Let's Talk - Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai - Season 6 - Announcement

January 20, 2023 Just Curious Media Episode 129
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - Season 6 - Announcement
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai +
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Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Episode 129: Cobra Kai - Season 6 - Announcement

Jason Connell shares the Netflix announcement that Cobra Kai was renewed for its 6th and final season.

Recorded: 01-20-23
Studio: Just Curious Media






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Jason Connell:

Whoa, just curious. Welcome to Just curious media. This is let's talk Cobra Kai. I'm Jason Connell. And I'm not joined by Sal. He's tied up west coast. I'm on the East Coast and some big news dropped. Today, as many of you most of you probably already know. It is indeed bittersweet. Because headlines read Cobra Kai renewed for sixth and final season on Netflix. Now, I knew this day was coming. And I'm not overly surprised. But then again, here, I am surprised. I thought it might go a couple more seasons five and six, maybe dip into seven. But this is it, they're putting the flag down. They're gonna go out on top, quote, unquote, on their own terms. I'm really excited to see what season six looks like is it going to be a bunch of episodes a break, and then more episodes, like a lot of shows do like Ozark and many others, you know, Game of Thrones and you break up this last season into two parts, you could do that you could make much longer episodes. But it's good to know the end is near because where we left off at this last season, which we're about to wrap up on our show. Let's talk Cobra Kai next week. Just last night, we did episode nine after our little unplanned hiatus, but where they wrap up and where they're going. It's probably a good thing still comes as a shock. So a trailer dropped today. And they wrote a note. So I wanted to do quickly jump in studio, do a little something on this episode. And then Sal and I will be talking about this, I'm sure and many, many episodes to come. So let's start with the trailer. No new footage in there that I saw. But just kind of reminiscing where we started where we have been recently, and where we're going hinting at obviously we have the big tournament coming to Sekai tai chi, and it's going to reveal a lot of things. Is Cobra Kai going to have global domination? Or will they be pushed to the wayside by Miyagi dough? We don't know. Now, next up on the docket is a letter and this is written by the showrunners, the creators of Cobra Kai. I'm going to read it I think it's really great. It's on all Valley karate championship letterhead under 18. So and it says all Valley tournament committee. Okay, I'm going to try to read this and not get choked up. Paradise at last we made it Lucile live Rousseau. Nice touch. I like that. When Daniel Russo arrived in the valley with his mother in 1984, little did he know that his life was about to be forever changed. The same went for three young kids from New Jersey, who hadn't yet met one another. Daniel's journey from Bully team to underdog hero became an indelible part of our childhoods, and something we would always carry with us in our hearts. reacquainting the world with the Karate Kid universe has been our humble honor. Making Cobra Kai has allowed us to join the same hollow Dojo once inhabited by the great Robert Mark caiman, John Appleton, Jerry Weintraub, and all the amazing original cast members. It has also enabled us to play Sensei, expanding the original storylines and birthing a new generation of underdogs. We've never once taken this opportunity for granted. Our day one goal with Cobra Kai has always been to end it on our terms leaving the valley and the time and place we've always imagined so it is with immense pride and thankfulness that we are able to announce that achievement. The upcoming sixth season will mark the conclusion of Cobra Kai. While this may be a bittersweet day for the fandom, the Miyagi verse has never been stronger. This fandom is the best on the planet and we hope to be telling more Karate Kid stories with you down the line because we all know Cobra Kai never dies. In the meantime, strap up for the biggest season of Cobra Kai yet and let today be a celebration of all that's come as well as all that still left to be told. We couldn't do it without you. We made it strike first. strike hard. No Mercy. Josh Heald, John Hurwitz Hayden Schlossberg. Thank you. Fantastic. I love it. I love of how they're doing this. They're a class act, they always have been. And I have no doubt that this last season will be triumphant. tie everything up in a nice bow. And it's something we're going to revisit for many, many years and decades to come. I mean, from a fan all of us and as we have speculated on our show many times and we will continue to do so. spin offs are coming. No doubt about it. They're going out now so they can refocus on other things. Some of this cast is going to start being in lots of things and the story is really winding down. But new stories emerging. A Miyagi dough spin off my gosh, the origins of Miyagi. In caught Miyagi are Miyagi dough. I kind of like Miyagi. We've joked about a Louie and a new storyline. I believe crease could easily have his own show. It could be a mockery, in some regards, but so many things can happen and probably will happen. And I'm very excited. But I wanted to come here, share this with you and show that we're back in the studio. This is legit. We're back and look for us to wrap up season five episode 10 Next week, thank you. Oh, whoops. No Mercy.

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