Let's Talk - Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai - S01E09 - Different but Same

September 18, 2019 Just Curious Media Season 1 Episode 9
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S01E09 - Different but Same
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S01E09 - Different but Same
Sep 18, 2019 Season 1 Episode 9
Just Curious Media

Louie's reckless actions force Johnny and Daniel to go down memory lane. The Cobra Kai students plot revenge against the popular kids. Miguel grows impatient with Samantha.

Recorded on 07-22-19

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Show Notes Transcript

Louie's reckless actions force Johnny and Daniel to go down memory lane. The Cobra Kai students plot revenge against the popular kids. Miguel grows impatient with Samantha.

Recorded on 07-22-19

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Let's Talk - Cobra Kai - S01E09 - Different but Same


[0:00:00.8] JC: Welcome to Just Curious Media, this is Let’s Talk Cobra Kai. I’m Jason Connell. Documentary film maker turned podcaster

[0:00:07.6] SR: And I’m Sal Rodriguez, Comedian and Toy collector.


[0:00:10.7] JC: Here we are episode nine of Cobra Kai.

[0:00:14.5] SR: My gosh, what a ride it’s been.

[0:00:16.3] JC: It’s been incredible.

[0:00:17.8] SR: I feel like Cobra Kai has grabbed me by the collar and like slapped me around. I feel all discombobulated.

[0:00:25.4] JC: It’s a lot to take in.

[0:00:27.8] SR: I’m totally loving it, it’s almost a surreal experiencing these moments with Johnny and Daniel in the same room together. Every time I see them in the same room, I’m just like wow, is this really happening?

[0:00:38.1] JC: It does blow my mind? There’s a lot to cover so the name of this episode is called, Different but Same, 9.0 rating on IMDB and we open with Robby at a skate park.

[0:00:51.1] SR: Yeah, he’s in a pool.

[0:00:52.2] JC: He’s very determined.

[0:00:53.7] SR: Tenacious, right? Is that the word?

[0:00:55.0] JC: Tenacious. So Sal, were you a skater?

[0:00:58.4] SR: I was a skateborder, I was never really that great but what I used to do is I used to ride my bicycle on a half-pipe and there was a whole bunch of skaters and after a while, they didn’t like it anymore. It became Hey, you’re not on a skateboard,” they actually threw me out of the backyard because I was on my bike.

[0:01:15.8] JC: That almost seems more dangerous.

[0:01:17.8] SR: It probably was.

[0:01:19.1] JC: Could you ride your bicycle on a pool like Robby?

[0:01:21.2] SR: I don’t know about that. No, I wasn’t catching any air, right? Robby caught air.

[0:01:26.2] JC: Yes he did.

[0:01:26.7] SR: Yeah, he was pretty good.

[0:01:30.2] JC: So, Robbie somehow transitions from skating to pulling of this Miyagi secret kick.

[0:01:34.8] SR: It almost happens by chance, right? He discovers, as he goes upside down, at the edge of the pool, he finds himself in this single arm handstand, almost as a surprise to himself.


[0:01:49.3] JC: All that training in the woods with Daniel.

[0:01:52.7] SR: If you look at the system of training of Miyagi Do. You learn something and then you happen to find yourself using it in the actual fighting environment. The waxing on, the waxing of, paint the fence.

[0:02:07.5] JC: Ride the board.

[0:02:09.3] SR: Yeah. He learns something in karate that he figures out he can do in skateboarding. It was a very cool moment. I mean, there he is solitary on the edge of the pool, single arm handstand and he holds it.

[0:02:21.4] JC: But he’s holding it for it seems like a long time.

[0:02:24.2] SR: Yeah.

[0:02:25.0] JC: Now we’re at the LaRusso’s residence, Daniel’s making coffee and what does he see?

[0:02:32.6] SR: He’s enjoying his Saturday morning coffee in his beautiful home and Johnny shows up on the motorcycle after getting his car set on fire by Louie and his thug friends.

[0:02:43.7] JC: Right. He’s there for a showdown. He assumes Daniel is behind the whole thing.

[0:02:50.3] SR: Sure.

[0:02:50.8] JC: And he’s out for vengeance.

[0:02:52.0] SR: Yeah. You know what? I admire that. I’ve learned, I’ve seen enough people in lawsuits. I have to take someone to court myself and I’m procrastinating. Just go to their face and just fight with them. You know what? If I could fight the property developer next door is to the dealing with court and he kicks my ass, it’s over. I kick his ass, it’s over. But there’s more satisfaction in that.

[0:03:16.1] JC: I’m not sure it’s over in your situation. If you beat up your contractor —

[0:03:19.2] SR: No, it is to me.

[0:03:21.6] JC: Right, you would have two lawsuits going. So, it takes Amanda to defuse the situation.

[0:03:29.0] SR: Yes, she speaks her mind, she gets involved. I like Amanda’s character more and more.

[0:03:34.9] JC: She comes out and basically invites Johnny for breakfast, which is hilarious.

[0:03:39.6] SR: Let’s settle this like adults, she says.

[0:03:41.3] JC: Daniel says, you want to go inside? Johnny, what do you say? I could eat. Classic.

[0:03:47.8] SR: I’m watching that going, “What!?” Are you serious, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Laurence are about to have breakfast together?

[0:03:55.8] JC: Well, it’s hard to keep a 30 plus year rivalry intact.

[0:04:00.7] SR: Also interesting how their lives are becoming entwined, right? Was it starting with Sam hitting his car?

[0:04:07.3] JC: Yeah, that set things in motion.

[0:04:08.8] SR: Okay, who is driving, was it Moon or was it.

[0:04:10.9] JC: Yasmin.

[0:04:11.2] SR: Yasmin was driving. Yasmin started it all.

[0:04:16.3] JC: So now we cut to school and it’s a PSAT practice on a Saturday.

[0:04:22.1] SR: Okay, now that makes sense. You’re’ good at days.

[0:04:23.9] JC: Yeah.

[0:04:24.2] SR: Okay, yes. It was a practice test.

[0:04:25.0] JC: So, in this practice session, Miguel and Demetri have a brief discussion, the class ends and Sam’s waiting for Miguel in the hallway and he’s really disconnected here.

[0:04:37.4] SR: Yeah, he is because of what he saw in the previous episode. 

[0:04:41.4] JC: Remind our listeners what he saw?

[0:04:43.4] SR: Miguel goes to Sam’s house to visit her, finally meet the family, you see Sam and her folks and I believe a little brother Anthony as well was there. And then next to them, at the table, Robbie is sitting there.

[0:04:55.9] JC: Correct.

[0:04:56.5] SR: It was an innocent family dinner but Miguel never met her parents, she’s never invited him over.

[0:05:01.6] JC: Exactly.

[0:05:02.5] SR: For all he knows, they don’t even know he exists. He sees this, gets jealous, runs of, right? Now, he wants to quiz her about it and see if she lies.

[0:05:13.2] JC: Sam offers to take them to Salt and Straw on Ventura.

[0:05:16.5] SR: Yeah. Sounds good.

[0:05:17.9] JC: Sal, you ever been to Salt and Straw?

[0:05:19.0] SR: No. Wait, did she say on Ventura or in Ventura?

[0:05:22.2] JC: On Ventura

[0:05:24.0] SR: That’s a real place?

[0:05:24.8] JC: I looked it up and there’s Salt and Straws all over the place and it looks fantastic. Okay. So Amanda, Daniel and Johnny have breakfast and Johnny mentions to Amanda and Daniel that their daughter Sam was involved in the wreck that totalled his car.

[0:05:42.5] SR: Yeah, a hit and run. Which makes me upset because I have a zero tolerance for hit and run.

[0:05:47.6] JC: Daniel dismisses it but Amanda thinks there’s something to the story here.

[0:05:52.0] SR: Yeah. Well, she probably knows that moon and Yasmin are not good people.

[0:05:56.7] JC: Yeah, they don’t know them that well, she doesn’t know them.

[0:05:59.2] SR: No, you can tell Amanda is a good person, she wants to do the right thing. An astute parent knows what friends of your kids are bad news.

[0:06:09.8] JC: Johnny wouldn’t make this up.

[0:06:11.2] SR: No. They may hate Johnny Lawrence but he’s not a liar so when he says something, you have to take it at face value I think.

[0:06:17.9] JC: What do they decide to do for Johnny?

[0:06:20.1] SR: Amanda offers up a car.

[0:06:21.8] JC: Exactly.

[0:06:23.0] SR: Give Johnny a car from the trade in lot to make up for what our stupid cousin Louie did. Louie’s crime, really. Give him a car and let’s move on with our lives.

[0:06:34.7] JC: While Amanda and Daniel have this conversation, Anthony is lurking and heckles Johnny. 

[0:06:40.5] SR: We’re starting to see more from Anthony now. He’s a little trouble maker that kid.

[0:06:43.7] JC: He is, he’s an instigator.

[0:06:45.0] SR: Yeah, he’s like, because Johnny said you got any ketchup? What did he say? Get it yourself. He’s like, you’re lucky my dad doesn’t break your arm or something and then Johnny’s like, your dad’s lucky I don’t break his arm, he said something like that.

[0:06:55.6] JC: Yeah, that’s a great debate they’re having. Cut to a park which I think is probably affiliated with the school but Miguel is sharing with Demetri, Hawk and Aisha. He’s just in a bad mood. Miguel’s really heart broken, confused, and then Aisha sees a nasty calm that he hasn’t been posting online.

[0:07:15.2] SR: Sure, this goes back a lot further from when Aisha was what? Eating something at the buffet.

[0:07:21.6] JC: Yeah, this isn’t the first time.

[0:07:22.8] SR: Yeah, Yasmin and her have a history.

[0:07:26.2] JC: But now, Aisha is a Cobra Kai.

[0:07:27.8] SR: Yes.

[0:07:29.4] JC: She wants revenge.

[0:07:30.3] SR: No mercy.

[0:07:31.9] JC: Her plan is to – 

[0:07:32.9] SR: This is a new thing. I learned something here. This is not crashing a party or is it preemptively crashing a party.

[0:07:38.6] JC: That’s a good point because they don’t crash something that’s happening, they just started the party.

[0:07:42.4] SR: Yeah, they took over the location.

[0:07:44.8] JC: The canyon.

[0:07:45.4] SR: Yeah. Prior to the initial party coming. They made their own party at the location.

[0:07:49.4] JC: Yeah. Party at five, I think they kicked the party up at four.

[0:07:52.4] SR: I think that was a fantastic idea. 

[0:07:54.4] JC: I like it’s at the canyon, it’s kind of like a moon tower reference from dazed and confused. Did you have a canyon type of moon tower place in high school that the kids would hide and drink?

[0:08:05.4] SR: When I was in high school and just after high school, there was a lot of cruising going on up and down lower Canyon. Cruise the canyon is what it was called.

[0:08:12.1] JC: Totally. So, now we’re at LeRusso auto and Daniel and Johnny are walking the trade lot, looking for a car. Daniel points to a Subaru.

[0:08:22.4] SR: I love that.

[0:08:23.4] JC: Johnny says, a forester, I can’t say this, can I? What do I look like, a lesbo?

[0:08:28.8] SR: We can say it because it was said in the show. I’m only repeating what Johnny Lawrence’s character said.

[0:08:36.0] JC: They keep walking and then they spot what?

[0:08:39.2] SR: A Dodge Challenger.

[0:08:40.9] JC: 2009.

[0:08:41.8] SR: Yeah, it looked pretty nice to the paint and body looked nice.

[0:08:44.8] JC: Daniel agrees to a test drive.

[0:08:46.4] SR: True.

[0:08:47.7] JC: But no one’s available.

[0:08:49.3] SR: No, but do you remember who else he asked about? Where’s Robby? Imagine that if Robbie would have been asked to come and help? It’s almost like a twilight zone, you could do a twilight zone episode where what if Robby would have come out and helped, we need a Cobra Kai choose your own adventure.

[0:09:06.3] JC: So no one’s available, Daniel’s going to take him on a test drive but first, Johnny asked if there’s one in black which is pretty funny.

[0:09:13.6] SR: That is pretty funny. And his car was red.

[0:09:16.4] JC: It was red.

[0:09:16.8] SR: And this one was orange.

[0:09:18.0] JC: Right.

[0:09:19.8] SR: Interesting, I would have thought he would like an orange. If he liked having a red firebird, it would probably like an orange Challenger versus a black one.

[0:09:26.7] JC: We’ll just keep watching the series.

[0:09:28.2] SR: Oh no. Now we’re back at LaRusso’s and Amanda confronts Sam about the wreck.

[0:09:35.6] JC: Yeah, Sam admits it. 

[0:09:37.1] SR: You know what? I got to hand it to Sam, she could have totally lied about that.

[0:09:41.7] JC: It was also written all over her face. She’s also a very good person, she’s not a good liar but I admire Amanda for stepping in, grounding her, taking her cellphone away which I’m telling you, that has got to be huge.

[0:09:55.1] SR: Yeah, and then Antonio says, her laptop and her smart watch too.

[0:09:58.6] JC: He really stepped up this episode.

[0:09:59.8] SR: You know what? He might be karate champ at some point.

[0:10:03.0] JC: I wouldn’t put it past him. Okay. Now, Daniel and Johnny are driving on Ventura Boulevard. Listening and singing to REO Speedwagon. 

[0:10:12.2] SR: When they are singing together, really, my hand is just like it is now, on my forehead going my gosh.

[0:10:16.6] JC: It’s unbelievable.

[0:10:17.9] SR: Is this really happening? Is this really happening right now?

[0:10:22.9] JC: Unreal.

[0:10:23.0] SR: They were almost practically singing a duet.

[0:10:25.5] JC: It was great, they could have taken that on the road.

[0:10:27.4] SR: Which song was that? REO Speedwagon?

[0:10:29.6] JC: Take it on and run. 

[0:10:30.6] SR: One of their many hits. 

[0:10:31.6] JC: Were you a big REO guy?

[0:10:34.8] SR: What guy isn’t?

[0:10:35.8] JC: Good answer. Here’s our two heroes and they’re connecting and they’re bonding which is really neat to see and so I’m in awe of this moment and then they’re reminiscing, they stop at the Seven Seas apartment and —

[0:10:51.6] SR: They happened to be driving by the Seven Seas.

[0:10:52.7] JC: We’re going back and forth between the karate kid footage and current day and the whole scene was just too much for me. 

[0:10:58.6] SR: Daniel says, this is mind-blowing, crazy, being back. And I’m wondering though, after all these years and he still lives in the valley, he never went back there until this very moment?

[0:11:09.0] JC: He probably didn’t want to. Although, that’s where he did meat Miyagi so it is a little shocking but he probably just went to Miyagi’s house instead.

[0:11:17.8] SR: Interesting.

[0:11:18.7] JC: Johnny lives in an apartment which we’ve talked about in previous episodes, very similar to Seven Seas.

[0:11:24.4] SR: Oh yeah. They patterned Johnny’s current apartment after Seven Seas for sure.

[0:11:29.2] JC: Johnny also shares the fact that he didn’t have a father. He was raised by a step father.

[0:11:33.4] SR: Yeah, because you know, Daniel just assumed,  he was this rich valley kid. Yeah, his life was great, he probably had an awesome family, everything’s great in his life.

[0:11:42.3] JC: He’s got a motorbike, he’s got a sports car, he’s dating or was dating the most popular girl in school.

[0:11:48.5] SR: In other words, Johnny Lawrence peaked way too early.

[0:11:52.8] JC: I think it’s safe to say that these two have had a series of misunderstanding’s that go back to the first movie.

[0:11:59.9] SR: Yeah, what we’re learning is that Johnny and Daniel are not so dissimilar.

[0:12:05.1] JC: Exactly. They’re so similar that it drives them both crazy.

[0:12:09.0] SR: Wow. Mind blown.

[0:12:12.5] JC: So now we’re at the convenience store and the Cobra Kai’s are loading up for the party at the canyon. While they’re getting supplies, Miguel cannot reach Sam.

[0:12:21.3] SR: Yeah, he’s trying to reach her. Calling her, texting her.

[0:12:24.1] JC: Then we see what’s going on as Amanda’s keeping both kids not hostage but they’re both at the table with her while she works and they have assignments. But Anthony continues the heckling.

[0:12:35.4] SR: Yes. He starts teasing Sam.

[0:12:38.0] JC: Because he’s got full access. He’s got WiFi, phone, computer and all she can do is read a book.

[0:12:44.8] SR: She’s back in time reading a book. Meanwhile, he’s living it up on the inter web, pretty funny. I love this moment where Hawk tries to buy beer.

[0:12:53.9] JC: Amazing.

[0:12:54.9] SR: It was hilarious.

[0:12:55.8] JC: He’s so confident.

[0:12:56.9] SR: He is.

[0:12:57.3] JC: The guy’s like, let me see your ID and he’s like, are you kidding me? That’s my freaking kid over there.

[0:13:02.9] SR: That’s great. I started busting up when he pointed at that kid.

[0:13:06.2] JC: Yeah, he says that Bert’s his kid which is hilarious. Bert’s a small Cobra Kai and he gives him a card. Now, true to form, I paused the scene just to explore further.

[0:13:18.7] SR: Did it say Hawker Man?

[0:13:20.0] JC: It said, Walter Hawkman. And he lives at 17 Sycamore, Encino, California, 91426, which I googled mapped and it was nothing.

[0:13:31.9] SR: Okay.

[0:13:32.4] JC: His date of birth on this fake ID was June 9th, 1993 so when this episode aired, he would have been 25.

[0:13:40.2] SR: Jeez, that’s pretty confident, you think he would have made himself 22 or something.

[0:13:43.6] JC: Totally. He went big.

[0:13:45.1] SR: I just loved the concept of fake ID’s.

[0:13:47.6] JC: You do?

[0:13:48.2] SR: Yeah, they’re fantastic. I had a fake ID once.

[0:13:51.0] JC: I never had one.

[0:13:51.3] SR: I did. Well, let me be clear, it wasn’t a fake ID, it was a real ID.

[0:13:54.6] JC: Someone else’s ID.

[0:13:55.9] SR: No.

[0:13:56.0] JC: Someone else’s birth certificate?

[0:13:57.3] SR: Yes, it was a made up ID but I got it from the DMV. It was a legit ID. Just another name.

[0:14:03.3] JC: You know, in high school, I was 17 and there was a grocery store, I will not say which one and I would go in there like Hawk but not as cocky but confident and show my real ID which showed that I was 17 and a lot of times, they would just give me the beer.

[0:14:22.0] SR: Wow.

[0:14:22.1] JC: Because they just assume, it’s a lot for them to take in an add really quickly in their head and so I got away with it a few times.

[0:14:29.2] SR: Interesting.

[0:14:29.8] JC: Not that I drank a lot.

[0:14:31.8] SR: No, but interestingly, that’s why it says you have to have been born after this year. That way, it’s already calculated for the cashier.

[0:14:37.6] JC: It’s totally for the cashier. Anyway. Hawk scores. Not only does Hawk get beer, what does he tell the cashier at the end?

[0:14:44.8] SR: Add like seven bottles of vodka?

[0:14:46.7] JC: Yeah, give me those eight bottles of vodka.

[0:14:47.8] SR: Wow. Yeah, hey, might as well milk it.

[0:14:51.2] JC: So now, we’re back at LaRusso’s and Robbie arrives.

[0:14:55.6] SR: Robbie arrives for his karate lessons, right? That’s what he says.

[0:14:59.6] JC: And Daniel’s out, hanging out with dragon, the usual Saturday and Sam gets caught text messaging or trying to text message.

[0:15:10.3] SR: Sam shares with Robbie, I’m a prisoner.

[0:15:12.2] JC: Yes.

[0:15:13.6] SR: She feels like a prisoner in her home. That’s what it’s like to be a teenager without the internet or without your smart phone. You might as well have a ball and chain and be in some tower cell.

[0:15:22.5] JC: Yeah.

[0:15:22.4] SR: You’re like Pipi Long Stocking’s dad, remember that?

[0:15:24.3] JC: Oh yeah. Well, especially when your boyfriend is trying to reach you and there’s a huge party.

[0:15:30.2] SR: I was waiting for her to say, but mom, let me just tell Miguel that I cannot respond to him. But she never said that she never said that, she never asked.

[0:15:37.3] JC: Not that Amanda knows who Miguel is.

[0:15:40.7] SR: Amanda doesn’t know Sam is even seeing a boy.

[0:15:42.4] JC: That doesn’t help.

[0:15:43.5] SR: Okay, well there you go. Johnny and Daniel are now at a bar and Johnny orders up Coors banquet.

[0:15:50.3] JC: Then he says, get this young lady a Shirley temple, is that what she says?

[0:15:53.6] SR: Hilarious. 

[0:15:55.4] JC: Daniel changes the Shirley temple to a club soda.

[0:15:58.7] SR: They start bonding over their dads? Their lack of dads?


[0:16:02.1] JC: That’s right because Daniel shares with Johnny that he lost his father at an early age, eight years old.

[0:16:07.1] SR: Yeah. It’s not only bonding but it’s sharing common ground. 

[0:16:12.9] JC: Their sensei’s were their father figures in their lives. Now, Daniel have the good fortune of having Mr. Miyagi as that father figure and Johnny had Wildman Kreese which you know, had an impact.

[0:16:28.9] SR: I’m just really wondering if there will be a prequel now, a young Kreese. Didn’t you mention that in another episode?

[0:16:33.7] JC: I think it definitely could be a great show.

[0:16:35.1] SR: I’d love to see the young Kreese becoming the Kreese that we all know and don’t love. 

[0:16:43.1] JC: Maybe it would be like a Star Wars thing like rogue one and Solo, we’ll just have these like side things happening as Cobra Kai grows.

[0:16:48.6] SR: Yeah. Follow other characters of in their existence. It can go anywhere with these things.

[0:16:54.8] JC: Just so I’m on record, I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a future Karate Kid or Cobra Kai movie. 

[0:17:02.1] SR: Would it be a prequel or a sequel you think?

[0:17:04.2] JC: No, I mean, kind of like the Entourage, you know, or Sex in the City became a movie.

[0:17:08.7] SR: Okay, wow. Imagine a Cobra Kai movie.

[0:17:10.5] JC: Not that many of t hose movies are successful. Maybe you stay in your lane because this show is incredible. So, Daniel changes up his order, you get to martini, extra olives, ice, ice cold and Johnny orders up two more Coors.

[0:17:27.1] SR: Yeah. These guys have turned the corner and they’re getting plowed. At that moment, you know, Daniel’s like well, I don’t know if I’m going back to the dealership today.

[0:17:35.3] JC: Totally. He lets his hair down. He’s having some fun and probably exercising some of his demons that he has.

[0:17:44.2] SR: He does carry things with him, he does. 

[0:17:45.9] JC: I mean, they both have.

[0:17:47.1] SR: Yeah. But I think with Daniel at first glance, the dealership, the home, the wife, that’s what you see.

[0:17:53.0] JC: Right.

[0:17:53.1] SR: You got to go digging beneath the surface to see what a person’s really experiencing. In other words, Daniel’s life isn’t how it looks necessarily. Just like young Johnny’s life. It wasn’t how it would appeared.

[0:18:03.7] JC: Exactly, interesting. So now back at the Canyon, the Yasmin arrives and it’s packed and Kyler and company are here and he sees Miguel and what does he do? 

[0:18:16.5] SR: He says, “Oh let us find another spot” yeah he doesn’t want to engage with Miguel again. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed again. 

[0:18:21.2] JC: Isn’t that funny. It is almost as if Miguel’s a bully. Kyler could go over there and say, “Hey, let’s let the past be the past, we’re both here,” but they are terrified. It is a bit unbelievable how terrified they are. 

[0:18:34.0] SR: Kyler and his buddies were beaten in epic fashion and it was put on social media. This is a whole other level. They don’t want to revisit that at all and they just wanted to high tail it out of there but guess what? Moon sees Hawk, what?

[0:18:51.7] JC: Take a shine to, yeah. 

[0:18:54.9] SR: He does pretty cool with that Mohawk I got to admit. He has good posture. 

[0:18:59.0] JC: And it is his confidence. 

[0:19:00.2] SR: He’s got confidence, he’s got the V-shape physic. I never had a V-shape. 

[0:19:04.5] JC: So Miguel still cannot reach Sam so he begins to drink and you can tell that Miguel is probably not a drinker but he is going right in for some beers. 

[0:19:13.3] SR: No, remember when Johnny wanted to have that toast with him? Right? 

[0:19:16.1] JC: That’s right, that is the strong stuff but this is a beer. 

[0:19:20.0] SR: But Miguel is not a drinker. We don’t see him drinking. He is an athlete. Yeah he is. 

[0:19:24.4] JC: So now we’re at LaRusso’s and Sam is reading William Faulkner. 

[0:19:31.2] SR: I wonder why they chose that. It was As I Lay Dying I think it was?

[0:19:34.8] JC: I think that was right on the nose as she lays in prison dying and Robby enters the room and he’s got an ankle injury all of a sudden. 

[0:19:44.9] SR: Yeah he is limping. 

[0:19:45.8] JC: Well calculated by Robby. He knows Amanda is busy and she orders Sam to run him home and come back. 

[0:19:54.3] SR: Yeah, so they walk outside and we realized he did the Keyser Soze, he faked his own limp to “rescue her” get her out of the house and then he says to her, “So where are we going?” and she goes, “We are going to go to a party, my boyfriend is waiting” so this is where she reveals to Robby that she has a boyfriend and then we see the look of disappointment on Robby’s face because we believe that he did have some romantic intentions. 

[0:20:18.4] JC: Yeah, well he had faked the whole thing to be alone with her but still he is going to a party so not all bad. 

[0:20:24.4] SR: Yeah, so he did have his eyes on Sam. He did devise this plan to get her out of the house, get in the car with her, everything was going great and then yeah, she reveals that she has a boyfriend and he will be meeting him shortly. 

[0:20:34.5] JC: Back to Sam referencing the Keyser Söze from the Usual Suspects is great. I referenced Keyser Söze for very different reasons. I was equating that to how they were learning these techniques like the Keyser Söze moment when they showed Daniel and the Karate Kid, when Mr. Miyagi showed him wax on and wax off meant that was my take on it but this was a true Keyser Söze coming out of the limp scene. So a lot of Usual Suspects references here. 

[0:21:03.9] SR: In fact, that didn’t work. The limp disappears, that is the only thing I remember from that movie. 

[0:21:09.6] JC: My reference was to Chazz Palminteri as he sat in the office he was the detective and he drops the coffee cup when he starts to put it all together and there was a quartet board and he starts to here Spacey’s character and all of the things he was references were on that board. 

[0:21:27.2] SR: It all comes to life. 

[0:21:27.8] JC: It was always using that as like when everything that you took in comes crystal clear but she took literal with the limp and I am just over the moon with these references that appear for the Usual Suspects. Okay we are still at the bar and they order even more drinks.

[0:21:44.5] SR: And they start talking about Ally. Exactly, well Daniel says she is a pediatric surgeon and her husband is an oncologist and then doesn’t Johnny say something like, “He sounds like a dick” or something like that just because he’s an oncologist that sounds like a dick. 

[0:21:56.8] JC: And he mentions that she lives in Denver. 

[0:21:59.5] SR: Yes. 

[0:21:59.9] JC: So Johnny is like, “For someone who hasn’t talked to Ally in a long time you sure know a lot” and he says: 

[0:22:05.5] SR: Johnny is so out of the loop with social media and the internet, Daniel introduces Johnny to Facebook. 

[0:22:14.0] JC: Yeah, he says, “What’s a Facebook?”

[0:22:16.2] SR: Yeah, so Daniel shows how he’s checked out Ally on Facebook but he has not sent her a friend request nor has she ever sent him a friend request. 

[0:22:24.5] JC: So they were just cyber staking.

[0:22:26.3] SR: Well he was. We don’t know if she was, right? He has seen her profile before, he brought it up pretty quickly. 

[0:22:33.3] JC: Ally Mills-Schwarber. 

[0:22:35.4] SR: They bring up a picture of the husband and they both start to rag on the husband. 

[0:22:38.7] JC: Oh that’s right, yes. They are both bonding over the fact that they used to love the same woman. 

[0:22:43.2] SR: Yeah they are bonding over memories of Ally and then start to bond over dissing her husband, which I thought was hilarious. 

[0:22:49.2] JC: And had things gone differently, both of them in their heart probably could have seen themselves with Ally. 

[0:22:54.6] SR: Sure, I mean especially when you look back at your youth, you look back at your teens. 

[0:22:59.7] JC: The one that got away? 

[0:23:01.0] SR: Sure, I have a lot of regrets. I mean I don’t regret where I am at now but I have regrets on the ones that got away. There was a couple of them. 

[0:23:09.5] JC: I don’t have any of those regrets. 

[0:23:10.9] SR: None? 

[0:23:11.5] JC: No. So now we are back at the Canyon and what is Miguel doing now? 

[0:23:16.9] SR: Miguel is drunk, getting drunker, he keeps drinking.

[0:23:22.1] JC: They ran out of beer.

[0:23:22.8] SR: Is that what happened? 

[0:23:24.2] JC: I think he helped put them out of beer. 

[0:23:26.1] SR: I wonder who drank all of that vodka? 

[0:23:27.8] JC: Well no I didn’t say they ran out of vodka. He was going for the small beer stash.

[0:23:31.4] SR: Hawk is macking on Moon. 

[0:23:34.0] JC: Demetri can’t believe it so then Moon gets called away for a moment. So Hawk and Demetri have this quick exchange and Hawk is so McConaughey now or at least in Demetri’s eyes and he says, “Build the energy, live in the moment,” inspired by this McConaughey speech. Demetri goes to hit on who? 

[0:23:56.5] SR: Demetri goes to hit on Yasmin. 

[0:23:58.8] JC: Good luck. 

[0:24:00.0] SR: Oh my gosh. 

[0:24:01.3] JC: He doesn’t get very far. 

[0:24:02.4] SR: I mean she is the worst person on the show, right? 

[0:24:06.7] JC: Yeah. 

[0:24:07.1] SR: I mean her character. Her character is the worst. She is stuck up, she is snobbish, she’s a liar, she is a cut throat.

[0:24:14.5] JC: Yeah, Moon has changed. 

[0:24:15.6] SR: Moon is evolving. Moon is going to the other side. Yasmin is fixed and will not budge and when I saw Demetri walking over I was like, “No dude. No.” 

[0:24:26.9] JC: So he strikes out but Yasmin then confronts Aisha. 

[0:24:33.1] SR: If I were at that party, I would have said, “Demetri do not hit on Yasmin.” I would have said, “Yasmin, do not approach Aisha” we could have ended all of it. 

[0:24:45.9] JC: This isn’t the old Aisha. She is no mercy now.

[0:24:48.6] SR: No and she does her move. What is this like a reverse wedgie? Oh my gosh. 

[0:24:53.3] JC: Well first of all, Yasmin wants to leave. Moon wants to stay with Hawk and then Aisha gives Yasmin the front wedgie and says what? 

[0:25:03.1] SR: “No mercy, bitch.” Ooh. Aisha arrived at that moment.

[0:25:09.6] JC: If only there were cameras at that scene. I didn’t see any cellphones out because it happened so quickly and it was dark but that would have been the moment that would have ruined Yasmin forever. 

[0:25:19.9] SR: And Moon already I guess has taken the stance right? She says, “I apologized. You should apologize” right? Moon has taken a turn here. 

[0:25:28.6] JC: With the name like Moon I am assuming that she’s got more passive parents. 

[0:25:32.8] SR: Maybe her parents were hippies. 

[0:25:34.1] JC: Hippies. 

[0:25:35.1] SR: Moon is coming to the other side, Yasmin is I think at this point a lost cause and Aisha humiliates her and it is a fantastic moment. 

[0:25:45.3] JC: It really is. So, Sam and Robby finally arrive at the Canyon before they walk down and joined the whole crew, Samantha shares with Robby that her father Daniel hates the Cobra Kai sensei not knowing it’s Robby’s father. 

[0:26:02.4] SR: Yes and at that moment, do you see the look on Robby’s face and I was almost expecting him to spill his beans. Well that sensei is my dad but he doesn’t. 

[0:26:13.4] JC: But he doesn’t do it and then she goes on to say, “I am dating Miguel,” who he remembers maybe not yet but is about to because he has seen Miguel hug his father in front of the Dojo. So all of this is like brewing when they confront each other. 

[0:26:30.0] SR: Well it is a lot of jealousy is what it is. It is good old fashioned jealousy. 

[0:26:33.9] JC: And misunderstanding. 

[0:26:35.4] SR: Yeah and it goes downhill fast. Miguel is there getting drunk sees Sam walking down this little incline with Robby and it almost looks like they’re holding hands. Samantha walks over to introduce Miguel to Robby, Robby to Miguel and right away Miguel is not having it. He is jealous, he’s like, “Who is this dude?” he says something like that right? “Who is this guy?” he is offensive right off the bat and then what happens? 

[0:27:05.0] JC: So now they are now in sort of a faceoff, Miguel is looking at Robby assuming he is the secret lover or boyfriend that Sam has. 

[0:27:14.2] SR: Sure and not so secret or secret to him. 

[0:27:15.9] JC: No to him. 

[0:27:18.4] SR: Miguel has never had dinner with the family yet this guy is having dinner with the family? 

[0:27:22.5] JC: He could be the current boyfriend for all that Miguel knows and Robby looks at Miguel and sees someone that is closer to his father than he has ever been, there is a lot brewing there and these are teenagers. So what happens? 

[0:27:35.9] SR: Miguel starts a fight with Robby.

[0:27:38.5] JC: Very Cobra Kai style. 

[0:27:39.6] SR: It is that whole strike first thing. You know I used to know this guy back when I was young, kind of a bad ass guy and he always believed in hitting first. 

[0:27:48.8] JC: And then running. 

[0:27:50.6] SR: If someone is up in your face right now and they are threatening you, hit him first. 

[0:27:54.8] JC: I don’t buy into that. 

[0:27:56.0] SR: That was his philosophy. I don’t know whatever became of him. I hope he is still alive but I remember he used to say that and that is very much a Cobra Kai mindset. 

[0:28:03.0] JC: Yes it is. So he does. Miguel doesn’t strike him but shoves him down right? 

[0:28:09.5] SR: Yes, here we are back on the beach in the Karate Kid again. 

[0:28:13.0] JC: Very much yeah, with the jam box and the whole push. 

[0:28:15.5] SR: So Robby gets back up and Miguel goes to hit Robby and inadvertently connects with Sam maybe with his elbow. I couldn’t even really tell how she got hit but she got struck accidentally. Her head wind up in the crook of his elbow, she went down. So it wasn’t like a huge punch to the face but it was a knock down and it was not good. You don’t want to go hitting your girlfriend accidentally. 

[0:28:38.3] JC: No, so they get up Robby and Sam and they leave. 

[0:28:44.4] SR: This is the break up moment right? Sam and Miguel at this moment in time breaking up right there at the Canyon. 

[0:28:52.5] JC: Right and Robby is closer to Sam than he’s ever been. 

[0:28:55.3] SR: You know what? I am surprised that Robby didn’t try to make a move. I mean if you’re not such a great guy and really are we 100% sold on Robby yet? Remember Robby was doing robberies only a few episodes earlier. 

[0:29:09.5] JC: But Daniel has been a good influence on Robby. And Amanda has been a good influence on Robby and some stability has been good for him. 

[0:29:16.5] SR: Okay, I am willing to believe that he can change that he can evolve. I just don’t know if he’s there yet. 

[0:29:22.7] JC: Understood. So Johnny and Daniel arrive at LaRusso’s drunk. 

[0:29:30.2] SR: After having what appeared to be a pleasant day together. 

[0:29:33.8] JC: A great day to hang out all Saturday. 

[0:29:35.6] SR: Finding common ground, revisiting the past, talking about their mutual ex-girlfriend, going down memory lane, having drinks, everything was cool. They arrive they are going to do some exercises in the dojo having a little face off. 

[0:29:46.9] JC: Well no. It was Rocky three reference. They went there specifically to go in the dojo and spar.

[0:29:52.5] SR: Sure and I am looking forward to that. I am watching this like, “Wow, they are going to have a friendly sparing session. This is pretty amazing.”

[0:29:58.0] JC: Yeah, maybe they were padded up, who knows? No one seems to pad up in this world. 

[0:30:02.2] SR: I was looking forward to seeing this and then – 

[0:30:04.1] JC: They enter the dojo and who is there?

[0:30:06.9] SR: Robby is waiting in the Dojo. Daniel walks in with Johnny, holy crap. 

[0:30:13.9] JC: And Johnny immediately doesn’t understand what he’s seen and shoves Daniel into a trophy. 

[0:30:20.6] SR: Into his under 18 all valley. 

[0:30:23.0] JC: One of them, he’s got two. 

[0:30:25.0] SR: Okay. 

[0:30:24.9] JC: And Daniel is taken aback. 

[0:30:27.6] SR: Yeah Daniel doesn’t know what is happening. He doesn’t know that that’s his son. 

[0:30:30.5] JC: And it’s revealed in this moment. 

[0:30:33.1] SR: But then extra pivotal and meaningful, Johnny wants to fight Daniel now. A real fight and then Robby jumps in between puts his fist up ready to fight off Johnny from hitting Daniel. 

[0:30:50.3] JC: Exactly, big moment. 

[0:30:54.0] SR: I could not believe it when I saw this. 

[0:30:55.6] JC: So Johnny can’t believe it, frustrated. What we do in this series is frustration leads to exodus. So he leaves, he’s got a lot to grapple with. Daniel is in shock and immediately what does he do to Robby? 

[0:31:10.3] SR: Well Daniel doesn’t know what is happening, right? From his relationship with Robby, Robby came to work for him. 

[0:31:16.7] JC: Was it all a ruse? 

[0:31:17.6] SR: Yeah, he thought this whole thing is just a big practical joke or something or this is funny to you. He doesn’t know what to make of it. Kicks Robby out of the dojo, fires him from LaRusso Automotive, just banishes him, slams the door in his face and then picks up his broken trophy, which I think is symbolic. 

[0:31:37.3] JC: A lot happened there. His lost his one and only student, he feels hurt, he was lied to and also what is going on with Robby? Robby has lost his father figure for the moment and his sensei and his own father bails out and wants nothing to do with him and I am assuming Robby still needs a ride home. 

[0:31:56.4] SR: Well maybe his skateboard is around somewhere. He doesn’t have a hurt ankle but yeah in that moment you’re right. Robby experiences the worst of it. He loses his real father and his father figure in the same second. It was a horrible scene for all parties involved. It was bad for Daniel, bad for Johnny, bad for Robby. It was just a real painful scene to watch.

[0:32:17.8] JC: It really was but a cliff hanger that will lead up to the finale of season one. 

[0:32:24.0] SR: I am utterly besides myself. This episode especially really got to me. 

[0:32:28.9] JC: I think this show is such a compliment to the original film in ways that I never thought would be possible. 

[0:32:36.5] SR: It flips the script without disrespecting the original, without tainting the original. 

[0:32:42.1] JC: And it is rare to do but I can’t think of another movie that took the characters and went into a TV form. I mean one that comes to mind but it is not the same was Fargo. Fargo was an incredible film and I did not want to see the series and then when I finally did, I was blown away by some of the best television I have ever seen. It is more in the spirit of, it is none of the character is from. 

[0:33:05.5] SR: Yeah, it doesn’t take anything away from the movie. 

[0:33:07.3] JC: No and season one is its own self-contained story. Season two is the same and season one and two are phenomenal. This is taking Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso and bringing them into the modern world and all that comes with that. I cannot believe they executed it by this degree of genius. It is incredible. 

[0:33:27.7] SR: You know I fashion myself a decent writer, fairly creative mind but I was watching this thinking, I don’t know if I could have written this. 

[0:33:35.1] JC: Yeah. 

[0:33:36.3] SR: These guys are good. 

[0:33:38.1] JC: It is no small feat.

[0:33:39.1] SR: Yeah. 

[0:33:39.7] JC: Anyway the creative team is amazing. We hope to have them on the podcast at some point in time because I’d love to learn more about the process. So thank you for listening. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and please subscribe to us on Apple iTunes or anywhere else you listen to your podcast. 

[0:33:57.3] SR: Leave us a review. Let us know what you think. No mercy. 

[0:33:59.2] JC: Thank you so much.