Let's Talk - Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai - S02E04 - The Moment of Truth

November 06, 2019 Just Curious Media Season 2 Episode 4
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E04 - The Moment of Truth
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E04 - The Moment of Truth
Nov 06, 2019 Season 2 Episode 4
Just Curious Media

Daniel struggles to teach a new student. Meanwhile, Cobra Kai students wage war on the Miyagi dojo.

Recorded on 10-21-19

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Show Notes Transcript

Daniel struggles to teach a new student. Meanwhile, Cobra Kai students wage war on the Miyagi dojo.

Recorded on 10-21-19

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Let's Talk - Cobra Kai - S02E04 - The Moment of Truth


[00:00:00] JC: Welcome to Just Curious Media. This is Let’s Talk - Cobra Kai. I’m Jason Connell.

[0:00:05.6] SR: And I’m Sal Rodriguez. This is a very special episode, because I wish you guys could see this. Jason is wearing a gi, a beautiful white gi, because you just went up a belt in Hapkido?

[0:00:17.0] JC: This is true.

[0:00:17.9] SR: That's fantastic. It's a celebration mode here at the studio.

[0:00:20.9] JC: It really is. It feels great. Thank you. Thank you so much.

[0:00:24.0] SR: Tell me a little bit about what it involves. What does it involve to go from one belt to the next belt?

[0:00:27.9] JC: Lots and lots of training. No, so as when we first started this venture together Sal, I was talking past tense. I used to train Taekwondo in high school. When I moved to LA, I was training in Hapkido, which is Korean. 

After getting so inundated into soccer and running a team and running two weekly practices, and I also moved away from a dojo that I was comfortable with, I had not been training for several years. After getting reacclimated into Cobra Kai and Karate Kid World, I found myself seeking dojos nearby in the valley like, you know what was missing from my life, much like Daniel? I was missing this training, the martial arts.

[0:01:16.5] SR: I did not know that Cobra Kai and Karate Kid reinvigorated your martial arts lifestyle. I did not know this.

[0:01:21.8] JC: It happened.

[0:01:22.6] SR: That’s funny. It’s great.

[0:01:23.9] JC: Yeah, it’s true. I at one day about a few months ago, I went and did a trial at a dojo. It was a wonderful place in Studio City. It was a just a different style. Having gone there and said, “Oh, my God. I love what they're doing, but it really made me miss the Hapkido training that I had been doing.” 

Then I looked online, found a few dojos, spoke to a few and went and visited one. It's the right fit. It's American Hapkido Karate. My sensei, our master is amazing. I started over much like the Cobra Kai students after they won the All Valley Tournament, Johnny reset them all to whites.

[0:02:02.2] SR: Yes. That was as a punishment, right?

[0:02:04.5] JC: True. I went in as a white. I reset. I talked to my sensei about my previous training. Rather than coming in at the belt I was before, I figured let's start over and just move up faster, because he'll see it in me and he teaches a very different style. He's huge on form. Yeah, I started as a white and today I tested and got my orange belt.

[0:02:28.0] SR: Congratulations, Jason. Orange belt in Hapkido.

[0:02:30.9] JC: Thank you.

[0:02:31.3] SR: Now I need to get – I need a – What am I going to do?

[0:02:33.1] JC: Yeah, you guys are wearing a gi when we record.

[0:02:35.4] SR: I'm going to pick up a gi at Salvation Army. That's what I'm going to do.

[0:02:38.0] JC: There you go.

[0:02:38.6] SR: I won't tell Jason that I bought it.

[0:02:40.5] JC: I am wearing this, because I finished class right before we started recording and it's just down the street.

[0:02:45.7] SR: Yeah, but does your sensei know that you're wearing a gi doing a podcast? Is that allowed? Is that legal?

[0:02:48.8] JC: Well, I do take the belt off out of respect.

[0:02:50.9] SR: Okay. You’re not supposed to be wearing the belt.

[0:02:52.1] JC: I don't even know if you're not supposed to, but I typically only wear the pants into class. In here, I figured I might get cold, so I've done the top.

[0:03:01.5] SR: Okay. I was imagining fighting in gi would be hot. Isn't it hot in a gi?

[0:03:05.4] JC: It's a little warm, but I like to be warm. I do like hot.

[0:03:08.0] SR: Yeah? Very white. Do you bleach it?

[0:03:09.4] JC: I use Oxiclean. Although, I really want a back gi.

[0:03:14.3] SR: Yeah, like Cobra Kai.

[0:03:15.2] JC: When you become a black belt, one gets a black gi.

[0:03:18.4] SR: Really?

[0:03:19.3] JC: Yeah.

[0:03:19.6] SR: Okay, so there really is a black gi. It's not just Cobra Kai that has a black gi?

[0:03:22.0] JC: No, it's black gi.

[0:03:23.4] SR: You can have a black gi in Hapkido.

[0:03:24.5] JC: Yes. In high school when I was doing Taekwondo with the Wild Bunch, we had black gis. We were very Cobra Kai-esque.

[0:03:33.4] SR: One thing I've learned as I followed enough mixed martial arts to know that when these guys play soccer and do martial arts, look out for their kicks, look out for the kicks of these soccer guys doing martial arts, I'm telling you.

[0:03:43.7] JC: It's true.

[0:03:44.0] SR: Well, congratulations Jason.

[0:03:45.3] JC: Thanks. Appreciate that. Here we are season 2 episode 4, the moment of truth. 8.7 on IMDB. This is a pretty good episode.

[0:03:57.1] SR: Yeah, it was action-packed. I did feel I was taken for a ride on this episode.

[0:04:00.4] JC: Absolutely. We open at the Cobra Kai dojo as Demetri arrives to sign up and he encounters who?

[0:04:08.4] SR: I mean, if you can imagine two opposites meeting, Demetri walks in, I guess expecting to find the usual gang. Instead, Kreese is there alone.

[0:04:17.3] JC: He thinks it's a good thing.

[0:04:18.8] SR: Yeah. Yeah. He's like, “Oh, I'm so glad that other guys not here,” meaning Johnny, right? Little does Demetri know he walked into the belly of the beast with Kreese standing there. Demetri is such an idiot saying all these things he shouldn't say.

[0:04:31.7] JC: Yeah, he's trying to lay the ground rules of what he won’t accept if he’s going to be part of Cobra Kai.

[0:04:37.1] SR: Yeah. “If I join Cobra Kai, I just need to lay a few ground rules down. I like my personal space. I like my personal space. I don't want people be hitting me.” I mean, he's making all these rules and Kreese is just looking at him like, “Look at this idiot.” 

Then Demetri walks up to Kreese and starts bagging on his tattoo. “Oh, that the snake really wouldn't look like that and really the eyes would be like this.” He starts ragging on Kreese’s arm tattoo and that's something you probably shouldn't do.

[0:05:01.1] JC: Absolutely.

[0:05:02.3] SR: Demetri walks out with a bloody nose. They don't show what happened, you don't see what happened, but Demetri walks out with a bloody nose.

[0:05:09.3] JC: Kreese popped him a good one, I’m sure. Demetri leaves and I don't think he's going to go back to Cobra Kai dojo any time soon.

[0:05:17.1] SR: Uh, no.

[0:05:18.1] JC: He’s walked out twice.

[0:05:19.6] SR: Yes, that's right. I forgot about the first time. Yeah, this is his second time walking out and now first time with a bloody nose.

[0:05:25.4] JC: Yeah. Last time he was embarrassed as well, because Johnny took him down. Now we cut to Miyagi-do dojo. Robby and Sam are a little down about Valley Fest.

[0:05:36.8] SR: Yeah, who can blame them? In fact, I just wanted more celebration after Miguel won the tournament. It just seems aside from the victory nachos, there hasn't been an atmosphere of celebration really.

[0:05:47.8] JC: No, you're right.

[0:05:48.6] SR: I'm one who believes in celebrating until you're done celebrating.

[0:05:52.8] JC: He'd never got the girl.

[0:05:54.6] SR: Miguel hasn't celebrated at all, because even when Hawk and Demetri and what was the name?

[0:05:59.8] JC: Moon.

[0:06:00.5] SR: Moon and Aisha are having the victory nachos. Miguel was not there celebrating with them. Miguel has not really celebrated his own victory. Cobra Kai hasn't been celebrating much. Yeah, I really wish there was more happiness and there really isn't.

[0:06:14.3] JC: That's a good point.

[0:06:15.7] SR: Yeah, people are down about Valley Fest when they were – what was it caslled? Usurped by Cobra Kai.

[0:06:22.4] JC: By Cobra Kai. Sam checks in on Daniel who is working on his classic car.

[0:06:28.2] SR: The 1948 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible.

[0:06:31.7] JC: Also the present from Mr. Miyagi. He explains that they need to take a more personal approach to getting more students in the Miyagi-do dojo, because obviously their methods are not working. The ad brings the wrong people. They were upstaged at Valley Fest. They don't have the sizzle that Cobra Kai has.

[0:06:54.1] SR: No, the sex appeal.

[0:06:55.3] JC: They don't. They just don't have that. They're going to have to connect with people one on one and do it the way Mr. Miyagi did it.

[0:07:02.6] SR: You know what? I have to give kudos to Daniel that he does something which a lot of people don't do. He sets out on the path, he reaches a roadblock and then he recalculates, takes another route, hits another roadblock, recalculates. He's always scheming in his head about a different way. Let's try something different. That didn't work, let's try something different. I like that. 

I like the people who aren't stubborn and are willing to try something new, or try a different way. That's definitely how Daniel is. Well, that didn't work. Let's try something else.

[0:07:33.3] JC: It's true. Daniel had success in his life and maybe that's because of that.

[0:07:37.6] SR: Yeah. Who knows what it was like to build his auto empire, how many recalculations he had to do to build LaRusso Auto.

[0:07:44.2] JC: Yeah. Obviously, they realized that Mr. Miyagi's little trees didn't work out and they didn't keep trying to launch that business. He's learned some lessons the hard way, but it's a really good point.

[0:07:54.9] SR: Then he invites Samantha and Robby out on a ride in the vehicle. I don't know where they're going. You don't know where they're going.

[0:08:01.9] JC: No, I love this though, because we have not seen that car up and going since the Karate Kid. That's not true. You do see the car in Karate Kid 2 as he comes home from the prom. I believe Ali had crashed it.

[0:08:13.6] MD: What?

[0:08:14.6] JC: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Repairs had to be done. The rest of the movie was in Okinawa.

[0:08:19.4] SR: I'm angry and I haven't even seen the movie and I'm angry.

[0:08:21.2] JC: I know, you’re already pissed. There should be a collectible car of post-prom with a little fender that falls off.

[0:08:27.9] SR: Yeah, why not? There should be.

[0:08:29.7] JC: Let's do it.

[0:08:30.7] SR: They go on this car ride and right away you know they're on PCH if you know the area, if you know Southern California. Figure maybe the Zuma or Malibu area, rolling along in the 48 super deluxe.

[0:08:42.5] JC: Now we're back at the Cobra Kai dojo and Kreese is sharing war stories with Hawk, Aisha and Miguel, while Johnny fights with Armand as he's raising the rent?

[0:08:54.0] SR: Yeah. Is he doing that at the same time as Kreese is relaying his war stories?

[0:08:57.3] JC: It’s both happening together.

[0:08:58.4] SR: Okay. Yeah. Kreese is going on his stories. I think Miguel gives a couple of eye rolls.

[0:09:03.0] JC: Yeah, Miguel's not buying some of these stories with Kreese.

[0:09:06.0] SR: No. No. Well Miguel, I don't know if it happens yet, but he finds some inconsistencies in Kreese’s stories.

[0:09:12.3] JC: Sal, do you think Kreese is a 100% honest?

[0:09:15.3] SR: Well, I think this is where Kreese mentions Rwanda and that's where Miguel catches, “Don't you mean Somalia?” Then Kreese is like, “Oh, Somalia, Rwanda.”

[0:09:25.7] JC: Yeah, what's the difference?

[0:09:26.7] SR: This is his six of one half a dozen of the other type of mentality.

[0:09:30.4] JC: Exactly.

[0:09:32.4] SR: No. I'm still not trusting Kreese. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop at any second.

[0:09:37.1] JC: No, should you. Armand is really being a snake in the grass by upping Johnny's rent due to the successful dojo he's running.

[0:09:45.9] SR: Well he says, “You have more students, means you have more money. You have more money, you pay more rent.”

[0:09:50.8] JC: That guy.

[0:09:51.1] SR: Which I found interesting, because usually when you enter into a commercial lease, I think you usually get a five-year lease usually.

[0:09:58.3] JC: With Johnny's bad credit, it must be a deal that's not very favorable to him.

[0:10:02.4] SR: I really want to know about the lost years of Johnny, between the 84 All Valley Tournament and –

[0:10:09.3] JC: 2018?

[0:10:10.2] SR: Yeah, what was he doing this whole time?

[0:10:12.5] JC: Well, he told Miguel last episode he was drunk, he ran at the bottle, he ran away from responsibility. He learned some handyman skills, but it just didn't advance much in life.

[0:10:23.0] SR: No. Then we're going to learn about more about Kreese also. It's a sad downward spiral for Cobra Kai after the 84.

[0:10:30.2] JC: Oh, yeah. Johnny approaches the new recruits and spots Raymond.

[0:10:35.4] SR: From the hardware store. I call him 80s guy, but brought up the 80s stuff. “Hey, you like Caddyshack, huh?”

[0:10:42.7] JC: Remember that gopher? Obviously, he's not a teenager, but he's also not a parent, but Johnny's concerned because there's liability.

[0:10:50.6] SR: Yeah. Then he goes, “Hey, I stay at home with my mom. She doesn't charge me rent, so I have money.” He pulls cash out of his pocket and puts it in Johnny's face.

[0:10:57.8] JC: I got cash to burn.

[0:10:59.4] SR: When somebody puts cash in your face, you got a couple of options and usually you're going to take.

[0:11:04.1] JC: Johnny is like, “Don't I know you from somewhere?” He’s like, “Yeah. I met you. We bothered over 80's music.”

[0:11:10.3] SR: I think that's really funny that they brought that actor back. He's a funny character and I'm happy to see him again.

[0:11:14.5] JC: Well, he isn't a lot more episodes. I’ll just say that. Johnny then challenges anyone in the class to take on the champ.

[0:11:23.1] SR: Meaning Miguel. Yeah.

[0:11:25.2] JC: Meaning Miguel. Then enters who?

[0:11:27.9] SR: This is where we meet Tory. She just comes out of nowhere, just out of the back. “Who's going to fight the champ?” She comes out, right? “I will.”

[0:11:34.8] JC: It’s like Kreese’s daughter or something.

[0:11:36.2] SR: Then she said something like, “Oh, I saw that demonstration you guys did at Valley Fest. Can you guys really fight?” She's challenging the whole dojo now.

[0:11:45.2] JC: Johnny is like, “All right, Little Miss hotshot.” She steps up and challenges Miguel.

[0:11:51.5] SR: Yeah. Yeah, she does. They go toe to toe.

[0:11:54.3] JC: She's got some skills.

[0:11:55.4] SR: She does. She takes him down a couple times, does a couple of leg thingies, leg maneuvers.

[0:12:01.2] JC: Yeah, all of a sudden, Miguel's in over his head. It reminds me of that episode where Aisha was the second student to join and he was going light on her and Aisha was pretty tough.

[0:12:10.0] SR: It reminds me of the time I went to go see White Zombie in concert. There was a mosh pit there. I was like, “I'm getting in this White Zombie mosh pit.” There was a girl, you know we're teenagers. Maybe I'm 20. There was a girl in the mosh pit and I'm like, “Oh, let me avoid her, let me go easy on her,” until she elbowed me in the face. I was like, “All righty then,” and it was on. 

I mean, I treated her then as a guy. I mean, I was trying to avoid her like, “Oh, I don't want to push this girl around.” She was not holding back. Then when she showed me she was not holding back, that's when I said, “Okay, I'm not holding back.”

[0:12:46.1] JC: What is going on in a mosh pit, exactly?

[0:12:48.6] SR: A lot of pushing and shoving and elbowing. It's really silly, but it was a lot of fun.

[0:12:53.8] JC: Are you trying to hurt the other people?

[0:12:55.9] SR: No. Actually what you're trying to do is just make your way through your own path and just getting people out of your way. Everybody's on their own little path trying to just get everybody out of their way. That's all it was. Yeah, so I'm wondering if maybe Miguel, whether it was Aisha or whether it was Tory.

[0:13:11.6] JC: Oh, he went in light for sure.

[0:13:12.9] SR: Yeah, let me go a little bit easy.

[0:13:13.8] JC: Then he realizes, “Uh-oh. I really got to step up here. This girl knows some things.”

[0:13:18.3] SR: Yeah. If the girls lets you know she’s serious, then you got to go serious.

[0:13:23.1] JC: Miguel takes her down in the end, goes to help her, which this becomes a theme in Cobra Kai. Goes to help her and what happens?

[0:13:31.6] SR: Yeah. He go reaches down to help her up. She grabs him, takes him down and gets him in an arm lock.

[0:13:36.6] JC: Yeah. Nice move, by the way. Nice arm lock.

[0:13:39.4] SR: It just goes to show, yeah, because Kreese did that, right? To Johnny.

[0:13:42.6] JC: As soon as you help, you can't help anyone else up in this world of Cobra Kai, because that's where they got you.

[0:13:48.7] SR: Do not help your opponent up.

[0:13:50.1] JC: No. Kick him.

[0:13:52.2] SR: Kick them when they’re down. Ground and pound.

[0:13:53.6] JC: This is Tory with a Y. Let's not be mistaken there. She makes it very clear.

[0:13:58.3] SR: She completely came out of nowhere.

[0:14:00.9] JC: Do you think she's a potential love interest for someone?

[0:14:03.8] SR: Well, she is very attractive. Miguel is officially single. Hawk is with Moon, I guess. You know what? I have my suspicions. Because she came out of nowhere, at this moment I'm wondering if she's maybe a plant by Kreese. It may not be the case, but that's what I was thinking. I'm suspicious of her.

[0:14:19.8] JC: Sal's on high alert.

[0:14:21.0] SR: I am. I'm suspicious of this person that pops out of nowhere.

[0:14:23.5] JC: I am too. She came out of nowhere. I'm with you. She's got an attitude.

[0:14:27.4] SR: She didn't come bearing gifts.

[0:14:29.3] JC: No. She came with an agenda. We'll hopefully find that out at some point. Daniel, Sam and Robby are continuing to drive the coast and they stopped at the beach club.

[0:14:39.4] SR: Now this is where I got confused. This Beach Club is different than their normal Encino Country Club.

[0:14:44.3] JC: From proximity, it's got to be. I believe some clubs, exclusive clubs have reciprocal clubs? Or they have other locations. I tried to see the name of it on the awning, I couldn't. I believe the Encino Country Club's its own thing. This is somehow affiliated. Because they've never driven this long. They've never gone to the beach and the other one’s in Encino. As you know from being born and raised in the valley, the ocean ain't in the valley.

[0:15:12.4] SR: No. The way you would get to the ocean or PCH from the valley and from Encino in particular is you would probably drive up to Topanga.

[0:15:19.6] JC: Topanga.

[0:15:20.4] SR: That would be the quickest route. Go over Topanga. By the way just as a pro tip here, if you want to go to the beach from the San Fernando Valley, I would not recommend Topanga, but would recommend Canon. Go up to 101 North, get on to Canon, I think it's a more picturesque drive than Topanga Canyon. Okay, yeah. They arrive at the club and then Amanda is there at the club to greet them.

[0:15:41.2] JC: Right. Robby is reflecting back on his brief employment here the previous summer, a prelude of what’s to come.

[0:15:49.0] SR: Yeah. Does Samantha say something to Robby? Oh, I remember it, because Robby boxed for a second, right? Then Samantha's like, “What's going on?” That's when he says, “Oh, I used to work here.”

[0:15:57.2] JC: He was having a bad flashback.

[0:15:58.4] SR: Yes.

[0:16:00.1] JC: Now we're at the convenience store and Aisha and Tory chat. Aisha is summoned to the beach club, the very same beach club by her mother, but she's afraid to go because she’ll run into Sam. Ever since Valley Fest, they've not spoken.

[0:16:17.4] SR: Yeah. She invites Tory to the beach club, which I found interesting, because Tory just appeared that day. I mean, I'm all about making new friends, but I don't think I'd invite somebody to go meet my family at a club who I just met 30 minutes earlier.

[0:16:32.5] JC: It's a good point. She's trying to break the ice with this new badass martial art girl.

[0:16:38.5] SR: Oh, and she has a spiked bracelet and Aisha asked about the bracelet.

[0:16:41.7] JC: She's just tough. This is one way she can break the ice with her and invite her something that's exclusive.

[0:16:47.7] SR: Reminiscent of Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for you Buffy fans. Remember Faith?

[0:16:52.7] JC: I've only seen the movie.

[0:16:53.8] SR: Okay, so Faith was a tough chick character, a little bit of a masculine energy a little bit. Tory reminds me of Faith from Buffy. Definitely a badass chick, for sure. By the way, I like badass chicks.

[0:17:05.1] JC: Yeah, I could tell.

[0:17:05.7] SR: I like when women have a little bit of an edge, where you think they might kill you. It's more fun that way.

[0:17:12.6] JC: Little fatal attraction.

[0:17:13.6] SR: A little bit.

[0:17:14.7] JC: Next, we see Hawk and Demetri on a video call and Demetri shares what happened with him and Kreese.

[0:17:20.6] SR: Oh, yeah. He's sharing with Hawk basically about Kreese assaulting him.

[0:17:26.7] JC: Yeah, this is assault. Yeah.

[0:17:28.0] SR: Yeah, which what is it? A year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

[0:17:31.5] JC: Exactly.

[0:17:33.8] SR: Demetri’s done all the research about what this –

[0:17:35.9] JC: He’s ready to file charges.

[0:17:37.1] SR: Yeah, he is. He's ready to press charges on an adult who assaulted him, right? Hawk is like, “Don't do that.” Then he says right at the end before he hangs up the call, “Don't do something you'll regret,” right? He gives him a warning.

[0:17:47.6] JC: Yeah, a little bit of a threat.

[0:17:49.2] SR: Almost a crossroads with their friendship at this moment out of it.

[0:17:51.8] JC: Oh, yeah. For sure.

[0:17:53.1] SR: Yeah, Hawk is basically choosing his dojo over his old buddy.

[0:17:56.3] JC: Miguel learns of this and goes inside to talk to Johnny about Kreese.

[0:18:01.1] SR: Yeah. Miguel addresses Johnny says that he's concerned about Kreese about –what is? His stories. Just his overall character.

[0:18:09.0] JC: Yeah, just what he's noticed. He's picking up on things. Although, I like when he sees Johnny, he's stenciling Cobra Kai Never Dies.

[0:18:16.8] SR: Yeah. Yeah, he's putting that up in the wall.

[0:18:18.0] JC: It’s a new motto. I like that.

[0:18:19.0] SR: Yeah. Wait, is that replacing the strike first, strike hard, no mercy? Or in a different place?

[0:18:23.4] JC: Different room. I think it was the storage room.

[0:18:25.9] SR: Okay. He put up the stencil ‘Cobra Kai Never Dies.’ Okay, good. It was replacing strike first, strike hard, no mercy. Yeah, and that's when Miguel walks in.

[0:18:33.0] JC: You can't replace that.

[0:18:34.6] SR: Hey, I don't know. People change. Maybe if –

[0:18:37.1] JC: Blue mats can happen with gold fest.

[0:18:39.6] SR: Anything could happen.

[0:18:41.9] JC: Johnny assures Miguel that he's on top of it.

[0:18:45.0] SR: I liked that Miguel, his antenna went up and he addressed it with Johnny. If you look at Miguel, Miguel is a very nice young man. Look at his background, look at his father, look at his family history.

[0:19:00.8] JC: His father's a scary person.

[0:19:01.9] SR: Yeah. You know what? I think that Miguel and I only realized that in this episode that Miguel is the kind who has that antenna, who's cautious, who's leery, who looks at what people do, listens to what they say. You can come to realize people's characters if you pay attention.

[0:19:17.6] JC: He's impressionable. Johnny's molding him. You can't mess this up.

[0:19:23.9] SR: No, it's a crucial time in a young man's life.

[0:19:25.3] JC: Absolutely.

[0:19:26.7] SR: When Miguel addresses his concerns I was like, “Yes. Yes, dude. Be concerned about Kreese.”

[0:19:32.1] JC: Be very concerned. Now we're back at the beach club and Daniel's doing some recruiting through the adults.

[0:19:38.5] SR: This is hilarious. He's going on sales pitches trying to get people to send their kids to his dojo. He's going around to his peers, right? Rich people at a –

[0:19:48.3] JC: Starting little conversations about how important martial arts is for kids.

[0:19:52.2] SR: Sure. A lot of bullying going on today. Yeah.

[0:19:56.0] JC: It's not a bad approach. It's a more personal approach and that was his plan.

[0:19:59.9] SR: It's a laid-back approach. They're having Coronas. Having a beer with somebody like, some of our presidents have done, right? Sit down and have a beer. Having a beer with somebody, talking to them casually about the state of the world and about concern for our kids.

[0:20:12.9] JC: While that's going on, Sam and Robby are lounging poolside.

[0:20:17.0] SR: I always remember that the first time Robby saw Samantha was her sunbathing.

[0:20:21.3] JC: Exactly.

[0:20:22.0] SR: That was when he first laid eyes on her. Now here he is laying next to her.

[0:20:24.9] JC: Now they’re buddies.

[0:20:26.7] SR: Yeah, it's really I think platonic at this point. I'm a little disappointed, because I do know Robby I think in the beginning. I mean, he walks in and sees her sunbathing. Of course he's like, “Hey, what's up?” Yeah, they're just friends and peers now.

[0:20:39.3] JC: Robby’s made a huge advancement in this show, as far as character who has become only –

[0:20:47.5] SR: I think second only to Johnny. Yeah.

[0:20:49.5] JC: Yeah. I was going to say that.

[0:20:50.2] SR: What do you call it? Character arc.

[0:20:51.3] JC: Yeah, is that what that is? Yeah.

[0:20:52.8] SR: Yeah, he's changing. He's evolving. He wants to be a better person and he's making the efforts to do. You see, you arrive at the beach club and you see how your past comes back to haunt you.

[0:21:01.1] JC: Oh, sure. That's coming. Then Sam spots Aisha.

[0:21:04.8] SR: Yeah, up on the balcony with Tory.

[0:21:07.2] JC: Yeah. She doesn't know who Tory is at this point in time.

[0:21:09.1] SR: That's right. She doesn't know who Tory is.

[0:21:10.7] JC: Robby encourages her to go over and say hello.

[0:21:13.9] SR: Okay, so does Robby say this because he really wants them to make peace, or because he hopes to get a fight on video?

[0:21:18.9] JC: No. I think he wants peace at this point in time. He knows it's bothering her and just talking to Aisha. They're good friends. There's a lot of water underneath the bridge there. They can mend this little mini-fence. I think he's just genuinely wanting her to fix it.

[0:21:33.8] SR: Let's not forget that Aisha delivered the fantastic, epic and historic reverse. I was going to say reverse Moon. Reverse wedgie on Yasmine.

[0:21:42.9] JC: Ah, that's a classic.

[0:21:44.0] SR: I love that.

[0:21:45.3] JC: Sam takes Robby's advice, finds Aisha and they chat.

[0:21:49.4] SR: Yeah. Aisha even jokes about how Sam gets to train with Robby. Robby's laying there, a young fit man without a shirt and she refers to him as abs, right?

[0:21:56.9] JC: Yeah, you get to train with abs all summer alone. That's rough. That must be rough.

[0:22:02.9] SR: When I was a young man with abs, I didn't appreciate it.

[0:22:05.4] JC: You didn’t?

[0:22:06.0] SR: No. I did. I had abs for probably early 20s. No, I had abs for maybe about three, four years in my early 20s. Remember, I'm from a Latino Mexican-American background where abs were not regarded. It was all about chest and arms. When I had abs I was like, “Eh, whatever.” I didn't care. Today if I had abs, I would be shirtless right now. Right now this very moment.

[0:22:31.2] JC: That's interesting.

[0:22:31.3] SR: If you have abs. If any listeners have abs, appreciate them. Appreciate them.

[0:22:36.9] JC: All right. It’s good to know. I'm just glad you have a shirt on.

[0:22:41.3] SR: I do. I have multiple shirts on.

[0:22:44.5] JC: Next, we see the manager of the beach club come over to Robby and what happens?

[0:22:50.6] SR: Yeah, because this manager was the one that originally told Robby, probably fired him and said never come back here again. Now he sees him lounging on a chair and he says, “Get out of here,” and he starts to call 911. Then Amanda walks over.

[0:23:05.9] JC: It was written all over Robby’s face. He knew who this guy was. He even tried to get up and dismiss himself. Amanda comes over as you said.

[0:23:15.5] SR: As a member. This is our guest. Yeah, and the guy is like, “Oh, but you don't understand.” She goes, “He is our guest,” she said in no uncertain terms. That's when the manager said, “Okay,” and walks away, right?

[0:23:26.6] JC: Yeah, good for Amanda. She's great.

[0:23:28.3] SR: Yeah, but then she sits down and was like, “Well, what's going on?” That's when Robby reveals to her that he had a past. I might have had to do similar reveals in my life.

[0:23:38.9] JC: That's a great moment as well.

[0:23:40.4] SR: Well, because you know what I just realized? Here we are talking about Miguel's father figure, Johnny's father figure. What about Robby's mother? He doesn't have a mother or a father really.

[0:23:54.6] JC: Well, we don't know who she was when he was really young, but she was always dating probably. Robby's just seen so many guys come and go.

[0:24:02.6] SR: His mom is about dating, not about her son.

[0:24:05.8] JC: Well, she was also left. I put more of the blame on Johnny. The mom never really checked out. Maybe she was a little bit different in Robby's youth than she is in his teenage years. Maybe as he became more self-sufficient, she started to check out more, because she could. I'm just saying, it was probably a lots of guys comings and goings and he had no real father figure.

[0:24:30.8] SR: No. You know Robby's mother. At this moment in time, Robby does not have a positive mother figure right now.

[0:24:39.1] JC: No. Amanda, it’s a huge thing for him to have Amanda to have his back. It means a lot. Let’s him live with them and Daniel.

[0:24:47.1] SR: Sure. Puts her hand on the shoulder says, “Right, we've all made mistakes, but you grow from them and you move on,” she said something like that.

[0:24:54.2] JC: That's why I Samantha and him have a platonic relationship right now. I'm not saying it couldn't grow into something bigger, but right now he is part of the family. He's like a LaRusso.

[0:25:06.0] SR: Yeah, like a brother-sister.

[0:25:07.9] JC: Yeah, which is great. I really commend Amanda. She has just become an incredible character on the show.

[0:25:12.9] SR: Yeah, she's fantastic. She really is the voice of reason through it all.

[0:25:17.4] JC: She really is.

[0:25:17.6] SR: Through all the high jinks.

[0:25:19.2] JC: Now we're back at the Cobra Kai dojo and Johnny overhears Kreese on a heated phone call.

[0:25:25.2] SR: Yeah, on a landline, by the way.

[0:25:26.4] JC: Of course, it’s a landline.

[0:25:27.2] SR: I don’t Kreese has a cellphone. I think Kreese has probably been in a time warp much like Johnny.

[0:25:32.4] JC: For sure. He tells Johnny that he's over at the Universal City Sheraton and a housekeeper took one of his watches.

[0:25:39.1] SR: Yeah, and the Universal City Sheraton is not cheap and is adjacent to Universal Studios, in fact not far from our studio right now. In fact right now Jason, you and I can leave the studio and we could walk to the Universal Sheraton and then go up the hill off Lankershim and we'd be smack dab at Universal Studios.

[0:25:55.8] JC: Yeah, when I leave here and head home, I drive right by.

[0:25:58.9] SR: You take Lankershim? I'm going to take Cahuenga up to –

[0:26:02.3] JC: Yeah, to Ventura.

[0:26:03.5] SR: I see. Yes.

[0:26:05.1] JC: Yeah, it's very close. It's very nice. That's where he tells Johnny, he's staying. Again, Kreese is not always the most honest person.

[0:26:15.3] SR: No, but this is I think the first time that Johnny starts to go, “Hmm.”

[0:26:19.6] JC: Yeah, something’s going on here.

[0:26:20.7] SR: Yeah, let me check this out.

[0:26:22.0] JC: He suspects something's off and he follows Kreese. Now we cut back to the beach club and Daniel is now holding court with even more parents, and who joins in this conversation?

[0:26:37.6] SR: I had to do a double-take. I had to squint and say, “Wait. Is that Kim Fields Tootie from Facts of Life?

[0:26:45.6] JC: Yes, it was.

[0:26:46.7] SR: I don't remember her character's name on 227, but I also enjoyed her on 227. I mean, I love Kim Fields. I loved her since 227. I loved her since Facts of Life.

[0:26:55.7] JC: Yeah. It's probably far back as she goes with Facts of Life.

[0:26:57.9] SR: Facts of Life. Yeah, she was just a girl then.

[0:26:59.4] JC: Unless she was on commercials before that.

[0:27:00.8] SR: Maybe. Remember, when Facts of Life was on television I was probably about Tootie's age when it was on TV. I used to watch Facts of Life avidly, because it was on right after Different’rent Strokes.

[0:27:12.8] JC: Oh, well. Don't I know it.

[0:27:14.1] SR: I was so shocked to see – to see Tootie. I couldn’t believe it. By the way just as an aside since I'm a toy collector, they recently released Facts of Life action figures, including a Tootsie made by Mego. It was available on Target.

[0:27:27.6] JC: I want Mrs. Garrett.

[0:27:28.8] SR: They released Joe Blair, Tootie.

[0:27:32.3] JC: Natalie.

[0:27:32.5] SR: That's it so far. I don't think they released Natalie yet.

[0:27:34.3] JC: Not Natalie?

[0:27:34.9] SR: Well, they're making their way through the figures.

[0:27:37.0] JC: Mrs. Garrett. Come on.

[0:27:38.4] SR: Yeah. No, so they only had three of the girls.

[0:27:40.0] JC: They could also do a George Clooney, because he was around much later.

[0:27:43.0] SR: Now what a lot of people can do is there are these toy customizers. They can take a Tootie action figure and make her into an Aisha’s mom action figure.

[0:27:52.4] JC: Which she looks great, by the way. We can say that.

[0:27:53.6] SR: She looks fantastic. We haven't met her before, that's why I was so shocked to see her.

[0:27:56.4] JC: No. We met Aisha’s father, the Hall of Fame football player for the San Diego Chargers, now they’re Los Angeles Chargers, but we've never met Mrs. Aisha before.

[0:28:05.5] SR: Yeah, so guess what? Aisha’s mother played by Kim Fields is tooting the horn of Cobra Kai and how many fantastic things have happened to Aisha since she joined Cobra Kai, saying this right in front of Daniel as he’s trying to sell Miyago-do.

[0:28:18.8] JC: Yeah. Daniel is very close to closing all these men, talking them all to join Miyagi-do.

[0:28:25.4] SR: He was closing.

[0:28:26.1] JC: She comes over and she's like, “Oh, my gosh. Sensei Lawrence has done amazing work of Aisha.” All of a sudden, light bulbs are going off. Cobra Kai, weren't they at Valley Fest? I heard they put on a show like van Halen concert. It just starts spreading. She shows the video on her phone and Daniel has lost the room. It's over. They're all wanting to sign up with Cobra Kai right then and there.

[0:28:49.3] SR: She could have whipped out Cobra Kai contracts then and there and they would have signed.

[0:28:52.9] JC: Amazing. Poor Daniel. Fail. Sam and Aisha continue to talk and Sam shares the fact that Robby now lives with them. Aisha says, “I'm not going to tell Miguel.”

[0:29:06.3] SR: I do not remember that line.

[0:29:08.2] JC: It would just kill Miguel. Even though they're over – You don’t want to know that your rival now lives with your ex.

[0:29:14.3] SR: You're not going to see what the truth is. The truth is they are more like brother-sister.

[0:29:17.7] JC: But he's not going to see that, know that and want to hear that.

[0:29:20.6] SR: On his head, they're going to town every night probably. That's what he would think. That's what I would think. I'm not going to think they have a platonic relationship.

[0:29:27.5] JC: You're right. Just then, Tory arrives and she's got some booze in tow.

[0:29:35.1] SR: She stole a bottle of vodka. I'm imagining based on where they're at, this was the top shelf.

[0:29:40.4] JC: Top shelf.

[0:29:41.3] SR: Yeah. We're talking if you were to buy this bottle in the store, you’re probably looking about 70, 80 bucks.

[0:29:46.5] JC: Here's that bad girl persona. She's invited to an exclusive club. She's already stolen something and she wants her to get drunk.

[0:29:55.6] SR: I think if I were Aisha, I would be like, “Uh, can we get to know each other a little bit first before you go stealing from my family's club?”

[0:30:03.9] JC: Yeah. Aisha was cool with getting drunk, because you know what? She almost wants to fit in with this girl. This girl, she's attractive, she's got a persona about her, she's good at martial arts, I want to fit in with her. She's looking for a new best friend or something.

[0:30:18.4] SR: Poor Sam.

[0:30:19.0] JC: Sam is not having any of it. Sam's very wholesome and she doesn't think this is a good idea and she's right.

[0:30:26.0] SR: Well remember, Sam's mother she toes the line.

[0:30:28.9] JC: Well, it's not like Sam hasn't made crazy decisions before. Remember the house party? Ill-advised house party while the parents were at the country club?

[0:30:37.6] SR: Not telling her parents about the hit and run with Yasmine and Moon.

[0:30:41.0] JC: She's done some things and she's learned from those mistakes. Tory and Aisha leave to go have a few drinks.

[0:30:47.4] SR: Yeah. I wonder if they're going to drink that vodka straight? Are they going to mix it with something?

[0:30:51.9] JC: Probably going to do some shots.

[0:30:53.6] SR: Vodka shots? Room temperature vodka shots? I’ll try it.

[0:30:58.1] JC: Johnny continues to follow Kreese and you can tell that he is not staying at no Sheraton.

[0:31:04.1] SR: No. You see the neighborhood he goes into, it’s starting to get a little sketchy. They're nowhere near Universal Studios.

[0:31:10.3] JC: They’re nowhere near Universal Studios. Now we're at the beach as Daniel walks to clear his head. This is a beautiful scene, Sal.

[0:31:19.2] SR: Yeah. He sees a guy fishing. At first glance, very reminiscent of Miyagi; similar height, similar apparel. He sees this person, almost an apparition at first. He envisions Miyagi and then he gets closer and no, it's not Miyagi. It's another guy. He's like, “Hey, what's up?”

[0:31:36.3] JC: He's got some wisdom that guy. The way he carries himself is nice. I am also glad that the show refrained from putting a ghost Miyagi in that scene, what you see in movies sometimes. I'm sorry, it does not work.

[0:31:49.8] SR: No, because then all of a sudden, it takes us out of reality.

[0:31:53.0] JC: Yeah. You can go ahead and put a flashback, a scene from one of the movies and Mr. Miyagi's in it, but don't ghost it up for me. It was a very poetic moment and a beautiful shot with the ocean and the sky.

[0:32:05.0] SR: This guy is Miyagi-esque.

[0:32:07.2] JC: Yeah. He talks like a dungeon master, or like Mr. Miyagi.

[0:32:10.9] SR: Yeah. Daniel walks over to this guy, the guy turns, Daniel realizes it's not Miyagi. Of course, the guy says, “Can I help you?” Daniel says, “Oh, you just look like an old friend.” The guy says, “Oh, does your friend like to fish?” He goes, “Yeah, he did and much better than I ever could.” 

Then Daniel says as an aside to this guy, “Not many biting,” because I guess he looks at the empty bucket. That's what he does. The guy says, “Oh, plenty of fish out there.” He says, “If you have something worth biting, eventually they'll find you.”

Right away, you got to think more karate students. That's how Daniel can take that and apply it to his life. Hello, they're out there. Put the bait out, something worth biting, they're going to show up.

[0:32:51.7] JC: Put the right bait up. That was good. Yes.

[0:32:55.2] SR: It was very much like a Miyagi moment just with this guy who was reminiscent of Miyagi.

[0:33:00.3] JC: Yeah, it was nice.

[0:33:01.3] SR: In fact, he looked like a Latino. I called him the Mexican Miyagi, is what I call him.

[0:33:04.4] JC: You did. You did. That was okay. That was accurate. It was fairly accurate.

[0:33:08.0] SR: Yeah, very neat moment. Because yeah, you're right. I'm glad it wasn't a ghost, or even a flashback. It was just this person. Because I think all of us in life have run into somebody who reminds us of somebody else. 

In fact, one time I was up in Washington and I was coming out of a store, this guy was walking in the store and we literally stopped face-to-face and we stared at each other and I said, “Do I know you?” He says no. He says, “Do I know you?” I said no. I said, “Have you ever been to California?” He said no. He said, “Have you ever been to Washington?” I said no. We both stood there like, “Holy cow.” It was like, maybe a previous life thing. It was weird. I said, “Okay. Well, bye.” That was it. It was very strange.

[0:33:43.0] JC: Is your mom such-and-such? He said yes. Wow, that is wild.

[0:33:47.2] SR: Yeah, things like that happen. These little mysterious moments that are –

[0:33:50.7] JC: At the right time, because Daniel is looking for some answer.

[0:33:54.5] SR: Yeah, because he's walking along that beach pondering life. What a cool role for that actor to get to play.

[0:34:01.1] JC: Yeah, exactly.

[0:34:02.3] SR: I hope that he knows the impact of that little moment and that scene for the fan, how powerful that scene was. I hope that actor can appreciate it. I hope he realizes it wasn't just a day's work.

[0:34:14.1] JC: I hope that he's seen Karate Kid 1, Karate Kid 2, Karate Kid 3, anything with Mr. Miyagi in it. We're back at the beach club and Amanda can't find her wallet.

[0:34:25.6] SR: Yeah. At first I'm thinking, they're going to start looking to Robby.

[0:34:29.5] JC: Oh, you thought Rob?

[0:34:30.1] SR: No, no. It’s not that I thought Robby. I thought they were going to think Robby, because of what Robby just shared, right? He just shared about his past, a little bit about his past to Amanda. I'm thinking that if her wallet’s missing, she may think, “Wait a second. Maybe Robby's past is also his present.”

[0:34:45.9] JC: Oh, I didn't think that. I could see how you came up with that. Immediately, I thought Tory.

[0:34:50.1] SR: Well, what's one of those things where even though you think it's this person, I wonder who the cast are thinking.

[0:34:56.8] JC: Well, Sam went straight for Tory.

[0:34:58.5] SR: Yeah, she did.

[0:34:59.8] JC: She accuses her of stealing it. Now meanwhile, Tory was drinking with Aisha. Maybe she stole it earlier, or maybe she didn't steal it at all. Sam was locked and loaded on Tory.

[0:35:11.7] SR: Well, that's the problem with stealing. Back when I was a teenage shoplifter stealing from stores, we'd go visit a friend's house and the friend would say, “I hope you don't steal from us.” I go, “I don't steal from people's houses. I steal from department stores.”

[0:35:24.9] JC: You’ve got a moral code.

[0:35:26.6] SR: Yeah. Any criminal has to have a moral code. Even if I stole a bottle of vodka, doesn't necessarily mean I'm reaching in people's purses necessarily. I'll have you know the general public thinks a thief is a thief is a thief. If somebody finds out you stole this, they're going to think you stole that too. That's the way that it works.

[0:35:43.1] JC: That what Samantha's thinking and she goes over accuses and grabs her, grabs for the purse.

[0:35:51.7] SR: My mind is thinking of Tory’s spiked bracelet that she showed off in the liquor store at Reseda Flats.

[0:35:57.6] JC: Well, she pushes Samantha off and what happens?

[0:36:00.4] SR: Oh, Samantha. It looks so silly, because she falls in this buffet table and she's got chocolate mousse on her head. She's got shrimp on her chest. She's got all the table on her and she's laying back very reminiscent of her father at the country club with the spaghetti plate all over him in the kitchen.

[0:36:21.3] JC: When he oversaw Johnny lay one on Ali.

[0:36:25.6] SR: Like daughter like father is what I thought.

[0:36:28.7] JC: Yes. It was very reminiscent of that. It was embarrassing and Aisha is even embarrassed and then her and Tory walk away. Because Tory had no guilt about her. She didn't look defensive in that way. At that point in time, I didn't think she stole it. Samantha was blinded by rage and she'd saw what she saw. She's already assessed Tory and she assumed it was her. Now we cut back to Johnny who was still on Kreese’s trail. I'm not sure where we're at, Sal.

[0:37:01.8] SR: I think by appearance, I'd have to guess it is maybe some halfway house, almost a recovery house.

[0:37:08.3] JC: What location is this?

[0:37:09.7] SR: Oh, I don't know.

[0:37:10.9] JC: Downtown? It’s too far.

[0:37:13.5] SR: Well, no. I'm thinking that it has to be somewhere in the valley, maybe Van Nuys? No offense, Van Nuys.

[0:37:20.0] JC: Panorama City?

[0:37:20.9] SR: Panorama City.

[0:37:21.6] JC: No offense Panorama City.

[0:37:22.5] SR: No offense Panorama City. I used to live in Panorama City on Nordhoff. Yeah. I mean, I'm looking at areas. Pacoima. I used to live in Pacoima. All the areas where this halfway house could be our areas where I used to live.

[0:37:33.5] JC: We still wander around these parts, Johnny doesn't know what's going on. It's obvious that Kreese is more down on his luck than he's letting Johnny to believe. He's ashamed.

[0:37:43.1] SR: He’s ashamed of his life, his lifestyle.

[0:37:45.0] JC: He's older. I don't even know how he makes a living at this point in time.

[0:37:48.8] SR: We do not know how Kreese pays any bills.

[0:37:51.1] JC: Johnny's following him because he cares. He does care.

[0:37:55.4] SR: Well, is it because he cares, or it’s because he’s suspicious? Didn’t Miguel put a bug in his ear?

[0:37:59.8] JC: I do, but I think it's for good reason. Johnny cares for Kreese. If Kreese is down on his luck, he'll be there for him. If Kreese is going to be crazy Kreese and try to take over Cobra Kai or whatever, Johnny's going to take issue with that. When someone's down, you try to help them. I think he's following him out of love.

[0:38:21.8] SR: Okay, so similar to when Daniel found out that Robby was staying in a home without electricity. It's sympathy. It's compassion.

[0:38:32.4] JC: That's exactly it. This guy's too prideful to tell me the truth. I'm going to see what's going on. That's what I feel is happening.

[0:38:39.9] SR: Okay. All right, I'll take it. Because I thought he was just following out of suspicion like, “Let's see what's really going on here.”

[0:38:46.5] JC: Now we cut to Robby who has a suspicion about the wallet and goes to investigate. His hunch is right, Sal.

[0:38:56.6] SR: Yeah, because he found a stash.

[0:38:59.3] JC: Not just one wallet.

[0:39:00.3] SR: No. A bunch of wallets. Yeah. At this moment, we don't know who.

[0:39:05.7] JC: Robby knows.

[0:39:07.0] SR: Robby knows. He finds the stash. Robby might have done this in the past.

[0:39:11.1] JC: Oh, this is why he was probably kicked out of the beach club as an employee. They probably had this game going. Robby knew. What's he do with his phone? What happens here?

[0:39:20.7] SR: One of the previous scenes alluded to Robby wanting to get a fight on camera to boost Miyagi-do’s appeal. That was his idea, right? He wants something to go viral. He discovers the wallets, they all come tumbling down. 

He now knows who did it. I didn't know that he knew, but he knows. Puts the camera up in a position to film the foreground, because I believe at this time Robby's thinking, “Let's get me on video kicking these guys asses and this will go viral for Miyagi-do.”

[0:39:52.5] JC: Exactly.

[0:39:53.3] SR: As previous videos have gone viral for Cobra Kai. He sets up the camera and who arrives?

[0:39:59.9] JC: Trey and Cruz.

[0:40:01.8] SR: Yeah, his old crime partners from early in the show.

[0:40:05.6] JC: Yes.

[0:40:06.7] SR: The last time he saw Trey and Cruz was in the parking lot of LaRusso Auto when they were going to try to rob the place of stereos and parts.

[0:40:14.8] JC: They were caught on camera and we have not seen them since.

[0:40:17.5] SR: Nope.

[0:40:18.9] JC: We stop there, because now we're back with Kreese and it's revealed. He is living in some halfway house and he's confronting a roommate about stealing a watch.

[0:40:32.9] SR: Yeah. He said something like, “You broke into my locker for the fourth time.” Yeah, some drug recovery, or halfway house where you probably have a roommate, you probably got to keep your stuff under lock and key. Yeah, so this guy maybe probably did legitimately rip off Kreese and probably definitely ripping off the wrong guy if that's the case. He has this guy right by the collar and then some staff walks in and says, “Hey, knock it off Kreese.”

[0:40:56.6] JC: Yeah, “Do you want me to kick you out of here?” Then in the background, Johnny oversees this.

[0:41:02.4] SR: He's got his answer. While that's happening, we’re back at the beach club and Robby prepares to fight Trey and Cruz, but he's hit over the head with an oar?

[0:41:15.4] SR: Yeah. Somebody jumps out from behind him and hits him in the back of the head with a giant oar.

[0:41:21.1] JC: Because it's a three-person job and Robby didn't account for their new guy.

[0:41:26.8] SR: Who's a big guy.

[0:41:27.8] JC: Big guy.

[0:41:29.1] SR: Yeah. Big guy hits him in the back of the head with an oar, Robby goes down. So much for his master plan of getting ass-kicking on video, his own ass-kicking is what he's getting on video now.

[0:41:38.5] JC: Exactly. Out of nowhere, what happens?

[0:41:43.3] SR: This surprised me. I was not expecting this.

[0:41:44.9] JC: Not me neither.

[0:41:45.7] SR: I think I was just expecting them to leave Robby in a lump, maybe give him a few kicks to the ribs and then take off, which I think most criminals will probably do in that moment. Let's give him a couple of kicks. Let's grab our stuff. Let's get out of here. Daniel jumps down, starts kicking ass like we've never seen before, right? We have not seen Daniel kick ass like this in Cobra Kai so far.

[0:42:07.5] JC: No.

[0:42:08.1] SR: Am I mistaken?

[0:42:09.2] JC: He's only fought in the tournaments in the movies as well.

[0:42:12.8] SR: This is the first time we get to see Daniel kicking ass not on the street, but on the beach, also on the beach, first time he got his ass kicked by Johnny. There's something about the beach and the Karate Kid in Cobra Kai universe. Something about the beach.

[0:42:28.2] JC: It was very Mr. Miyagi-esque that bested all the Cobra Kais in Halloween night. He dropped down out of nowhere like Miyagi dropped over the fence. He had some great moves.

[0:42:38.9] SR: He did. Very impressive.

[0:42:40.1] JC: He took these three guys out without breaking a sweat. Robby didn't intervene. He's still recovering from his head wound, but he didn't even need his help. All I expected to see was Robby’s POV where it’s hazy –

[0:42:53.6] SR: Blurry. Yeah, yeah.

[0:42:54.3] JC: - blurry, because his head’s still throbbing. I was waiting for that shot, but it's a great moment.

[0:42:59.6] SR: Yeah, I was not expecting it. I guess, because I'm so used to seeing Daniel not fighting, avoiding the fight, trying to calm the situation, trying to do it the Miyagi way. Yeah, like Miyagi on Halloween night, or like Daniel here on the beach, there are these times you have to fight. There is no choice.

[0:43:16.6] JC: Exactly. These guys weren't rational. They were thieves. They'd already hurt Robby and they were going to try to hurt him more. Just thank goodness, Daniel was nearby.

[0:43:26.7] SR: I think if you hit someone in the back of the head with a very large stick, that's getting into the attempted-murder realm.

[0:43:32.6] JC: Yeah. Meanwhile, this is all on video.

[0:43:36.4] SR: Oh, yes. Here's the fight that Robby was looking forward to capture. It turned out differently. Not him, but we get to see Daniel on camera kicking ass.

[0:43:47.4] JC: Exactly. Now we see Johnny and Kreese having a heart-to-heart at the halfway house.

[0:43:55.5] SR: Well Kreese, again I'm still thinking about what's Kreese about.

[0:43:59.1] JC: I agree.

[0:43:59.9] SR: There they are sitting on the bed and then Kreese has to at least fess up, right? He does. He starts to tell about his downward spiral after he loses the dojo. Yeah.

[0:44:10.4] JC: It’s a nice moment between them. There's an old shot of Kreese wandering.

[0:44:15.2] SR: Kreese looked young. How could they do that?

[0:44:18.6] JC: My suspicion is that it's a clip from Karate Kid 3.

[0:44:21.2] SR: Okay, yeah. It does a little flashback, just wandering the street like not know what he's going to do, where he's going to go.

[0:44:27.1] JC: Yeah, he's down, he's depressed, he lost everything at that time. He'd been bested by Mr. Miyagi and life wasn't good. Johnny picks him up and even says, “Defeat does not exist in this dojo.”

[0:44:41.1] SR: Yeah. Johnny bringing up Kreese, lifting Kreese’s spirits and offering support. I got to hand it to Johnny. I really do.

[0:44:49.2] JC: Then Kreese gives Johnny the ultimate compliment by calling Johnny sensei.

[0:44:57.7] SR: Wow.

[0:44:58.7] JC: That was a great moment.

[0:45:00.3] SR: Yeah, yeah. I'm reeling from that.

[0:45:01.9] JC: If Johnny, it's just like, wow, it's very surreal. Here's the only father figure that I've ever had beyond his stepfather and he's calling him sensei. Yeah, it's probably pretty deep for Johnny.

[0:45:16.8] SR: Oh, yeah. They shake hands. As far as Johnny's concerned, they have an understanding. Again, Johnny may think they have an understanding.

[0:45:24.8] JC: Yeah. We can't trust Kreese entirely, but at least Johnny knows that they're equals now. That probably means a lot for him.

[0:45:31.8] SR: Well, officially more than equals.

[0:45:34.1] JC: True.

[0:45:34.6] SR: If Johnny is the sensei now.

[0:45:36.9] JC: Yeah. Johnny looks to him more as an equal now than a father figure. Whatever that means, I don't know. We will soon see Kreese’s true intentions. You and I are very reluctant to believe him entirely, but it's still a great moment.

[0:45:52.7] SR: I generally – it's just my nature to mistrust, especially somebody that's wrong to me once. It's the whole fool me once deal.

[0:46:00.1] JC: Yeah. Now we're at Miyagi-do dojo and we see Daniel doing a kata as Robby enters and explains the video to Daniel.

[0:46:08.5] SR: Oh, yeah. I'm thinking that Daniel was going to be like, “Yeah, post it.” I'm waiting for him to say, “Post it online.”

[0:46:14.2] JC: Yeah, this is how we get our fish.

[0:46:15.5] SR: Yeah, there we go. This is the bait.

[0:46:18.6] JC: But not to be.

[0:46:20.0] SR: No. No. I was disappointed here. I mean, I wanted the video to go online. I wanted it to go viral, but no. Daniel says no.

[0:46:27.4] JC: Daniel says it's not the way we're going to get new students. We're not going to play the Cobra Kai game.

[0:46:32.7] SR: That would be Cobra Kai style. Here where we kick ass –

[0:46:34.7] JC: Yeah. Although he was the one to make a video first, but it wasn't a video like that. He doesn't want people to come and seek him out to go kick ass.

[0:46:42.9] SR: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, teach me to do what you did in the video.

[0:46:44.7] JC: Yeah. “I saw the video. I'm here.” He wants to get people more organically. He wants the right people. As him and Robby walk outside, who enters frame?

[0:46:54.9] SR: This is where Demetri shows up. I was not expecting this at all. It makes sense. He hasn't had good experiences at Cobra Kai dojo. This is interesting, because it's one thing for Demetri to say, “Okay, fine. I'm not going to join Cobra Kai. To say I'm going to join Miyagi-do,” that makes a statement. Because how many karate schools are there and he chose Cobra Kai's main adversary.

[0:47:19.6] JC: In this world, there's two.

[0:47:21.9] SR: He wants to join Miyagi-do.

[0:47:23.9] JC: Yeah, it’s amazing.

[0:47:25.5] SR: All I can imagine is Hawk and Demetri going toe-to-toe one day. Of course, Hawk is more advanced than Demetri is.

[0:47:32.8] JC: At this point in time, yes.

[0:47:34.0] SR: At this point in time, that is the future, I think.

[0:47:37.5] JC: I'm thinking of Daniel going wow, there's a sign. Trust your instincts. Don't go the viral route, although he literally just said no to that five seconds ago. Then here comes your third student. Daniel is going to stick to his guns and they'll just slowly come in when they're supposed to be there.

[0:47:54.6] SR: Do Sam and Robby know Demetri?

[0:47:56.7] JC: Well, they go to school together. Well, at least Sam does.

[0:47:59.0] SR: Okay. Yes.

[0:47:59.8] JC: She’s seen him.

[0:48:00.9] SR: Oh, yeah. They were science partners.

[0:48:02.8] JC: Science partners and smelled her that one time.

[0:48:05.0] SR: Yes, yes. Okay. Sam knows who he is.

[0:48:06.0] JC: He was at the tournament. Yeah. I mean, he knows Moon, because he was hanging out with her.

[0:48:10.0] SR: Okay. Does Robby know who Demetri is?

[0:48:12.5] JC: From the tournament, maybe. Distant past him as we know. As you and I both know, Robby doesn't go to school much, so we don't even know what school he's supposed to go to. I'm assuming their school. Now it's summer time, so there's no school happening.

[0:48:26.9] SR: Okay. Yeah, that was out of left field. I was not expecting that. Demetri wants to join Miyagi-do.

[0:48:31.6] JC: Yeah. He's a character. He's funny. I like Demetri. He's going to bring some energy and some humor to Miyagi-do.

[0:48:38.7] SR: Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how he fights. I will be interested.

[0:48:41.3] JC: Back at the Cobra Kai dojo, Jonny is teaching a move when Hawk asked a question. Johnny says, “It's a good question,” and then he lets Kreese take over to answer Hawk’s question.

[0:48:56.5] SR: Well, it’s about how to properly perform this kick. Kreese says you turn your back like you're moving away, you drop the guard of your opponent and that's when you strike when they least suspect it.

[0:49:07.1] JC: Yeah. The secret to the move is to let your opponent think you're retreating.

[0:49:11.4] SR: Yeah. See, that's –

[0:49:12.4] JC: That's when you strike.

[0:49:13.9] SR: That's what I'm thinking again is that a foreshadow.

[0:49:16.7] JC: Well, like you said earlier, that is Kreese’s MO. That’s his way in life. Let your opponent think you're retreating and that's when you strike. Much like hey, Johnny's going to help Kreese off the mat and Kreese pulls him down. Like Tory did with Miguel. Yeah, it is the way.

[0:49:36.2] SR: Then the show ends with Kreese’s foot going right to the camera, fade out, end.

[0:49:41.8] JC: He still got nice moves.

[0:49:43.0] SR: Pretty interesting ending and again, wondering what's up Kreese’s sleeve. I'm mistrustful, but I'm willing to see how it all plays out.

[0:49:51.1] JC: Yeah, episode 4. Wow.

[0:49:55.1] SR: Wow, okay.

[0:49:55.8] JC: Good episode.

[0:49:56.7] SR: Pretty intense. I got to hand it to Cobra Kai for throwing these curveballs. I really do like that as an audience member. I like when I'm just hit with these curveballs where I'm just standing there going, “What? Really?”

[0:50:05.9] JC: They're so consistent. This team, the creators, it's amazing. Hopefully, I'll come back next week with another belt. No, I’m just – It’s not that fast. I'm just kidding.

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