of Robby interaction. 

[00:06:37] SR: Yes. He’s not just another student at Miyagi Do.

[00:06:39] JC: No. Because I don’t think Moon even knows Robby that well anyway. She’s only interacted with him briefly at Canyon. Saw him a little bit.

[00:06:47] SR: Yeah. Okay. So the cat’s out of the bag as far as Moon is concerned. Her friend Sam has a crush on Robbie. The house guest and fellow Miyagi Do student.

[00:06:55] JC: Yes. 

[00:06:55] SR: I like how Moon says, “My mom’s therapist always says, “You can’t hide from your heart.” So Moon’s giving some nice sage advice, but I did find it interesting that she didn’t even say, “My therapist.” She said, “My mom’s therapist.” I just found that interesting that Moon is using – What? Like firsthand, secondhand advice for her own, and I just thought that was interesting.

[00:07:16] JC: I would like to see Moon’s family.

[00:07:19] SR: Yeah. At this point in time I think it would be interesting to see a little more background on Moon. Now that she’s come to the light, right? She was on the dark side in the beginning. But now that she’s into the fold of the LaRusso’s and Miyagi Do.

[00:07:31] JC: Yes, and we’ve recently seen Hawk’s mother. Why not bring Moon’s parents in the play?

[00:07:34] SR: I know that Jason has seen all of Cobra Kai and he doesn’t give me any spoilers, which I appreciate.

[00:07:41] JC: And you ask.

[00:07:41] SR: I do. I like to be surprised. I like that suspense. Yeah, we may be meeting Moon’s parents at some point. I don’t know it yet. Maybe Jason does, but I don’t know.

[00:07:50] JC: What a poker player I am.

[00:07:51] SR: You are. You’re good. I appreciate it.

[00:07:53] JC: Now we’re at Cobra Kai dojo, and Miguel gives Johnny his condolences about Tommy’s passing.

[00:07:58] SR: Yeah. So this is Johnny arriving after what we saw with his old buddies.

[00:08:04] JC: He must have been gone several days. It could have been a week.

[00:08:07] SR: Yeah, and he was kind of just was not planned. Johnny was part caught off guard himself, took off.

[00:08:13] JC: Yeah. Very spontaneous trip for Johnny, and then what happen happened. Then they dealt with the funeral. So he is not been back in the dojo since he left. So Miguel also shares that things have been good, and Chris is tough, but he knows what it takes to win.

[00:08:27] SR: Yeah. So this will come up later that Johnny hasn’t trusted Chris with his dojo, with his students. He has given him his trust while he went off to go hangout with his old buddies. Then he comes back. So he’s going to have to experience the fallout.

[00:08:43] JC: And to find out who trashed Miyagi Do. 

[00:08:45] SR: Yes. That’s right.

[00:08:46] JC: So Johnny goes into his office, and Chris has cleaned out and hung a photo of him on the wall.

[00:08:51] SR: That I thought was funny. Is that not the same photo that we saw in Karate Kid?

[00:08:55] JC: Oh, yeah.

[00:08:55] SR: That is. That’s the same photo that was on the wall originally.

[00:08:58] JC: That thing is straight out of Soldier of Fortune. It is that great photo of young Chris in fatigues. Also looks like something in Predator, one of the many men that helped Schwarzenegger hunt down the predator in Columbia, wherever that was.

[00:09:13] SR: Now that you mentioned it, I wonder if Martin Kove was ever considered to be one of the crew members of Predator. 

[00:09:17] JC: I mean, yeah. You had Bill Duke in that. You had Apollo Creed, Carl Weathers. You had Shane Black in the film. It had a big crew. He could have fit right in there.  

[00:09:26] SR: Yeah. I wonder if he was considered.

[00:09:26] JC: Martin Kove could have fit right in. So Johnny goes to start class, but Chris has made other plans. 

[00:09:34] SR: Yeah. He’s going to take them to Coyote Creek, which by the way I believe is a made up place. 

[00:09:38] JC: Yeah, it’s a great name though.

[00:09:39] SR: Yeah. It’s fantastic. I’m going through my Rolodex as a San Fernando Valley resident. Is there actually a Coyote Creek? But no, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one.

[00:09:47] JC: Much like the Canyon. It’s obviously a place that Johnny and Chris has been to before. Maybe the old Cobra Kais train there, because it immediately clicked at Johnny’s head, like, “Oh my gosh! Coyote Creek, are they ready for this?” He’s a little apprehensive, and then says, “All right.” Because no one is in the gees. Everyone’s in sports clothes, because they were told to get ready to be in the outdoors.

[00:10:07] SR: Yeah. I really enjoy being outside, training outside. I don’t know why I’ve never taken a job where I literally work outside. I love being under the sky so much. So I really admire Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do both for training outside. 

[00:10:21] JC: I agree. I mean, I think the dojo has its place, the mats, the mirrors really help. I know from practicing martial arts myself, mirrors help you with form. But I do appreciate these things as well, and we live in California. So I mean I’m outside every day walking my dog. I’m taking phone calls outside. So it’s a part of my life. I would not live in California and not be outside as much as I could be.

[00:10:45] SR: I mean, it’s almost thanksgiving, and I just rode my bike the other day from North Hollywood to Encino, back and forth, and it was beautiful.

[00:10:52] JC: It’s amazing. So now we’re at Miyagi Do dojo, and the team is exhausted and they’re hiding under one small train in the yard. 

[00:11:00] SR: Yeah, that was funny because it’s so hot. They’re looking for some shade.

[00:11:03] JC: Yeah, because you’re speaking about being outside, and I agree, but the valley can get hot in the summer. 

[00:11:08] SR: Yeah. I think the valley is only getting hotter, I think. I think we’re having record temperatures. When it gets hot, it’s hotter than it’s ever been, I believe every year. 

 [00:11:17] JC
: So I believe this is one of those times where you could train inside.

[00:11:21] SR: I see. Sure.

[00:11:22] JC: So Daniel has a different plan, which is what, Sal?

[00:11:24] SR: Shochu-Geiko.

[00:11:25] JC: And what does that mean? 

[00:11:27] SR: And Geiko is like the insurance, because then one of the guys yells out, “You mean like the insurance commercial?” 

[00:11:32] JC: Which is hilarious?

[00:11:33] SR: Yeah. But Shochu-Geiko is when you train on the hottest day of the year. Now, by the way, when I was back in my marathon training days, the training season would begin in the fall, because you would train all through the fall, train all through the winter, train all through the spring. So by the time that summer came around, you were fully trained already physically. So you should be adapting to the summer and the heat a little better than if you started training in the summer. You don’t want to start training in the summer outside. You want to start in the fall and then wind up in the summer outside. But these guys are just going for it. Of course, what do I know about Shochu-Geiko?

[00:12:10] JC: All I know from growing up in Oklahoma in the summers, it was 100+ degrees. Ridiculously amount of humidity, and I’m out there mowing lawns, playing sports. I didn’t know there was a different way. I think that made me tougher.

[00:12:24] SR: It probably did, because I don’t think we’ve had the humidity of Oklahoma. You have that like Texas humidity, right?

[00:12:31] JC: It’s very similar. You walk outside in the summer and you’re wet. 

[00:12:36] SR: Sure. No, I’ve had to leave the state. I’ve been to New Orleans. I’ve been oversees in the Middle East. Where I’ve experienced incredible humidity that we’ve never experienced here in Los Angeles ever.

[00:12:45] JC: So even when it’s really hot here, at least it’s more dry, and we’re lucky that way. But the valley, it can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than by the ocean, which is amazing out here. I didn’t know that before I lived here. Like, “Oh, yeah. Whatever.” No. It’s true. It’d be 70 in Sta. Monica and it could be 100 in the valley. 

[00:13:03] SR: Yeah. It has to be – If you live in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley and you say, “I want to go to the beach and get in the ocean.” Well, it needs to be like 105 here in order for it to be descent in the ocean in Malibu. 

[00:13:15] JC: It’s crazy. So now we’re at Coyote Creek, and Chris makes two teams, black and red. So, Sal, explain this train exercise.

[00:13:24] SR: Well, it’s half the crew with black headbands. Half the crew with red headbands. They are enemies for the day, and you have to snatch off similar to flag football. You have to grab the – Instead of the flags off your opponent in football. You grab the headband of your opponent in this martial arts/military style exercise. The last person standing with the headband, their crew is the winner. Their group is the winner.

[00:13:49] JC: I initially thought it was capture the flag, where you work as a team. You protect your own home base and you take out the other people. But this is an interesting take on it. 

[00:13:56] SR: Well, because what you may see here is you may see – Like if I’m on the black team, I may have to fight another black team person, right? 

[00:14:04] JC: Yeah, it could get down to that, much like a karate tournament. 

[00:14:06] SR: Yeah. 

[00:14:07] JC: Because I think that happens with Miguel and Tory are talking like, “What if it comes down to us?” They’d have to battle, because they were both on the black team. So Chris says, “There are no rules in taking a headband.” Johnny quickly says, “Use your best judgment.” So you can already tell that they’re kind of at opposite approaches there. 

[00:14:25] SR: Well, it would appear to the uninitiated that Johnny is getting soft. It appears to Chris that Johnny is getting soft.

[00:14:32] JC: Well, he’s evolving. I don’t know if he’s getting soft.

[00:14:35] SR: No. But that’s what I say. I’ll say to the casual observer. I mean, we’ve seen how Johnny is changing and shifting and growing. But if you compare Johnny today to Johnny of yesteryear –

[00:14:47] JC: Because he just thought like Chris, he’s thinking for himself now. 

[00:14:50] SR: But I did see a little bit of a foreshadow here, or at least I saw it as a foreshadow. 

When Chris says, “The person standing across from you is your enemy,” and we notice, he’s standing right across from Johnny when he says that. 

[00:15:01] JC: Yeah, it’s pretty nice. Very symbolic.

[00:15:03] SR: So I caught that. 

[00:15:04] JC: So then Chris says, “This, meaning your headband, is your life. If you lose it, you did.” That’s how Chris plays the game.

[00:15:12] SR: Yeah, do or die.

[00:15:13] JC: Do or die. So then Raymond arrives late and he’s [inaudible 00:15:17] about the 118, which is a freeway out here in California.

[00:15:21] SR: Ronald Reagan freeway, by the way.

[00:15:22] JC: Very nice job there. So Johnny looks at him and says, “What have you done to yourself?”

[00:15:27] SR: I totally love that he does the callback. He says, “I flipped the script Hawk style.” Points at Hawk, gives him props. He says, “You can now call me Stingray,” and he rubs his own beard and then the music plays, right? Some hard guitar.

[00:15:40] JC: Because he’s got like a beard, but he got this like ZZ Top thing that goes down a little bit further, like one strand. Yeah, and the music just kind of collapses, because it just dies on his big reveal.

[00:15:51] SR: Well, yeah, because Johnny says something like, “Okay, chubs.” 

[00:15:53] JC: Yeah, because no one’s impressed.

[00:15:54] SR: Yeah. By the way, this actor, this guy who we love, he’s going to be – He has a starring role in a new movie. 

[00:16:00] JC: His name is Paul Walter Hauser. He’s in the new Clint Eastwood film named Richard Jewell. He plays the lead character, Richard Jewell, and it’s an American security guard. Heroically saves thousands of lives at the ’96 Olympics when there was explosion in Atlanta. 

Yeah, and I’ve also seen him in BlacKkKlansman, the Spike Lee film, and I also saw him in I, Tonya in 2017. So to see him in this role, and you and I immediately found him to be good comic relief. 

[00:16:29] SR: Sure, he’s great.

[00:16:30] JC: But flipping the script shows his acting chops. So I think he’s great, and this is a great role for him. He’s the only Cobra Kai student that’s an adult, and Johnny let it fly, because he had some money. 

[00:16:42] SR: Yeah, he whooped out his money and he could pay for lessons. 

[00:16:47] JC: All right. So now we’re back at Miyagi Do dojo and the students were in a circle with Robby in the middle and then Daniel is yelling numbers and then a random student would attack Robby. 

[00:16:57] SR: I totally love the approach, the martial arts technique of teaching a student to fend off multiple attackers. Is that something you do in the martial arts, or is it always just one on one? 

[00:17:07] JC: Different than the martial arts that I trained for, but I do think it’s interesting as well. I may get into that in more advance stages. But right now we’re learning how to just fight off. I think later, you’re right. These guys are all black belts in this universe, and I’m not a black belt yet. So I know you do get to that level, but this is a little unrealistic. You have kids here not padded up, and they’re throwing real hits and kicks at each other, which you don’t see in training.

[00:17:32] SR: I have all these kind of thought in my head about what if you take like the greatest martial artist and have him fend off like three pretty good fighters. Can a great fighter fend off three pretty good fighters? I’d like to see that. 

[00:17:45] JC: Well, I would say that my sensei could probably take out 20 fighters. 

[00:17:48] SR: Really? 

[00:17:50] JC: I think there’s a lot of great things about this drill as well. I just can’t imagine them beating each other up at this stage.

[00:17:55] SR: No. But I’ll tell you what though. Very useful skill if you grew up in the San Fernando Valley like I did. There were times where you would have multiple attackers at the same time. You get jumped by a gang. 

[00:18:04] JC: That’s crazy.

[00:18:05] SR: So, yeah. If you have the skills to fend off multiple attackers at once, fantastic. 

[00:18:10] JC: So Robby is doing really well. Scores a point on someone. Sam comes in. They have a really nice exchange, and then Sam scores. So then Daniel rotates and puts Demetri in the middle. 

[00:18:20] SR: Yeah. Which seems like a mistake right away. When they go to kick him, he doesn’t even react. I’m like, “Come on, dude! Do something!” I mean, you would figure natural instincts would kick in even if it’s not your karate training. The natural instinct kicks in to move out of the way of someone punching or kicking you, but not in this regard. 

[00:18:39] JC: So after Demetri fails, Samantha asked for a break and Daniel is like, “Fine. You guys want to cool off?” Now they go back to Coyote Creek, and Miguel and Tori both on the black team are walking, and what happens? 

[00:18:53] SR: Now this I didn’t understand, because this guy approaches them from the back. Are you allowed to just run? I mean, if I’m on team black and I approached two team reds, don’t I just get the hell out and dodge? Why am I going to stand there and try to fight these two? But he does though. I got to give him props. So he stood and tried to –

[00:19:07] JC: Tries to hold his ground.

[00:19:08] SR: He tries to fight both Tori and Miguel at the same time. 

[00:19:11] JC: He’s some unknown Cobra Kai student who we don’t know. We’ve never gotten his name. Miguel is even kind of laughing before it starts.

[00:19:20] SR: Well, him and Tori are exchanging like kind of adlib jokes with each other about this.

[00:19:26] JC: So he puts up a fight, but they best him right away. Then after taking the headband off, Tori finishes him with another kick. That’s little after the bell there, wasn’t it, Sal? 

[00:19:38] SR: Very much no mercy. 

[00:19:39] JC: Well, who’s in the background and sees this happen?

[00:19:42] SR: Johnny is watching this. I think he’s watching like, “What are my students doing?”  

[00:19:45] JC: Yeah, what was that? He doesn’t interrupt, but he oversaw it.

[00:19:49] SR: Well, it’s no rules, like Chris said.

[00:19:51] JC: Well, that’s what they’re following. But he said use your best judgment, and this is their judgment. Although you and I both know that Tori’s judgment is suspect at this point in time. 

[00:19:58] SR: I’m still on the fence about Tori. We don’t know what to make of her. We don’t know where she came from. She just appeared out of nowhere. 

[00:20:02] JC: Out of nowhere. 

[00:20:04] SR: Yeah. We’ll see what to come with Tori. But yeah, she’s definitely a tough chick. 

[00:20:09] JC: Definitely. So now we cut to a walk-in freezer. This is Daniel’s idea of cooling them off. What is this technique called?

[00:20:18] SR: It was called Kan-Geiko.

[00:20:20] JC: Kan-Geiko, and that’s the exact same, but it’s the opposite of what they did earlier. Training in very cold environment. 

[00:20:26] SR: If you follow fighting, you know that Cryotherapy is really big right now in sports, especially in fighting, because I follow a lot of fighting careers. That’s the freezing. Making your body cold is actually good for you now. It’s a new technique. I would know it as a hot-cold therapy. Go hot. Go cold. Go hot. Go cold. 

So definitely these guys are taking advantage of everything. I mean, they’re probably going to be doing altitude training at some point. So they’re coming out of the dojo and going out on the field and doing all these whacky stuff. So now they’re in this walk-in freezer. Yeah, I’m wondering. Whose freezer is this? What restaurant is this? What grocery store is this? 

[00:20:58] JC: I have no idea. 

[00:21:00] SR: We don’t get any background on it. 

[00:21:01] JC: But if I have my choice, give me the heat. I don’t want to be in that frozen freezer trying to train.

[00:21:07] SR: I would agree. Because also when you are cold and working out, you’re more susceptible to injury, because the blood rushes in, the blood leaves your extremities and goes inward. So your arms and legs are probably ripe for a cramp, ripe for a pull. So yeah, I agree. I would rather be hot than cold. 

[00:21:23] JC: So then Daniel gets a call from Anoush, and you know then and there that he’s missed that appointment. 

[00:21:30] SR: Yeah. Daniel is really dropping the ball here, because he’s making promises that he’s not keeping. He’s given his word to his wife that he’s not keeping. He told her he’d be there and then he just completely went out to lunch with his group here and doesn’t show up for the meeting. 

[00:21:43] JC: So now we cut to LaRusso Auto, and you see a disappointed Anoush who learns Daniel isn’t coming, because he got a text message from Daniel, because he didn’t answer the phone. Amanda is equally disappointed. She calls Daniel, gets his voicemail, because he’s probably avoiding that call. But here’s my question, Sal. They both run the company. Can Amanda not give Anoush a promotion, or a new title, or moving back to the store he prefers in Encino, or just keep him happy? 

[00:22:13] SR: Yeah. I think that it would have been time for Amanda to step up to the plate in leadership of LaRusso Auto and say, “Well, my husband is not here, but I’m here. So here’s what we’re going to do. Broker new deal with Anoush.” Do what would have been done if Daniel were there. 

Yeah. I think that she should have grabbed the reins on that, and she didn’t. But I also didn’t like the way Anoush just – He says he’s not coming and he walks off. I thought that was kind of rude to Amanda.

[00:22:37] JC: Yeah. I didn’t know it was all hinging on Daniel. Now, I get that Amanda is not happy, and a lot of that’s carrying into this meeting with Anoush. She’s also already not happy. He’s not in bed in the mornings. He’s disconnected. She’s running the show. So it was almost like, I’m going to let this fail and show you what you’re doing wrong.”

[00:22:55] SR: Yeah. I mean, I’m no big fan of Anoush, but I do think that Amanda should have tried to salvage the situation. 

[00:23:02] JC: I say this not to blame Amanda. I just thought it could have been fixed. So we both agree.

[00:23:08] SR: Yeah, I definitely agree. I mean, Amanda is a kickass chick. She doesn’t do Karate, obviously. But believe me, we have developed utmost respect for Amanda in her intelligence and her leadership and her logic, right? She’s a fantastic character. Yeah, she should have just said, “Well, Daniel is not here. Here’s what we’re, Anoush. Here’s what we’re offering you. We’re going to match the deal with Cole’s Auto. We want to keep you here.” Yeah, she totally should have grabbed the reins on that.

[00:23:31] JC: So Daniel, he’s screwed up, and then let him have it later, but didn’t go down that way. Add to the storyline. Gives us so more drama, so on.

[00:23:41] SR: But Anoush, I guess, just walks out and that’s it. 

[00:23:45] JC: So now we’re back at Coyote Creek, and Hawk drops from a tree on Mitch. Ass face.

[00:23:51] SR: Before he jumps down though, don’t you hear the music and hear the birds screeching in the music? I was loving that. It was a hawk in the music, in the soundtrack right before Hawk jumps out of the tree like where a bird would be. He was being a hawk.

[00:24:07] JC: He takes his headband and claims – I think it’s his 5th kill. Then what did he say next, Sal? 

[00:24:14] SR: He’s wearing Miyagi’s Medal of Honor around his neck. He takes it out from under his shirt. Shows it to this guy. He says, “I guess I’ve earned my Medal of Honor.” Now, that Cobra Kai who he just decimated there, was he part of the vandalism crew at Miyagi Do?

[00:24:28] JC: No. Him and Chris joined together and then Chris was not part of the vandalism, and now Chris is at Miyagi Do dojo. Mitch could have been, but they all had hoodies. I recognized Hawk, of course. But the other ones were tougher to see. 

But regardless, he’s not afraid to show certain people that he’s got the Medal of Honor, which is so disrespectful everyway. 

[00:24:49] SR: Disrespectful to everywhere, to everything. I’m wondering if stealing a Medal of Honor is a federal offense.

[00:24:55] JC: Should be.

[00:24:56] SR: Yeah, I would imagine so. 

[00:24:58] JC: So Miguel oversees this and now he knows the truth. 

[00:25:02] SR: Yeah, because Miguel didn’t know who trashed Miyagi Do.

[00:25:06] JC: He probably had his suspicions. But he wasn’t not part of that and nor does he buy into that, much like Johnny. So now we cut back to the freezer, and everyone’s back in a circle and this time Sam is in the middle. So what happens?

[00:25:22] SR: Sam is in the center of the circle and Daniel is calling out numbers to attack. Going back to the fending off multiple attackers. Then Robby now steps up to attack. Even though they’re in the freezer, sparks were flying. 

[00:25:35] JC: Definitely.

[00:25:36] SR: And I love that there was that one freeze frame, tongue and cheek because they’re in a freezer, and you see right there. I didn’t notice that first time. They really froze and you see that’s the moment where you go, “Ah! Okay. I think there is something there.” Because before I really didn’t know if they had electricity so much.  

[00:25:54] JC: Yeah, they connected there. Electricity sparks were flying, as you just said. You could see it, but no one else saw it. Daniel just saw two students doing Miyagi Do karate at a high-level. It was lost on everyone else, but those two – Like time had stopped. 

[00:26:09] SR: Yeah. It was really, really great.

[00:26:11] JC: It was a nice moment. So then Demetri goes back in the center and immediately we think bad things were going to happen. So now we’re back at Coyote Creek and we see all the students have lost the exercise, and not it’s down to Miguel and Hawk. 

Sal, I want to know who beat Tori. 

[00:26:29] SR: Well, I’d like to think Aisha, but were they on the same team? What team was Aisha on?

[00:26:33] JC: She was on red.

[00:26:34] SR: Okay. So it could have been Aisha. 

[00:26:36] JC: I don’t know though. Tori is tough. Hawk, maybe? I think Tori is only second to Miguel, and they’re sometimes even. 

[00:26:43] SR: Do you think Tori can beat up Hawk?

[00:26:46] JC: He has five kills, so maybe he dropped out of the sky on her as well.

[00:26:50] SR: Okay. Interesting. Yeah, we don’t see who bested Tori or Aisha. We don’t know. It’s all speculation. But yeah, Hawk is pretty badass, but unfortunately I think Hawk at this point is kind of going through the dark side. 

[00:27:02] JC: You think? 

[00:27:03] SR: He has gone to the dark side.

[00:27:04] JC: Yeah. I think he’s been over there for a few episodes. 

[00:27:06] SR: Okay. Yeah.

[00:27:06] JC: I think becoming Hawk put him on the dark side. Stingray is next.

[00:27:11] SR: As soon as you flip the script, look out. 

[00:27:12] JC: So now we’re back to Demetri. 

[00:27:14] SR: Yeah. This is where Daniel tells him to use your instincts. It’s that moment. Which is an interesting approach because, you see, Demetri is very cerebral. He’s a thinker. He was into science. He’s into logic and reason. So when you tell somebody to get into your instincts, you’re really telling them also to get into your mental state. Use your head here. Don’t just rely on your fist necessarily. This is where he says it’s not about being the strongest or the fastest. It’s about your instincts. So he’s telling Demetri here to rely on your instincts here. 

Then I will tell you that this moment here is what I would call a quantum leap. Many years ago when I was working in the gym as a trainer, I would – 

[00:27:50] JC: [inaudible 00:27:50] show, is it? 

[00:27:52] SR: Yeah, it is. It was. But what you’ll see is like you may be trying to teach somebody something; A, B, C, D, and you want them to get to D, and they’re at A, and you just can’t get into D. But then something happens and all of a sudden they skip B and C and move to D. I’ve seen it happen. It’s an interesting thing. I would only say that it’s a quantum leap. If somebody jumps from point A to point D like miraculously, and that’s what happens with Demetri here. 

[00:28:16] JC: He does it. I think it’s Chris that comes in and he looks like Robby and Sam all of a sudden. He does a block. He counters the attack and he attacks and he strikes.

[00:28:28] SR: Yeah, and he sees the kicks coming. He sees the punches coming. 

[00:28:32] JC: Yeah. It’s like things slowed down for him. 

[00:28:33] SR: Yeah.

[00:28:33] JC: And that’s why they’re in the freezer. It can heighten your senses, as Daniel was saying. Being cold can put you more in alert, and he felt it and he reacted. So it’s a really great moment. It’s cool to see someone like you say experience a quantum leap, but it’s quickly forgotten, because the very next person comes in and kicks Demetri. It was like he was so focused on the one that he could not continue on to the next person.

[00:28:59] SR: Well, this is when he says, “I did it.” Well, that’s reminiscent. There’s this video going around. It’s been going around for a few years of this cycling event, and this cyclist looks like he’s going to win. He’s almost to the finish line. He’s in the lead. Raises his hands up in the air to celebrate his victory before crossing the finish line, loses control of his bike, falls down and gets passed. 

Yeah. Don’t start celebrating yet. It ain’t over. 

[00:29:25] JC: Definitely not. Much like your cyclist, Demetri takes a kick in the stomach and he’s no longer on top. Daniel sees that he has missed calls from Amanda.  

[00:29:35] SR: Yeah. Then he says to Sam, “See you at home,” and he says, “Class if over. That’s all for today, guys. Great job,” and he just like runs out of there.

[00:29:42] JC: Sal, we don’t know where they are. We don’t know how they got there, and they don’t know how they’re going to get home. 

[00:29:48] SR: I can only guess that every young person who doesn’t have a car is taking Uber everywhere or these rental scooters, I guess.

[00:29:54] JC: I guess so.

[00:29:54] SR: I remember, Hawk and Miguel did arrive at Cobra Kai Dojo on those electric scooters, the bird or the lime scooters. So it’s entirely possible they all showed up scooters. I mean, I guess. 

[00:30:04] JC: But his own daughter, he’s like, “See you at home. Later.” 

[00:30:07] SR: He just runs out of there. 

[00:30:09] JC: Yeah. Hilarious. All right. So now we’ve seen Miguel and Hawk before their showdown.

[00:30:15] SR: Oh! This is huge. I paused this and I just kind of took a breath and was, “Wow! Miguel is going to fight Hawk.

[00:30:19] JC: Save her the moment. 

[00:30:20] SR: Ugh!

[00:30:22] JC: Miguel is upset and tells Hawk that he knows what he did, and Hawk says, “If you want the Medal of Honor, come and get it.” 

[00:30:30] SR: Oh, yeah. He challenges Miguel. He does. I got to hand it to Hawk, because he must know that Miguel is a better fighter than him.

[00:30:37] JC: He knows, but he’s – Much like you said about Chris. This kid is tough. He’s got balls.

[00:30:42] SR: Yeah. So he says, “Let’s go for it.” They go toe-to-toe, and this was big-time exciting to see.

[00:30:47] JC: This is a really good fight. 

[00:30:48] SR: It was. I like way they used the natural surroundings. 

[00:30:51] JC: Yeah, they’re using trees to launch from, to slam each other into. There’s a lot of good back-and-forth, but eventually what happens?

[00:31:01] SR: Well, eventually Miguel wins and everyone is there to see. Everyone gathered around. 

[00:31:05] JC: Yeah, because they were like an earshot away. Everyone comes running over to see the big finale, and then Chris says to finish him. 

[00:31:13] SR: Yeah. Callback to Karate Kid. 

[00:31:17] JC: And what does Miguel do? Because Miguel is also upset about what Hawk did. That probably played a big role in this, but what did he do? 

[00:31:24] SR: Did he kick him?

[00:31:25] JC: Kicked him right in the head.

[00:31:26] SR: Yeah. Now, kicking your opponent when they’re down, that’s like – We’ve been hearing about that our whole lives. You don’t kick someone when they’re down, but the way Chris teaches, you kick them. You finish them. No mercy. They are enemies for the day, black versus red for the day.

[00:31:42] JC: Well, as he does that, Johnny is in dismay. He’s just more and more disappointed by what he is seeing with his students out here, and not just his students, but his star students.  

[00:31:51] SR: Yeah. Also thinking – I mean, “What did I do? I put this guy in charge of my dojo, in charge of my students? Look what he’s done.” 

[00:31:57] JC: And now they’re all no mercy.

[00:31:58] SR: He’s turning them into the old Cobra Kai, which is not the new Cobra Kai. It’s not the new Cobra Kai, the reboot, Cobra Kai 2.0. This is old Cobra Kai. Chris style, no mercy, finish your opponent. 

[00:32:12] JC: So, Sal, then just when you think black team victorious. Who comes out of nowhere?

[00:32:19] SR: Okay. This is not much different than the cyclist raising his hands before the finish line. 

[00:32:24] JC: That’s a little different. 

[00:32:24] SR: Okay. Not everyone is accounted for in this scenario.

[00:32:28] JC: That’s right. There’s a lot going on. A lot of people here and there. 

[00:32:30] SR: Miguel raises his hands in victory and out from beneath the leaves, reminiscent of Rambo in the mud, reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator in the mud. This is very Rambo-esque, very Predator-esque. Stingray bust out from underneath the pile of leaves. Grabs Miguel in a choke hold, what we call a rear-naked choke and takes his headband off. 

[00:32:56] JC: He says, “Stingray is lying, waiting till the perfect opportunity to strike.” So good. 

[00:33:03] SR: And so fantastic and actually true, because I have seen enough Jacques Cousteau videos to know. The Stingray hides underneath the sand at the bottom and then does strike. This was so fantastic to see, and Stingray did such a fantastic job. His character to the actor is so fantastic. 

[00:33:20] JC: And Chris is happy because he was on team red.

[00:33:22] SR: Sure. Well, I’m under the impression, he’s the one that puts Sting Ray up to this. 

[00:33:26] JC: I don’t even think he did. He complimented him afterwards.

[00:33:30] SR: Wow! I figured Chris told him to do that.

[00:33:31] JC: No. This was his own thinking. Knowing his own weaknesses, and his new nickname.

[00:33:37] SR: I got to hand it to him. 

[00:33:39] JC: So then Johnny talks to Miguel and is just disappointed, as I’ve just pointed out. So I thought he might tell Johnny about Hawk and what he had done.

[00:33:47] SR: That would be official snitching if he did, right?

[00:33:51] JC: Yeah.

[00:33:51] SR: Do Cobra Kai snitch on each other? Snitches get stitches. Do they do? I don’t think that they could tell on each other like that. 

[00:33:56] JC: I don’t know, but I think Miguel is much closer to Johnny than he is to anyone else.

[00:34:02] SR: Yeah. I mean, I think Miguel is between a rock and a hard place here. It’s like either choice is bad. I know I’ve mentioned this on previous podcasts. Sometimes in life you’re faced between a lot of bad choices and you got to choose the least bad. So I think, yeah, to tell on Hawk is bad, to not tell he’s bad, it’s all bad. 

[00:34:21] JC: Well, one thing we didn’t say. When Miguel bested Hawk, he also took the Medal of Honor back.

[00:34:25] SR: Yeah, and he ripped it off his – He broke the chain, which I found interesting.

[00:34:28] JC: He broke the chain, which I think Hawk put the chain on. 

[00:34:30] SR: Okay. It wasn’t a Miyagi chain.

[00:34:32] JC: So he took it back. So maybe he’s fine with the fact that he’s going to return it, but maybe not snitch on Hawk for the vandalism. So maybe he feels somewhat better about that. 

[00:34:43] SR: Yeah. Well, because at this moment in time, what’s important is that the Medal of Honor goes back to the right place. Not necessarily that somebody gets in trouble for it. The Medal of Honor goes back to where it belongs. 

[00:34:53] JC: Right. So now we’re back at LaRusso residence, and Sam visits Robby’s room, which is in the dojo in the house. 

[00:34:59] SR: Yeah. I did think Sam was being flirtatious here. Maybe she didn’t know she was being flirtatious, but she arrives at Robby’s place after dark wearing little white shorts. I mean, kind of flirtatious arriving that way. You know what? I couldn’t figure out if Robby was expecting this, hoping for this, or he was caught off guard, but he made a move right away. 

[00:35:22] JC: And they had their first kiss. It was bound to happen, and it was a nice moment. There obviously is a serious connection between these two, and we’ll see where it goes.

[00:35:34] SR: I totally loved Robby’s line though, because they were kind of reflecting on the day right before the kiss. She goes, “Oh, which do you like more, the heat or the cold?” Then he says, “I like the heat,” and then he moves in for the kiss. I got to say that was pretty smooth. Robby was pretty smooth. 

But I do have to say for the record, for those keeping score, this is officially the third boyfriend for Samantha. No one has had more boyfriends on this show or girlfriends than Samantha, right? Who has dated three people on this show besides her?

[00:36:02] JC: Well, maybe Anoush. We don’t know. 

[00:36:08] SR: Okay. Besides Anoush, yeah, I got to hand it to Samantha. She’s a sweet girl, a wholesome girl, and she’s had three boyfriends. But I don’t think she slept with any of them.

[00:36:17] JC: Wait. What am I thinking? Robby’s mom.

[00:36:20] SR: Hello! Okay. Robby’s mom is the only person that have more boyfriends than Sam. 

[00:36:24] JC: Yeah, I forgot about her. She is. Now we’re at LaRusso Auto. Daniel rushes in, but Amanda explains that Anoush had already quit.

[00:36:33] SR: Yeah. And he rushes in and says, “I was going to treat to Surf & Turf at Delmonicos,” and for those of you unaware, Delmonicos is a very famous seafood restaurant on Ventura Boulevard in Encino. It’s actually at the corner of Ventura and Noeline, and no we are not getting any paid advertisement for Delcominicos. 

[00:36:51] JC: Although we’ll take it. So Amanda says that he’s taken the offer at Cole’s Auto for more money and a higher title. Much like I said Amanda should have offered him. 

[00:37:01] SR: Well, you know what? I’m thinking about what you said earlier, and that is that it’s entirely possible that Amanda didn’t want to grab the reins, didn’t want to salvage and save the scenario, save the good employee. Instead let it go all to hell so that Daniel would have to suffer the consequences. It was almost like teaching him a lesson. You lose a good employee because you’re being a flake. That’s what’s happening. 

[00:37:21] JC: Sometimes in life you have these moments where you could have faked it, but you just didn’t have it in yourself to do it because someone else, your partner, is letting you down. I’m not saying Amanda sabotaged it because she didn’t, but she didn’t have it in her at that moment to fix it. 

[00:37:37] SR: But it’s kind of also one of those moments of you made your bed, now lie in it. 

[00:37:40] JC: Well, yeah, for sure. She’s obviously much more upset with Daniel than Anoush is. 

[00:37:46] SR: At this moment, Amanda is LaRusso Auto. 

[00:37:49] JC: Absolutely. 

[00:37:51] SR: Daniel is off in Karate land. Daniel said something like, “Oh! I need to focus on this or that,” and she says, “Sometimes when you focus on one thing, you lose focus on everything else that matters.” That has to do within life. If you focus on this or that, you got to sacrifice something else. 

[00:38:06] JC: Amanda has been there through season 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai holding things together, and this was her breaking point. I think it’s justifiable. I’m only point out the fact that she probably could have kept Anoush in-house, but this is it. She’s really not happy, and this isn’t a small thing. There’s a big problem in the LaRusso household now.

[00:38:28] SR: Yeah. It’s almost like the dealership is almost a metaphor for the relationship, right? 

[00:38:32] JC: Absolutely. 

[00:38:33] SR: It’s the outward manifestation of the inward turmoil.

[00:38:37] JC: Well said.

[00:38:37] SR: Thank you. 

[00:38:38] JC: Now we’re at the LaRusso residence, and Miguel goes to return the Medal of Honor.

[00:38:43] SR: Yeah, interesting moment, because Miguel knocks on the door and Robby answers. 

[00:38:47] JC: Of all people.

[00:38:48] SR: Did Miguel know that? 

[00:38:50] JC: He knows he lives there, and he has no problem with it. But Robby is suspicious.

[00:38:55] SR: Sure. Well, Robby says, “What are you doing here?” Thinking he’s going to fight, and Miguel says, “I’m not here to fight. I want to return this,” and he hands him the Medal of Honor. 

[00:39:02] JC: Of course, assuming he took it or had something to do with it. 

[00:39:05] SR: Miguel says, “We’re not all assholes. I don’t have anything to do with the trash at Miyagi Do.” He absolved himself, letting him know that it wasn’t me, but here’s the model. Robby takes it. Closes the door, kind of slams the door at Miguel’s face.

[00:39:16] JC: I think Miguel is like, “Tell Samantha I’m sorry.” I think Miguel is really churned a corner. I think having Tori in his life, good or bad on that, that’s a whole other discussion. But gave him a little more balance. He’s not chasing Sam anymore. He’s trying to do the right thing, and that was a nice moment for him. 

[00:39:34] SR: It also shows that maybe Miguel has not been overly influenced by Chris yet. Chris hasn’t gotten to Miguel yet.

[00:39:41] JC: Yeah. Miguel is still a sweet kid. 

[00:39:42] SR: Yeah. He’s still a good person. You think after spending a few weeks with Chris he would have gone to the dark side, but Chris is just doing his dirty work. So Miguel hasn’t been influenced. He goes to the door. He gives the medal back, does the right thing. Doesn’t turn in his homie Hawk, right? He doesn’t do that. He doesn’t snitch on Hawk. Returns the medal. Does the right thing.  

So then Sam comes downstairs. Who is that at the door? Robby says, “Oh! It’s just a wrong address.” Hides the medal. Puts it in his pocket. Sam says, “I’m going to bed.” They gave a kiss, and she runs off and Robby says nothing about Miguel or the medal

[00:40:14] JC: Yeah. I find that to be interesting. 

[00:40:15] SR: Well, I was wondering what his plan was. What he’s going to do here at this moment? 

[00:40:17] JC: He just did not want to give credit to Miguel. We’ll find out. To be determined. Now we’re back at Cobra Kai dojo and Johnny talks to Chris in the office. He explains that they need to touch honor rather than no mercy. So this conversation is going bad in a hurry.

[00:40:33] SR: Well, first thing I always enjoy how Chris doesn’t care about smoking laws. He smokes his cigar anywhere, everywhere. 

[00:40:40] JC: He’s already let this dojo on fire once. 

[00:40:43] SR: I do agree with Chris. It’s one of those things where a broken clock is right twice a day, right? So Chris says, “When you’re in a war, the other side never fights with any honor,” and I totally can appreciate that. You want to be respectful. You want to hold your opponent in high-regard or hold this scenario in high-regard. Have respect for it. 

But your opponent doesn’t. Your opponent is going to hit below the belt. It’s kind of one of these things especially in today’s politics, “Oh! When they go low, you should go high.” But some people say, “When they go low, you go lower.” 

[00:41:15] JC: These are high school karate students. There is no war. 

[00:41:19] SR: But that’s what we think. What is Chris’s agenda here? He’s wanting to build some sort of army, but for what? Build an army for what? What’s he’s trying to do here? Create a bunch of mercenaries? What’s he trying to do? 

[00:41:29] JC: Johnny is fed up and he says, “I never want to see you in this dojo again.” 

[00:41:36] SR: It was very much like a traditional breakup, right? Because he says, “I thought this could work, but I was wrong.”

[00:41:41] JC: Right. Exactly.  

[00:41:42] SR: We’re done.

[00:41:43] JC: He should have just said, “It’s not you. It’s me.” Sal, have you heard that before?

[00:41:48] SR: Have I heard that? Oh! Believe me. I’ve been dropped hard. I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I have had my heart broken. I have broken hearts. I’m not a saint. I’m not a sinner. All of us are good and bad. 

Yeah, I have said that. It’s not you. It’s me. This isn’t working. This isn’t what I thought it would be. I’m not who I thought I was in this relationship. You’re not who I thought you would be in this relationship. Yeah, Johnny is breaking up with Chris and he says, “That’s it. We’re done.” 

[00:42:11] JC: Chris takes on the chin. I don’t think he says anything else, and walks right out there.

[00:42:17] SR: He walks out pretty quickly too. 

[00:42:19] JC: Do you think that’s the last time we’re going to see Chris? 

[00:42:22] SR: I’m assuming not. By this point, as a viewer, I’m not done with Chris. I want to see what else he has to offer at this show. What else is going to try to sneak his was back in into the quiver, right? But I got to fault Johnny though. I got to fault Johnny, because Johnny left Chris in charge when he left with the old gang, with Tommy and the motorcycles and the camping. I just think like he left Chris in charge. He reconciled with Chris. He made Chris his student, right? Officially, Chris was now the student. Remember, they had that agreement when they were talking in the halfway house? 

[00:42:59] JC: Right, and they’re also co-senseis.

[00:43:01] SR: Okay. So Johnny entrusted Chris with his dojo and his students while he took off. 

[00:43:06] JC: I assume that Johnny thought that Chris would follow his new way, but Chris is hard-wired to his path. Yeah. I don’t know what he wanted to believe. Johnny

[00:43:15] SR: Johnny just kind of ran off and left Chris in charge. 

[00:43:19] JC: Well, that was a pretty big situation going on with Tommy. He could have just closed up Cobra Kai.

[00:43:24] SR: Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. Okay. I’m thinking that he should not have left Chris in charge. 

[00:43:27] JC: But all those nice things that Chris has said to Johnny right when he needed to hear it, “You are the best student I ever had.” The time out in front of the cement truck, those wonderful words that he would say, “This is the guy that can take you to the top.” I think getting that, Johnny wanted to believe in Chris. 

[00:43:46] SR: This is the one moment – Again, I can’t believe I’m saying this, where I kind of felt a little sorry for Chris. I kind of felt a little sorry for Chris when Johnny was kicking him out of the dojo. After Chris was just doing what Chris does.

[00:43:58] JC: Do you hope that there’s a different side to Chris where he could be a better person? Are you hanging on to that hope?

[00:44:06] SR: I’m hanging on to the hope that Johnny can change Chris, or at least a little bit. Just bend him a little bit. 

[00:44:12] JC: Yeah. So that’s why. So you want to see Chris stick around so he can evolve and change. 

[00:44:17] SR: Yeah. So I think that Johnny was kind of quick to boot him out. 

[00:44:22] JC: Yeah. Well, he’s impatient. He can be a hothead, although he’s been less of a hothead lately. But, yeah, that’s a good point. 

[00:44:29] SR: Yeah. So there was this little moment. Again, I can’t believe I’m saying this. There was this little tiny moment where I had sympathy for Chris and just wanted Johnny to maybe give Chris in this scenario, in this scene, just one more chance. One more warning and then we’ll see what the future holds.  

[00:44:44] JC: We will see. 

[00:44:44] SR: He was quick to kick him out. 

[00:44:47] JC: And that’s the end of the episode. Another great episode, episode 7. Only three to go to finish this season.

[00:44:56] SR: I can’t believe it. I’m already in mourning. I already see that we only have three more episodes and I’m already sad by this. I’m sad. Because have they started filming season three yet? 

[00:45:05] JC: Yes, they have been filming. I can’t wait to see what happens. 

[00:45:08] SR: Yeah. Do I want Chris to come back? I’m willing to give Chris another chance. I can’t believe I’m saying that. 

[00:45:14] JC: I don’t know. You may regret it.  All right. Well, thank you so much for listening, and we’d greatly appreciate it if you could subscribe and rate us on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast. If you have the time to leave us a short review, it would truly help us as well. 

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Thanks so much. 

[00:45:53] SR: No mercy.