Let's Talk - Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai - S02E08 - Glory of Love

December 04, 2019 Just Curious Media Season 2 Episode 8
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E08 - Glory of Love
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E08 - Glory of Love
Dec 04, 2019 Season 2 Episode 8
Just Curious Media

Jason Connell and Sal Rodriguez break down Season 02 - Episode 08 (Glory of Love) of the Cobra Kai series and much more.

Synopsis: Daniel works to make amends with Amanda, while Johnny is introduced to the world of dating apps. Complications arise when Miguel, Samantha, Robby and Tory cross paths.

Recorded on 11-04-19

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Show Notes Transcript

Jason Connell and Sal Rodriguez break down Season 02 - Episode 08 (Glory of Love) of the Cobra Kai series and much more.

Synopsis: Daniel works to make amends with Amanda, while Johnny is introduced to the world of dating apps. Complications arise when Miguel, Samantha, Robby and Tory cross paths.

Recorded on 11-04-19

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Let's Talk - Cobra Kai - S02E08 - Glory of Love

[00:00:00] JC: Welcome to Just Curious Media. This is Let’s Talk - Cobra Kai. I’m Jason Connell.

[0:00:05.0] SR: And I’m Sal Rodriguez.

[0:00:06.4] JC: All right, Sal. Here we are. Season 2, episode 8. Glory of Love. 8.7 rating on IMDB. 

[0:00:15.4] SR: That's a great title for this episode.

[0:00:17.9] JC: It sure is.

[0:00:18.8] SR: Because everybody's hooking up.

[0:00:20.9] JC: It's very fitting. We open with Johnny leaving his apartment and he's going to Miguel's right across the hall and Carmen answers. He tells her he's there for her and we're into some dream sequence music video.

[0:00:35.4] SR: I could not believe what we're watching here.

[0:00:38.2] JC: It’s unbelievable.

[0:00:39.3] SR: Because I'm just wondering, if you're an actor on this show, you're used to your character, you're used to the storyline. All of a sudden out of left field –

[0:00:47.2] JC: Yeah, this is off-script. We've got Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again. This is a full-fledged 80s music video, what we grew up with.

[0:00:57.8] SR: If I'm not mistaken, every scene, every little make-out moment was probably a scene from a movie. I know I definitely recognized Carmen wearing the Flashdance gray sweatshirt, that iconic Jennifer Beals sweatshirt from Flashdance. When I saw that I started thinking, is every one of these little moments from an 80s movie?

[0:01:17.7] JC: Well, probably. I was so caught off guard with them. They're making out, they're doing karate, she's pouring Coors on herself and into his mouth. I mean, this is absolutely hilarious and amazing at the same time.

[0:01:31.7] SR: Yeah, I could only imagine when they handed the script of the actors, they're like, “Are you serious?” I've done acting roles where I had a wife or a girlfriend, but unfortunately never had a make-out scene.

[0:01:41.4] JC: Yeah, that was a pretty big make-out scene.

[0:01:43.0] SR: Johnny and Carmen make out big time.

[0:01:46.7] JC: No doubt. No mercy. This incredible sequence ends with Johnny waking up in his bed smiling.

[0:01:56.1] SR: Yeah. This is where we learned that he has a crush on Carmen. I don't think we really knew. We maybe wondered, but we didn't know Johnny has a crush on Carmen until right now.

[0:02:05.9] JC: Right. Right there under his nose the whole time, this beautiful woman who cares about him, they have a shared love for Miguel. Who knew?

[0:02:16.7] SR: Yeah. I mean, it really is perfect. I am curious if they were to get together, what Miguel would think of that?

[0:02:24.0] JC: Well, we'll find out I guess. In Los Angeles dating, it's a proximity game too.

[0:02:30.8] SR: That's true.

[0:02:31.6] JC: This couldn't be any better.

[0:02:33.7] SR: I know that I had a girlfriend that lived three miles away. I live in North Hollywood, she lives in Burbank. Three miles I was like “Ah, that's far.”

[0:02:40.5] JC: Well, that time that's perfect.

[0:02:41.6] SR: No, no, no. Then I said that's too far. Then after we broke up, then my next girlfriend lived next door.

[0:02:46.7] JC: There you go. That could also be the kiss of death, if things don't work out much like this situation.

[0:02:51.4] SR: It's true. In Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, all the surrounding areas, you may fall in love with somebody who lives in Long Beach.

[0:02:59.1] JC: It's too far.

[0:02:59.7] SR: Do you know how long it'll take you to drive to Long Beach on a Friday? Okay, one time –

[0:03:03.4] JC: Don't do it on a Friday. You can't do it.

[0:03:05.2] SR: I drove to Costa Mesa once from North Hollywood on a Friday. It took three hours to go to Costa Mesa, which was only 60 miles.

[0:03:13.3] JC: Build your life where traffic can't dictate what you're doing. I'm telling you, save yourself the trouble.

[0:03:20.4] SR: Keep your friends, close keep your lovers closer.

[0:03:23.0] JC: We're now at the LaRusso residence and Daniel is sleeping on the couch. Sal, this doesn't look good.

[0:03:28.8] SR: No. When a husband is sleeping on the couch, not good.

[0:03:31.7] JC: Husband, boyfriend, what have you.

[0:03:33.6] SR: It is interesting though if you think about it. This is totally sexist. It's always the husband that sleeps on the couch. When does the wife ever sleep on the couch? Never happens.

[0:03:42.0] JC: I don't think that's in play ever. Then we also meet, or see Daniel's mother. She's back in town visiting, I'm assuming. She's staying in the guest room.

[0:03:51.0] SR: I love seeing Daniel’s mother. It's such a throwback to Karate Kid. Just to see her on the screen is such a treat.

[0:03:56.1] JC: Absolutely.

[0:03:56.7] SR: She's such a fantastic actress.

[0:03:58.0] JC: She's great and she's owned this role since the first film. Her and Daniel have a wonderful connection. She knows right away that Dan is in the doghouse and gives him some encouraging words. He tries to pretend like he's sick.

[0:04:09.7] SR: Oh, yeah. He tries to act like he has a fever. Then she puts her hand on his forehead. Of course, mother's intuition and she realizes no, you don't have a fever.

[0:04:17.0] JC: No. Give her time. She'll come around. Now we cut to Miyagi-Do dojo and Sam and Robby are making out and not leading warm-ups like they're supposed to be.

[0:04:27.2] SR: Yeah, this is not good, because I don't want Miyagi-Do dojo to suffer, because our two leads here are getting busy. Yeah, they're not leading the warm-ups like they're supposed to be.

[0:04:38.0] JC: I mean, you hear something going on in the background, but they're not leading it. They do say to each other that they need to tell her parents, Daniel and Amanda about things. That's nice. That's good of them to recognize the fact that this cannot remain a secret, due to the fact that he lives there.

[0:04:54.8] SR: What are they going to officially tell them? Are they officially a couple right now? I don't think they've officially declared that they’re a couple.

[0:05:01.4] JC: Well, they're acting like a couple. I don't know. Maybe they could tell them they have feelings for one another. Then it's like, okay, great. Maybe we need to transition Robby out of the house to the dojo, like I keep saying.

[0:05:11.6] SR: Yeah, that makes sense.

[0:05:13.3] JC: Or he rekindles a bond with his father. I mean, there's so many ways this could go. Has his mom come home from Cabo adjacent would work.

[0:05:21.4] SR: Yeah, where is his mother?

[0:05:23.2] JC: Gone. MIA. I have no idea.

[0:05:27.4] SR: It's a slippery slope, because you want to be honest with your parents and say, “Hey, Robby and I are – We have feelings for each other. We're dating.” Then that could change the whole scenario.

[0:05:36.7] JC: It can change everything.

[0:05:37.5] SR: Otherwise, you have your high school daughter's boyfriend living with you. How's that going to look at the Country Club?

[0:05:43.9] JC: Yeah, not good. Then we hear Demetri and he's found something. Sal, what is it?

[0:05:49.0] SR: We hear Demetri go, “Hey, look at this.” This is when Robby and Samantha then go outside and we see that Demetri has found the Medal of Honor. We know he didn't just find it. It was placed there by Robby for someone to find. Then Demetri is like, “Hey, look. I found it.” Then Samantha was like, “Oh, it must have been here all along.” Robby's like, “Yeah, it must have been there.”

[0:06:08.5] JC: We looked everywhere for that thing. It was just right here by these rocks.

[0:06:11.3] SR: Yeah. We know what Robby did. No one else does.

[0:06:13.7] JC: No credit to Miguel.

[0:06:15.8] SR: I do believe that Robby is a little bit between a rock and a hard place, because if he does say, “Oh, Miguel brought this back,” that could incriminate Miguel.

[0:06:25.4] JC: I don't think I was his intent.

[0:06:27.0] SR: What is his intent?

[0:06:28.7] JC: Not giving credit to Miguel on the off chance that Sam wants to rekindle things with Miguel.

[0:06:34.0] SR: Okay. You think that he didn't want to give any props to Miguel. It's not that he didn't want Miguel to be incriminated.

[0:06:39.4] JC: Absolutely not.

[0:06:40.9] SR: Okay. All right.

[0:06:41.7] JC: I'm thinking it's old Robby peeking out and showing his head. The Robby that we don't really know if we trust him yet, we do trust Robby now. Of course, we know he's a good guy. He's making smart choices, but this was a sign of his past.

[0:06:56.1] SR: Okay. He’s –

[0:06:57.6] JC: To me.

[0:06:59.1] SR: Okay. Again, it's open for interpretation. I was wondering why he didn't say anything.

[0:07:03.5] JC: He doesn't want to lose Sam. Things are just now beginning to move and there's feelings, and so he's nervous. Robby doesn't have a lot going for him either, so this is the best thing that's ever happened, so he wants to hang on to it.

[0:07:17.0] SR: Yeah. I don’t blame him.

[0:07:18.3] JC: No. I don't blame him, but –

[0:07:20.5] SR: I mean, I don't blame him for trying to hang on to what he has.

[0:07:23.0] JC: That could have been handled better.

[0:07:24.2] SR: Yeah, it's true.

[0:07:25.4] JC: Johnny's now leaving his apartment, just like in his dream, headed to see Carmen, but what happens?

[0:07:32.6] SR: He goes over to knock on Carmen's door, Miguel's mother, and here comes Carmen arriving with a date.

[0:07:39.5] JC: Graham.

[0:07:40.5] SR: Graham. Now by the way, do I have to say whenever somebody holds coffees, I always look to see if they are empty.

[0:07:47.5] JC: Totally true. I do the same thing.

[0:07:49.5] SR: There was a little moment where Carmen holds it a certain way, where I think it was a tell that it's empty.

[0:07:54.7] JC: Put water in there.

[0:07:55.7] SR: Put something in there, prop department. Anyway, she arrives with Graham –

[0:07:59.7] JC: Who's a Brit.

[0:08:00.6] SR: Her date.

[0:08:01.2] JC: They have coffee and they even give a quick kiss.

[0:08:04.8] SR: Yes, we do see them kissing. Carmen introduces Graham to Johnny. Then Johnny gives him a real firm handshake.

[0:08:11.8] JC: Of course.

[0:08:12.8] SR: Then Graham says something like, “Oh, I'm going to see the doctor now for an X-ray.” Then Carmen says, “Isn't he funny?”

[0:08:18.8] JC: Yeah, great.

[0:08:19.6] SR: Oh, yeah. He's so funny. They walk on and then you do hear Carmen say to Graham, “He teaches my son karate.” We hear her tell him that.

[0:08:29.4] JC: Yeah, support Johnny. His plan was foiled right there. He literally was not going to see Miguel, he was going to ask Carmen out.

[0:08:37.9] SR: He was going to go all in.

[0:08:39.3] JC: That was it. His dream, he woke up inspired and he went to go get a date and shot down. What are the odds, but there you have it. Now we're at LaRusso Auto and Daniel has got Sugar Fish, which is a famous sushi place in the San Fernando Valley, as well as spots across Los Angeles and matcha green-tea from Earth Café. Also, Earth Cafes are sprinkled all over. He gets all this to impress upon Amanda that he's making an effort.

[0:09:08.4] SR: Yeah. He says, “Someone must have trekked over the hill,” meaning him.

[0:09:13.0] JC: Yeah. Over the hill, leaving the valley to go get this good stuff, but what does she say?

[0:09:17.9] SR: See, a lot of people if you don't know the layout, to leave the San Fernando Valley, to go over the hill into Hollywood, or West LA, or Beverly Hills, or over on the west side in Santa Monica, when you leave the Valley to go do something is serious.

[0:09:34.2] JC: Depending on the time of day. It can take you 30 minutes to two and a half hours.

[0:09:39.7] SR: Yeah. If you go over the hill to grab food and drink, to bring it back, that's pretty huge.

[0:09:44.5] JC: You live to tell the tale, then it's amazing.

[0:09:48.6] SR: Yeah. He says, “Someone must have trekked over the hill.” Meaning himself, giving himself a pat on the back, but she says she's got a meeting in Woodland Hills and can't join him and she does mumble, “It was on our joint calendar.”

[0:10:02.3] JC: Hello.

[0:10:03.0] SR: In other words, why didn't you see it, moron.

[0:10:05.8] JC: Is that passive-aggressive?

[0:10:07.0] SR: A little bit. It’s a little bit passive-aggressive. Yeah, I caught that when she said that, because you know why? That's something I would say. Then Amanda says – she thanks him anyway and she says to customers, “Free sushi if you're hungry.”

[0:10:20.1] JC: Yeah, because there's a lot of sushi.

[0:10:21.8] SR: There was a lot. Wait, that was for five, six people.

[0:10:25.2] JC: She's like, give it to some customers. She did thank him for the effort, but this is not going to do it and she really does have a meeting.

[0:10:33.1] SR: Yeah. In other words, the subtext is, “Hey, Daniel.”

[0:10:36.7] JC: Wake up.

[0:10:38.0] SR: I'm running LaRusso Auto right now. I have to go to an important meeting in Woodland Hills. Nice try. Yeah, feeling sorry for Daniel here. Amanda is a businesswoman. She is about business, she is about priorities and Daniel has been dropping the ball lately.

[0:10:56.4] JC: Well, he's been running Miyagi-Do dojo.

[0:10:58.4] SR: Well, dropping the LaRusso Auto ball is what he's been doing. He lost Anoush. Anoush is gone.

[0:11:05.0] JC: They had to lose Louie for obvious reasons.

[0:11:07.5] SR: Now what they got to do though for sure is that when you lost Louie and you lost Anoush, you got to replace them. Who replaces Louie and Anoush? We'll see, I guess.

[0:11:16.2] JC: I don't know. Now we're at Cobra Kai dojo and Miguel and Tory are planning a date night. We find out that she works at the skating rink and Friday night is 80s night.

[0:11:27.9] SR: I wonder if this is the only skating rink I know of in the San Fernando Valley, Northridge Skateland. I'm wondering if this is indeed Northridge Skateland. There's also another – well, when I say San Fernando Valley, you have to include Glendale. 

There is I believe a skating rink in Glendale, but I'd be hard-pressed to believe that anybody that hangs around Northridge and Encino who's going to go roller-skating is going to go anywhere but Northridge Skateland, which I think is still there. I think it's on Parthenia.

[0:11:53.2] JC: Well, I hate to break it to you.

[0:11:54.8] SR: What?

[0:11:57.0] JC: This is Cascade Skating Rink in Atlanta. This is one of the rare times that they've actually named something that's actually in Atlanta.

[0:12:06.7] SR: Okay, so that's an actual place.

[0:12:07.7] JC: Actual. I looked it up. It's a place. They didn't even try to pretend it was here. It was a cool exterior and it said Cascade, so I noticed that. Made a note of it.

[0:12:17.4] SR: Okay. If they were to film this in the San Fernando Valley and they wanted to stay true to the legacy of the San Fernando Valley, this would have been shot at the Northridge Skateland.

[0:12:25.2] JC: Had skating been in the Karate Kid films, they probably would have honored that, golf and stuff. Since it wasn't and this place was –

[0:12:33.0] SR: It’s a new thing.

[0:12:33.7] JC: - look cool, is a new thing.

[0:12:35.1] SR: Okay. I’ll let them off the hook.

[0:12:36.9] JC: Okay. Tory tells Miguel, “You can come. We can hang out on my break, but you got to wear a costume.” Miguel calls dibs on Anthony Michael Hall’s outfit in Weird Science. Now Sal, I am a huge Weird Science fan. It's one of my favorite John Hughes films ever. Back in the day, I can recite the entire film.

[0:13:00.1] SR: Really? Line-by-line?

[0:13:01.5] JC: I really could. As well as 16 Candles in Breakfast Club, that's a whole other story.

[0:13:05.7] SR: You used to know the whole script by heart?

[0:13:07.6] JC: Oh, I could just go beat-by-beat to that movie. It's impressive. It's also ridiculous. For him to want to claim Anthony Michael Hall, who is incredible in that movie, in all of those early John Hughes films, he doesn't really have a distinct costume. He's a nerd. I find it to be hilarious that he's claiming his costume, because nobody would recognize him.

[0:13:30.8] SR: Okay. You would officially call our gang, our Cobra Kai gang, our Miyagi-Do gang, we would call them generation Z?

[0:13:39.0] SR: Correct. They're talking about stuff from our generation.

[0:13:42.9] SR: Yeah. I give them props for that. These Generation Z are talking about things from the 80s that I barely even remember as a gen Xer.

[0:13:51.6] JC: Oh, I remember, obviously as I just said, but this ties into the original film and the showrunners and creators RRH. All of that stayed in that universe, which of course excites the heck out of me.

[0:14:07.9] SR: Well, we have to remember also that Robby's middle name is Swayze.

[0:14:12.0] JC: Oh, yeah.

[0:14:12.6] SR: Remember?

[0:14:13.1] JC: Of course.

[0:14:14.8] SR: There's more 80s homage besides the Karate Kid itself, but the 80s lingers in the air.

[0:14:21.4] JC: I mean, there was reference it. Miguel is all about it. Remember that time that Miguel went through a deep rabbit hole and discovered all this music from the 80s that Johnny told him about? I love that they've taken to it. They're a few generations removed, but they have nothing but respect for it, which just warms my heart.

[0:14:40.3] SR: It does warm my heart too.

[0:14:42.2] JC: Why is that? It makes us feel more relevant, or we're connected to what they're thinking. I don't know. Guess what? It works. Hawk arrives and Miguel jumps up and goes over to him, because they've not seen each other since the Coyote Creek incident.

[0:14:59.6] SR: Since they fought each other.

[0:15:01.4] JC: What does Hawk tell him?

[0:15:02.4] SR: Miguel says, “Hey, regarding what happened at Coyote Creek, are we good?” Hawk says – and this was surprising to me. I thought there was going to be beef still. Hawk says, “We were enemies for a day, but Cobra Kai for life.”

[0:15:15.5] JC: Well said.

[0:15:16.5] SR: For life.

[0:15:17.8] JC: It’s like a Cobra Kai bumper sticker.

[0:15:19.5] SR: I like that. Yeah, we’re good.

[0:15:21.2] JC: Now we’re back in the office and Johnny takes down the photo of Kreese, the soldier of fortune photo. He goes back and leads the class.

[0:15:31.1] SR: Why am I feeling sorry for Kreese right now? Should I have any sympathy for Kreese? Yet when he takes his photo down, I feel bad.

[0:15:39.0] JC: Kreese is great at making you feel how he wants you to feel.

[0:15:42.9] SR: He is. He's a master manipulator. Kreese is such a good manipulator, that he has manipulated the viewer.

[0:15:50.1] JC: He tells everyone that Sensei Kreese will no longer be joining them.

[0:15:53.5] SR: Well, because that first they’re like, “Hey, where's Kreese? Should we wait for him?”

[0:15:57.3] JC: Yeah, Stingray.

[0:15:58.2] SR: Stingray is like, “Should we wait for Sensei Emeritus?”

[0:16:02.1] JC: Johnny shares the fact the Kreese did create Cobra Kai, but that his style was outdated and he didn't have everyone's best interest at heart.

[0:16:12.9] SR: Yeah, pretty powerful, because then he refers to the official Cobra Kai slogan on the wall.

[0:16:18.5] JC: Yeah, the motto, the creed.

[0:16:20.2] SR: This is a real turning point, I think for a Cobra Kai. Because their official motto since forever; strike first, strike hard, no mercy. Now Johnny starting to distance Cobra Kai from their original slogan.

[0:16:36.3] JC: It'll make you an a-hole. At some times, you have to know when to use mercy.

[0:16:43.2] SR: Yeah. I mean, how do you go from no mercy to sometimes you have to show mercy? What? That's not the Cobra Kai slogan.

[0:16:51.5] JC: This isn’t overnight. Johnny's been talking like this, thinking like this since the tournament. He saw and was affected by how Robby was treated in that tournament and just didn't like it. Bad optics.

[0:17:06.7] SR: Yeah. I mean, I'm happy to see Johnny's evolution, but also Cobra Kai is now shifting and changing. Is it even going to be Cobra Kai anymore?

[0:17:17.5] JC: “Well, I can still kick ass,” as Johnny will say, but it doesn't have to be merciless. I think Johnny was affected by how all the Cobra Kai students were taking cheap shots of Daniel along the way. I think it affected him then.

[0:17:31.2] SR: Well, if you remember back to the first Karate Kid motion picture, when Kreese first says to Johnny, “Sweep the leg,” and Johnny's like, “Huh?” Johnny was surprised to hear that, right? That's when Kreese said, “Do you have a problem with that?” He challenges his student who questioned him for a second. Yeah. Okay, fine. Johnny has been second-guessing Cobra Kai since ’84.

[0:17:53.7] JC: That's what I'm talking about. This isn't a new thing. It's just finally now, let's make a decision and train these students a different way. Because he's starting to see what happens if he doesn't.

[0:18:04.1] SR: All right, I'll go for that. I'm onboard.

[0:18:06.2] JC: I'm onboard with this. This all leads to today's lesson, which is headbutting.

[0:18:12.0] SR: That was a funny segue. Yeah.

[0:18:13.8] JC: Hilarious. Cobra Kai is not backing down from being tough and drawing blood and doing things the hard way. The thing of it is when it comes to fighting, headbutting is a tool. The early Ultimate Fighting Championship, the UFC used to allow headbutting.

[0:18:28.4] JC: Really?

[0:18:29.1] SR: Oh, yeah. There was no official rules. You could do pretty much anything and that's why they couldn't get into certain states. If you follow the history of the UFC, they would go to a state and they would say, “Hey, can we have our event here?” The State Athletic Commission would be like, “Well, what do you guys do?” “Oh, we do this and we do that and we headbutt and we punch in the groin.” It was no-holds-barred. Every state was like, “Uh, no.” They would literally run the UFC out of their state.

[0:18:54.7] JC: Oh, my gosh.

[0:18:55.2] SR: That's why the first UFC was in Colorado. I guess, Colorado as we've learned over the years is a little bit lax on what they allow.

[0:19:02.7] JC: On their headbutting.

[0:19:03.8] SR: On their head, so they would allow stuff like that. It took them years to get into New York. The fact that UFC is at Madison Square Garden and at big places in New York is huge, because for years New York was one of the last places to allow mixed martial arts.

[0:19:18.8] JC: I didn’t know that.

[0:19:19.9] SR: If you follow the early UFC ’93, headbutting allowed. Today, it's a whole different world. Headbutting is not allowed. On the streets, hey, you got to use any tool at your disposal.

[0:19:30.9] JC: Well, speaking of no-holds-barred, there was a classic 1989 wrestling movie with Hulk Hogan, do you remember?

[0:19:37.0] SR: Yes. I forgot about that. Totally 80s. I like the Hawk headbutts a student and Stingray sees that. He's like, “Do me next. Do me next.” He allows Hawk to headbutt him. He's like, “Yeah. Yeah.”

[0:19:53.1] JC: They’re so crazy.

[0:19:53.9] SR: Johnny goes back to his office, Miguel checks in and says, “Hey, how are you doing?” Johnny's like, “Don’t worry about me. Don't worry about me.” He says, “Don't get distracted with Tory.” Miguel is like, “Oh, you know about that?” Johnny's like, “I'm not blind. Play hide the plantain on your own time.”

[0:20:11.3] JC: Such a good line.

[0:20:11.9] SR: That’s a hilarious line. Hide the plantain.

[0:20:14.7] JC: Meanwhile, he learned what plantains were at Miguel's house for dinner.

[0:20:18.8] SR: Yeah. Okay, so now he's using in his humor. Hilarious. Johnny's got some fantastic comedy.

[0:20:24.3] JC: Miguel says to Johnny, he could set him up on a dating app like he did his mother and it's been working for her. Obviously, she met Graham on the dating app.

[0:20:35.4] SR: Right around 2000, 2001 after Y2K for you Gen Xers, you had this whole onslaught of Internet dating. I tried Internet dating. I tried it in the dawn of Internet dating and it was not good for me. I am from the Johnny Lawrence school of dating, face-to-face approach. Internet dating is a whole different animal. I as a person who had good luck dating prior to the Internet then went on to the Internet, no good luck. The Internet was not a good place for me for dating.

[0:21:06.7] JC: Okay. Now we're back at LaRusso Auto and Daniel has the students waxing the inventory.

[0:21:12.7] SR: Right in the showroom. The kids are doing wax on, wax off. Then Amanda, I think her line is so hilarious. Amanda walks in and says she appreciates the gesture, but then she mentions child labor. I thought that was hilarious.

[0:21:25.9] JC: She thinks Daniels doing this as part of the dojo.

[0:21:28.6] SR: Wasn't it?

[0:21:29.0] JC: He says he's really there on behalf of LaRusso Auto.

[0:21:32.3] SR: Okay. This is not a Miyagi-Do exercise, but a LaRusso Auto work detail.

[0:21:38.6] JC: Exactly. Actually, both sides went in this instance. He's there to help and she's still not impressed with his gesture. Strike two.

[0:21:48.7] SR: Yeah. He hasn't brought her back yet.

[0:21:51.7] JC: No.

[0:21:53.1] SR: She is having problems in their relationship.

[0:21:55.4] JC: It's going to take more than Sugar Fish and green teas and a bunch of students, or children waxing the inventory.

[0:22:04.6] SR: Yeah. They've lost now two employees so far on the show.

[0:22:07.5] JC: Well, one of them was his own fault. I mean, Louie had some crazy ideas.

[0:22:11.7] SR: You know what? Louie was a loose cannon, but he was family and I'm going to assume he was a good salesman? I mean, would we assume that maybe?

[0:22:21.7] JC: Yeah.

[0:22:22.3] SR: Maybe. Okay, so so far on the show though, LaRusso auto has lost two employees.

[0:22:27.4] JC: Yeah, two salesman.

[0:22:29.0] SR: Two salesman. So far, we have not seen them replaced.

[0:22:32.1] JC: They have a lot of dealerships and I think they have a pretty healthy sales team and they're probably not hurting just yet.

[0:22:39.7] SR: Okay. All right.

[0:22:40.6] JC: It's not a good start. We don’t want to see them drop the ball anymore and lose any more of their talent. Now we're back at Johnny's apartment and Miguel is setting up Johnny's dating profile.

[0:22:52.3] SR: This is a hilarious scene, because you see how Johnny is so far removed from our era.

[0:22:58.0] JC: So far removed.

[0:22:58.9] SR: Our present era. Johnny is allowing Miguel to set him up with a dating app. Hilarious.

[0:23:03.5] JC: He asked Johnny what his likes are and they are muscle cars, martial arts, Iron Eagle and Iron Eagle 2.

[0:23:11.6] SR: Have you seen both Iron Eagles?

[0:23:13.0] JC: Of course. I think that's hilarious. Johnny's like, “Man, I'm used to finding chicks at a bar bumping into her, not too hard, but hard and buy her a beer.” Sal, have you ever used that approach?

[0:23:26.0] SR: Not that exact approach, but I have approached women in public, in person, because my school of thought always was and this is before the Internet came along and ruined dating.

[0:23:36.1] JC: For you.

[0:23:36.6] SR: Okay. You go up to a woman anywhere, wherever they are, the carwash, the laundromat, the grocery store, or the doctor's office, wherever you are. A woman may give you 20, 30 seconds to impress her, to make her laugh, to get her interested in you. You got 20, 30 seconds to turn her from not interested to interested. 

The Internet, you're just a profile, you’re just a photo, your stats and they go, “Eh, eh, eh.” Right along the time Internet dating came along and I said, “Oh. Well hell, I give my friends advice on dating.” The Internet, I got this. The Internet dating is a whole different world. No. Ever since the dawn of Internet dating, I've never had good luck on Internet dating.

[0:24:19.5] JC: Sal, Johnny sounds like you, a little reluctant on this Internet dating. However, when Miguel gets up to go look at his wardrobe to give Johnny advice, Johnny looks at the app and he starts to get into it.

[0:24:32.5] SR: Well, because he sees a hot babe.

[0:24:34.5] JC: Totally.

[0:24:35.2] SR: Then he starts swiping. This is why I thought of Tinder, because I've heard of Tinder. You see somebody's face, swipe left for no, swipe right for yes.

[0:24:43.0] JC: Yeah, but that's most apps now.

[0:24:44.6] SR: That's how they all work?

[0:24:45.4] JC: Yeah.

[0:24:45.7] SR: Okay. Fine. One thing I did want to create a parallel was when I saw Johnny looking at there and then Miguel tells him to swipe right or swipe left, right? Very much like left-a circle, right-a circle. Swipe left, swipe right.

[0:25:00.4] JC: Yeah, very good point. In fact, if there was a site that did the opposite, it could really be problematic. People were programmed to do one, so they've all bought into that theory as well, if they offer swiping. Now we're at LaRusso residence and Sam and Robby are kissing yet again, when Daniel's mother comes home and breaks things up. Although she doesn't see it.

[0:25:23.4] SR: No. That's what teenagers do. Teenagers make out, because –

[0:25:27.9] JC: That actually live together, but they make out.

[0:25:31.2] SR: In fact, if you think about it, it's interesting that neither Daniel nor Amanda had any concerns about this young man staying with them and they have a young daughter of the same age. They never voiced any concern about this.

[0:25:44.8] JC: That's a good point.

[0:25:46.0] SR: I'd be like, “Uh, you're staying at Miyagi's house in Reseda. You're not going to be staying here with us.”

[0:25:52.3] JC: Exactly. Then Robby mentions the two of them should go out on a date or do something outside of the house.

[0:25:58.6] SR: Yeah. Otherwise, they’re just sneaking around. The mom shows up, asks for your help with the groceries, moving groceries in from the car. You don't have any private space really.

[0:26:06.0] JC: Exactly. Now we're at some random restaurants and Johnny goes on a series of dates and he's out of touch.

[0:26:14.6] SR: I'm just wondering if maybe one of these restaurants was Applebee's.

[0:26:17.4] JC: They look like it.

[0:26:18.5] SR: I wanted one of them to be Applebee's. One thing I do give Johnny credit for, if you notice all these women were all races.

[0:26:24.6] JC: They were.

[0:26:25.1] SR: Johnny is completely open to all races, so credit to Johnny.

[0:26:28.2] JC: White woman, Asian woman, black woman, you're right. He's on a date with a woman who's going on about her SmartWatch and Johnny's like, “Oh, you can check your e-mail on that? I just use my Ericson.”

[0:26:38.2] SR: Yeah, it's a Sony Ericsson.

[0:26:39.4] JC: Good job there.

[0:26:40.4] SR: That's the lowest level smartphone, is that what it is?

[0:26:42.2] JC: Yeah. She’s not impressed. Then he shares how he body-slammed a kid and elbowed his teeth for texting in class. Then this one really killed me, he offered to teach a woman how to drive stick, if you know what I mean.

[0:26:55.7] SR: Well, the woman he says that to especially is going on and on about systemic racism and the patriarchy. I love how Johnny says, “Oh, I hate the patriots too.”

[0:27:04.9] JC: I hate the patriots. He is just so out of touch. Then Sal, what happens?

[0:27:12.4] SR: I didn't know who this woman was at first, because at first I'm just thinking, “Oh, this woman's pretty sexy.”

[0:27:15.9] JC: I recognized her.

[0:27:16.6] SR: You did? I didn’t know right away. Then she's like, “Do I know you?” He's like, “I don't think so.” She's like, “You're the guy who installed my –” It was the woman from the first episode.

[0:27:26.4] JC: Season one, episode one.

[0:27:28.2] SR: Yeah, where she says, “You installed that on the wrong side of the room.” Johnny's like, “You didn't tell me which side of the room.”

[0:27:34.6] JC: “Then you called me a bitch.”

[0:27:36.3] SR: Yeah. He goes, “No, no. I said you were bitching at me and I lost my job because of it.” Now here's what I wanted at this moment as a fan, as a viewer. I have to distinguish the two, because it's one thing to watch the show was a fan, it's one thing to watch as a viewer. Either way, I wanted them to have a one-night stand. That's what I was looking forward to.

[0:27:52.8] JC: Oh, that would be interesting.

[0:27:53.6] SR: Yeah. I figured that they would both release some pent-up aggressions.

[0:27:57.0] JC: But she was out.

[0:27:58.3] SR: She was like, “I'm done with these apps,” and she takes a hike. I was like, “Okay, well so much for that one-night stand.”

[0:28:02.3] JC: Well, she knows this guy's an ex-handyman and she didn't get along him at all.

[0:28:06.1] SR: That's why, if you know TV and movies when there's that anger, that's going to lead to sex.

[0:28:11.0] JC: She had to go hire someone else and she probably moved her flat screen to a different wall, so she's just way over him and she was too tightly wound.

[0:28:18.2] SR: Yeah, okay. My little hope for Johnny to get this hot one-night stand doesn't happen.

[0:28:23.6] JC: Now we're back at LaRusso residence and Daniel looks at old photos as his mother enters.

[0:28:29.1] SR: Every time I see Daniel’s mother, I am big-time excited and brought back to 1984. It’s 1984 all over again.

[0:28:36.3] JC: Yeah. It's a very touching scene, the fact that they talk about Coney Island and this great trip that they had gone on with his father.

[0:28:43.2] SR: When she mentions the Wonder Wheel, which I believe is the Ferris Wheel, did you not hear the same music from The Warriors?

[0:28:51.5] JC: I could have been.

[0:28:52.4] SR: There's that moment, I think it's in the beginning of The Warriors when it shows the Wonder Wheel on Coney Island and you hear that suspenseful, spooky music. There was a little hint of that.

[0:29:05.1] JC: Could have been. Yes. You could be right.

[0:29:06.3] SR: I'm thinking, is this the same composer, or not the same composer, but influenced by and maybe took an homage to The Warriors? Totally 80s.

[0:29:16.0] JC: You know what's weird? Today when I was walking my dog at lunch, I listened to another podcast and it was a Walter Hill interview that spoke about warriors. That's very weird.

[0:29:27.1] SR: Yeah. Daniel's mother tells the story of when she was in-line to get on the Wonder Wheel, which was the Ferris Wheel at Coney Island, and Daniel's father puts his head on her shoulder, she tells a very touching monologue about her interaction with Daniel's father. Very touching scene. 

We learn as the audience, Daniel learns more about his father, about the relationship, because that's one thing I always wanted from the Karate Kid and subsequently Cobra Kai is I wanted to know more about Daniel's biological father. He's had a relationship with Miyagi, present-day he has a relationship with Robby, who is Daniel's father? We're getting these little nuggets of who his father was and the relationship with Daniel and his father, Daniel's mother and Daniel's father.

[0:30:13.9] JC: It sounds like a very happy family. A lot of love. It wasn't a father that just was a deadbeat dad. He passed away early. Changed their life. I thought it had a huge reason to do with her taking this job at a computer company.

[0:30:27.8] SR: Yeah, we don't know what was the gap between the death of Daniel's father and their move to California in the original Karate Kid? We don't know that.

[0:30:37.1] JC: Was she working?

[0:30:37.2] SR: We’re figuring it out.

[0:30:38.9] JC: We don't know any of that and I hope to learn more as Cobra Kai continues. Yeah, keeps me vested.

[0:30:44.5] SR: In TV and movies, or books, or actually just in real life, the more you learn about someone's past, the more you understand them present day. The more you understand how they tick and how they operate. We're learning all these little treats about Daniel's relationship with his father and the mother's relationship with the father. Fantastic.

[0:31:03.0] JC: Now Johnny is alone at the bar and he's sending Ali from Karate Kid, Elisabeth Shue. He's sending her a Facebook message.

[0:31:14.1] SR: Yeah. While he's doing this, I'm like the sober friend, “What are you doing dude? Don't do this.”

[0:31:21.2] JC: Sal, I got a safe a guy like Johnny who's very new to technology, he's a pretty fast typer.

[0:31:27.9] SR: He is. He's a double thumb texter.

[0:31:30.5] JC: He's banging it out.

[0:31:31.3] SR: I'm an index, solo index finger texter.

[0:31:34.1] JC: Oh, I'm a double thumb.

[0:31:34.6] SR: Really? You do double thumbs?

[0:31:35.7] JC: Oh, so fast. Johnny’s fast.

[0:31:38.8] SR: He is. He’s way fast. He’s about to send a message to Ali and I’m thinking, “Dude, what are you doing?”

[0:31:43.9] JC: He’s a fast typer, but I will say his dialogue could be improved.

[0:31:48.7] SR: Because what does he say? He’s sending her a Facebook message and he says, “I’m on this Facebook app.”

[0:31:53.3] JC: “I just signed up on the Facebook. It’s an app on my smartphone,” says the five-year-old. Hilarious. He’s not going to send. He has second thoughts, like it looks too desperate. This woman takes a page out of his own playbook and bumps into him at the bar, causing him to send the message.

[0:32:17.3] SR: Yeah. This has happened. A similar thing happened to me once. I was sending maybe not a dissimilar message to somebody that I shouldn't have been doing and I was hesitating like, “Nah, you shouldn't send this.” My cat, my cat my cat bumped me and pressed send. I swear to God, this totally happened. I was like, “Oh, no! No, no, no.” This is what happened to Johnny. This woman, yeah, she bumps his arm, he sends the message and I'm thinking, “Well, what's going to happen now with Ali? We don't know what's going to happen yet.”

[0:32:45.7] JC: Her bump was malicious.

[0:32:47.7] SR: It was intentional.

[0:32:48.6] JC: It was very intentional. She's bumping into him to buy him a drink to have a chat. While that happens, now we're at the Cascade Skating Rink.

[0:32:58.5] SR: Not Northridge Skateland.

[0:33:00.3] JC: I hate to break it to you. Samantha and Robby enter.

[0:33:03.8] SR: I got to say though and I really mean this with all sincerity, I thought Sam looked beautiful with that hairstyle. I could not believe how gorgeous she looked.

[0:33:14.0] JC: She is wearing the straight-up Molly Ringwald pretty and pink dress. She looks great.

[0:33:21.3] SR: That's the Molly Ringwald Pretty in Pink hairstyle?

[0:33:23.7] JC: Absolutely, for the big dance at the end.

[0:33:25.6] SR: Oh, my God. She looks so beautiful, like a 1940's starlet as far as I'm concerned.

[0:33:29.5] JC: Robby's dressed as James Spader? Now listen Sal, I know my James Spader movies and I know my 80s Spader movies. Spader is also in Pretty In Pink. He played a bit part. He was a super-rich kid. I remember this outfit.

[0:33:45.6] SR: No, I'm just thinking that Robby's in a generic 80s outfit, right?

[0:33:49.7] JC: To me, it's a Miami Vice outfit. I guess, it's the white suit.

[0:33:54.3] SR: Sure. I wonder if he had any socks on.

[0:33:56.3] JC: Yeah, that would have been a giveaway. I have to go back and watch Pretty In Pink again, movie. I'm very fond of another John Hughes film, although he didn't direct it. It was directed by Howard Deutsch and I love it. Maybe there is a scene with Spader in a white suit and then I stand corrected. 

I love how Samantha says, he should have got his Andrew McCarthy, or Jon Cryer’s Duckie, which is great, because there are also probably more memorable roles in those films, but Duckie's outfit would have been perfect for Robby. With his hair and his good looks, he went for Spader.

[0:34:28.4] SR: Well, did I ever tell you about the time I ran into Jon Cryer at Ralph's?

[0:34:31.8] JC: No.

[0:34:32.4] SR: I was at Ralph's in Studio City, Ventura Boulevard in Vineland one night or afternoon, I forgot when, and I see Jon Cryer. I went over to him and I said, “Hey, you're Jon Cryer.” He goes, “Yeah?” I go, “You're an American icon and I meant it.” He goes, “Thanks.” The look on his face when he said thanks to me seemed very genuine. He was surprised that I said that to him.

[0:34:58.2] JC: He's a good actor.

[0:35:00.2] SR: Okay. I said, “You're an American icon.” He's like, “Wow, thanks.” He seemed genuinely appreciative. I went about my business. Let me tell you something, if you're ever around the Ralphs in Studio City, Ventura Boulevard, Vineland, that's the place to be to run into celebrities. Not the west side. I've seen more celebrities in the San Fernando Valley in my life than Hollywood or the West Side.

[0:35:21.2] JC: Well, that's a good story.

[0:35:21.7] SR: That was my incident with Jon Cryer, Duckie.

[0:35:24.8] JC: As they walk in, they run into Tory.

[0:35:26.8] SR: Hang on, is Tory dressed as Madonna? Like a Virgin?

[0:35:30.4] JC: Yes, she is.

[0:35:31.1] SR: Okay. She's in a Like a Virgin Madonna mode here.

[0:35:33.7] JC: On skates, zinging through there. There's no love lost between Sam and Tory. This goes back to the beach club incident. Miguel steps in and he's super friendly and introducing everyone together, because he's dating Tory now and he's completely fine with the fact that Sam's moved on, which is at least that's my perception. You can tell there's some hostility there, but Tory purposely goes out of her way to kiss Miguel as she exits and has to continue working.

[0:36:04.2] SR: Yeah, yeah. This reminds me of when I was in Blockbuster Video many years ago, my girlfriend was waiting in the car and I ran into a Victoria’s Secret –

[0:36:11.0] JC: Jon Cryer.

[0:36:12.0] SR: Oh. I’ve ran into a Victoria's Secret model and I started flirting with her. I swear to God, she responded to me. My girlfriend ran out of the car, ran in the blockbuster video, put her hand out in between and says, “Hi. I’m Sal’s girlfriend.”

[0:36:27.8] JC: Wow.

[0:36:28.5] SR: This is reminding me of that. When your girlfriend just steps in there like, “Hey, here I am.”

[0:36:33.4] JC: You're almost there.

[0:36:34.6] SR: I was almost there. By the way, the Victoria's Secret model, Leeann Tweeden.

[0:36:39.0] JC: Nice.

[0:36:40.1] SR: Or is that Frederick's? I think she did Frederick's. Frederick’s. There we go. Even hotter.

[0:36:44.7] JC: That makes more sense.

[0:36:45.3] SR: Even sexier.

[0:36:46.5] JC: Now we're back at the bar and Johnny has a drink with the woman who bumped into him.

[0:36:50.3] SR: This is a perfect match. If you're watching their dynamic, if you see – they’re the same age range, this is the perfect girl for Johnny. This is a good thing right now.

[0:36:59.9] JC: Yeah, they're getting along great.

[0:37:01.3] SR: Yeah. Like he met his match in this woman here.

[0:37:03.6] JC: As she excuses herself and goes to the restroom, Johnny overhears and sees Carmen's new boyfriend, Graham.

[0:37:12.1] SR: Graham, the British guy.

[0:37:13.8] JC: He overhears his plans of what he wants to do with Carmen.

[0:37:18.3] SR: Yeah, this is pretty hard to hear, because I have nothing but warm feelings for Carmen. She's a good mother. He says, “She's good for a few bangs and I'll drop her.” That was my attempt –

[0:37:29.3] JC: You’re talking Australian –

[0:37:30.8] SR: That was Graham.

[0:37:31.4] JC: I’d get what that was.

[0:37:32.4] SR: That was Graham as an Aussie. Yeah, he says she's good for a few bangs, like look, look dude, I'm a guy. Who talks like that?

[0:37:40.5] JC: Seriously.

[0:37:41.3] SR: She's good for a few bangs, then I'll drop her.

[0:37:44.1] JC: It's ridiculous.

[0:37:44.7] SR: That's terrible.

[0:37:45.7] JC: Oh, because he doesn't want to raise her kid.

[0:37:47.3] SR: Yeah. I mean, come on dude. We haven't even gotten to that yet. I mean, it really just horrible thing to say to his buddy in the bar, right? Yeah, Johnny overhears this.

[0:37:55.7] JC: Right. Back at the skating rink, Sam and Robby skate as OMD’s classic hit, If You Leave comes on. Now that is also the climactic song in Pretty In Pink.

[0:38:08.1] SR: Okay. That I didn't know.

[0:38:09.7] JC: Oh, yeah. It's a wonderful scene. Robby apparently put a request in with the DJ.

[0:38:15.5] SR: Is that if you leave, don't leave now, I won’t waste a single day.

[0:38:20.9] JC: You got it. Duckie winds up with Kristy Swanson, Molly Ringwald winds up with Andrew McCarthy, James Spader looks on disappointed, but hey, you know what? That scene, he might have been wearing the white outfit, the white suit. I have to go back and look at that.

[0:38:37.2] SR: Yeah. I mean, there's so many homages and throwbacks to the 80s. These little hidden Easter eggs, I guess for lack of a better term.

[0:38:44.8] JC: There are.

[0:38:45.2] SR: Yeah, you got to really pay attention here. I mean, I miss a lot. I suffer from cinemanesia where I forget movies, I forget scenes. I know Jason doesn't. Jason remembers stuff.

[0:38:53.3] JC: No, I don't. I don't forget.

[0:38:55.1] SR: Yeah, you don’t. I forget movies. I've seen every movie we've mentioned so far, I forgot so much.

[0:39:00.7] JC: Do you remember recording the other podcast that we did?

[0:39:02.8] SR: I remember the last two.

[0:39:04.2] JC: Two. Yeah, we’ve done a lot. Samantha has a skate malfunction and she's got to go in and swap out her skates.

[0:39:11.9] SR: Well, because she's on a rental skate. If you know anything about rental skates, they suck.

[0:39:15.9] JC: They’re not good. They're not good.

[0:39:16.6] SR: No. You want to have your own skates. You go with the rental as much like a bowling shoe. You're stuck with whatever they give you.

[0:39:22.6] JC: Miguel looks at this as an opportunity to go over and clear the air. Not to hook up with her. Miguel has seriously moved on.

[0:39:29.9] SR: Miguel is at heart, a peacemaker.

[0:39:31.6] JC: Yeah, he really is.

[0:39:32.9] SR: Yeah, he's a peaceful young man, he's a peacemaker and he just wants to clear the air and make things right.

[0:39:37.2] JC: He goes over there and Tory oversees what's going on, but we'll get to that and Samantha goes off on him for dating someone like Tory. Taking that stance, immediately dismissing her character, as a bad person and can't believe that Miguel's dating someone like that.

[0:39:54.6] SR: Then I think there's also a callback to the canyon party, right? When Miguel's like, “Oh, this isn't a date.” “Yeah, I've heard that one before,” meaning their first date at golf and stuff.

[0:40:06.8] JC: Exactly. That was not a date, but for all intents and purposes that was a wonderful date and they wind up making out in that date.

[0:40:13.4] SR: Yeah. Miguel's in his head probably picturing Robby and Samantha making out.

[0:40:17.1] JC: He’s fine with that, but she’s picking on his new girl. Miguel takes issue with that. He's going to defend the person he's with. Meanwhile, Tory oversees this whole exchange  and she doesn't know what's going on. She doesn't know if Miguel's trying to make moves on his ex, or what have you, but it's noted. Now we're back with Johnny and he sees Carmen's boyfriend making out with a woman at this point in time.

[0:40:43.3] SR: Yeah. Well, Johnny thinks he's got to do something here because he sees really Miguel's mother being slighted, or what is it, marginalized by her new guy, right?

[0:40:54.6] JC: Yeah, it's one thing to say I want to hook up with her and move on, but now he has literally moved in on another woman.

[0:41:01.1] SR: Yeah. I was surprised to see this, because I mean, Johnny and this girl are pretty much a perfect match.

[0:41:07.2] JC: Absolutely. She's like a female Johnny.

[0:41:09.4] SR: Yeah. Then he's like, “Oh, I got to go.” He puts down money, says goodbye and goes outside where the guy was outside pissing. Graham is outside pissing.

[0:41:17.6] JC: Because the men's restroom was closed.

[0:41:19.7] SR: Yeah. Well, it said out of order and he says, the USA is all broken down. He makes some jab at the US about being broken down or something like that. He goes outside to piss, Johnny comes out to follow him. At first Graham's like, “Oh, yeah. Room for one more,” to piss, right? Johnny waits for him to get finished. Does he wait for him to get finished?

[0:41:37.6] JC: Yes.

[0:41:37.9] SR: I think he does. Johnny says first off, “I heard what you were saying about Carmen,” right? He lets him know what he's – 

[0:41:45.5] JC: He remembers who Johnny was.

[0:41:47.0] SR: Yeah. Oh, you're that bloke. Didn't he say bloke?

[0:41:50.4] JC: Probably does.

[0:41:51.0] SR: That he’s a bloke. “You’re that bloke that lives in the building. Oh, you fancy her?” He said, “You fancy her?” For you Americans, fancy means you like her, or you have a crush on somebody. You fancy them.

[0:42:01.6] JC: Johnny tells him what he thinks about what he's done and the guy makes a move on him, knowing he's a karate teacher, a sensei.

[0:42:09.2] SR: When we first meet Graham, when he's with Carmen, we hear her say referring to Johnny, “He teaches my son karate.” Graham knows, or he should know this guy knows karate.

[0:42:21.3] JC: He’s got a hard handshake.

[0:42:23.2] SR: Yes. Graham did a stupid move.

[0:42:26.0] JC: Yeah. He made a move on Johnny. Johnny wasn't going to fight him, he was going to tell him what he thought and to stay the heck away, but he came at him.

[0:42:33.5] SR: Yeah, he does.

[0:42:34.1] JC: Johnny roughed him up.

[0:42:35.0] SR: My favorite part of this exchange, which made me laugh out loud. Johnny's ready to finish him off, he's got a garbage can lid in his hand ready to finish off Graham after given a couple of maneuvers, putting him on the ground. Johnny says, “You're lucky I'm showing mercy.” Graham says, “This is mercy?” I thought that was so hilarious.

[0:42:57.2] JC: He's already on the ground being bested and shamed and this is mercy?

[0:43:02.3] SR: Johnny's like, “Stay away from her.” Then the guy goes, “I'm going to ghost her.” Johnny is like, “Huh?”

[0:43:07.9] SR: Yeah. “Huh?”

[0:43:08.8] JC: No clue. I do like he mentions ghosting.

[0:43:11.9] SR: Then the guy was, “Okay, I'll stay away from her. I'll never talk to her again.” Johnny's like, “Okay, fine.”

[0:43:15.4] JC: “I'll stay away from her, mate. I'm sorry, mate.”

[0:43:17.2] SR: That was good.

[0:43:18.0] JC: That’s British.

[0:43:18.3] SR: That’s better.

[0:43:18.8] JC: Now we're back at the skating rink and Robby mentions that people think he's Don Johnson. Hilarious.

[0:43:26.3] SR: Don Johnson.

[0:43:27.8] JC: Not Dan Johnson, or Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice. Samantha has no clue. That reference is lost on her; our young generation Z’er.

[0:43:37.7] SR: Which I did think it was interesting, because they all knew who Patrick Swayze was.

[0:43:41.0] JC: Immediately.

[0:43:41.8] SR: Yet didn't know who Don Johnson. There is no Don Johnson.

[0:43:44.8] JC: I guess that one vowel difference would throw you off.

[0:43:47.9] SR: I would say if you look at the scheme of things, that Patrick Swayze is a bigger star, was a bigger star than Don Johnson.

[0:43:54.9] JC: Absolutely. Then Tory comes in and trips Sam, who then takes down Tory.

[0:44:01.1] SR: Well, I thought we were going to see a karate match on skates, which would never have been done on film before ever. This will be a first.

[0:44:09.7] JC: Probably too hard to execute.

[0:44:11.4] SR: That would have been interesting. In this moment, I'm thinking if they're going to go toe-to-toe, wheel-to-wheel, Tory has to win here. She's more experienced on skates, I think, then Sam. Skate-to-skate, Tory's going to win.

[0:44:23.3] JC: But it doesn't happen.

[0:44:24.2] SR: No.

[0:44:24.8] JC: She takes out Tory, although I want to say that I think Tory did it knowing that Sam would retaliate and Tory had food. She had a tray of food, she's a server, she wipes out, food goes flying. 

Everyone like in sports, if you foul somebody and they retaliate, the retaliator always gets the call. They always see the second person. Tory won't by a little bump, a little trip. No one saw it. Hey, whatever. No one saw that. Everybody saw her come at her maliciously and take her out, even Miguel is shocked.

[0:45:04.5] SR: You see a patron assaulting an employee.

[0:45:07.1] JC: Exactly. Security's there, you're out of there. Both of them are out, Robby and Samantha.

[0:45:12.8] SR: Kicks them out.

[0:45:13.6] JC: You could see Tory's face, she knew what she did.

[0:45:17.8] SR: She's methodical.

[0:45:18.6] JC: Very much. I'm not saying she's wrong. She's got under Samantha's skin and vice versa and that's what happens. Samantha has that Daniel temper.

[0:45:29.0] SR: I just want to know at this moment in time, Tory did her business, we all saw what went down at the roller rink. Is Tory really on Team Miguel? I don't think we know yet.

[0:45:39.9] JC: It's too early to tell.

[0:45:41.4] SR: Yeah, that's what I want to know.

[0:45:42.8] JC: Tory is the Robby of season two.

[0:45:47.1] SR: You're right.

[0:45:48.4] JC: Because Robby popped in at some point in time in what, season one and we’re like, “Whoa, who’s this guy?” Then he got acclimated. Tory came out of nowhere and now we're starting to get a sense, but we don't really know enough yet. She shared some things, but we don't know about her character. We'll see.

[0:46:07.2] SR: Well, we'd know about her character.

[0:46:08.7] JC: Yeah, it's unpredictable.

[0:46:09.4] SR: Yeah, we just wonder if that's her overall persona to carry through the show.

[0:46:13.3] JC: Or she's got a tough exterior, like Robby, very guarded, who knows what things were really like. What she tells us could be far from the truth. We don't know.

[0:46:24.2] SR: Yeah. What we have definitely is we have the current girlfriend at odds with the ex-girlfriend.

[0:46:29.4] JC: Yeah, which is not uncommon.

[0:46:30.6] SR: Sure.

[0:46:31.4] JC: Now we're at LaRusso Auto and Daniel is looking pretty sharp, black tie and he's trying to make things up to Amanda.

[0:46:39.1] SR: Yeah. He is doing everything to try to make things right for their marriage. Trying to apologize, said, “I'm sorry” multiple times. I think he's genuine.

[0:46:48.9] JC: He’s super genuine.

[0:46:49.3] SR: Yeah. He doesn't want to hurt his wife.

[0:46:52.2] JC: What does he tell his mother? “Amanda has not accepted my grand gestures thus far.” He had to go much bigger than he’s been going. He shows Amanda a photo of them 16 years ago from their first LaRusso Auto opening.

[0:47:09.2] SR: Okay, so which city was this?

[0:47:10.8] JC: I don’t know.

[0:47:11.3] SR: This is Encino, North Hollywood, Woodland Hills?

[0:47:13.4] JC: I'm not sure where the first one was. I'd guess Encino, but I'm not sure. In this photo, Amanda's pregnant with Samantha. That's a great photo. It really captures them at that point in their lives.

[0:47:26.2] SR: Yeah. Then they go into the photo and now we're in the scene.

[0:47:28.8] JC: Now we're in the scene.

[0:47:29.9] SR: Yeah, of 16 years earlier. They share a sparkling cider in the back of a car.

[0:47:35.1] JC: A non-alcoholic, she's pregnant. It's a really touching scene.

[0:47:39.0] SR: One of the cars for sale.

[0:47:40.0] JC: Yeah, one of the cars for sale. He's now recreating that moment. This time though, it’s alcoholic. She's not pregnant. They're in the back of one of the cars recreating that toast, that connection, but this time Chicago's You're An Inspiration plays.

[0:47:57.5] SR: It's a very romantic and sweet song.

[0:47:59.2] JC: It’s a great song.

[0:48:00.2] SR: You're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration, come on.

[0:48:03.4] JC: Yeah, it's amazing. He probably loved it back when he was dating Ali.

[0:48:06.6] SR: Sure.

[0:48:07.1] JC: It was always in his repertoire. Amanda is a little bit younger than Daniel and she probably has an appreciation for it too.

[0:48:13.6] SR: Sure. I was wondering if they're alluding to them making a third child. Are they making a third child in the back of this car? Because remember, the camera pans out and they're just sitting in the car drinking champagne.

[0:48:25.1] JC: No, that only happens when they roll around the karate mat.

[0:48:28.1] SR: Was that only Samantha and Anthony created on the karate mat?

[0:48:31.8] JC: As far as we know, it was only Anthony that was spawned from the karate mat.

[0:48:38.1] SR: Okay. Well, I'm just wondering if they're going to make a third child here is what I wondered.

[0:48:41.0] JC: That would be a serious plot twist for the future seasons. Now we're at Johnny's apartment and Carmen is outside having been stood up by Graham.

[0:48:52.4] SR: Yes. Looking beautiful and sexy in this flowery summer dress.

[0:48:58.5] JC: Johnny says to forget about that guy and any guy would be lucky to go out with her.

[0:49:03.9] SR: Carmen says, “Are you asking me out?” Johnny says, “What if I am?” Wow.

[0:49:11.6] JC: Sal, dreams do come true.

[0:49:15.2] SR: Yeah. You know what? This is one of those situations, not unlike Robby and Samantha. Robby was reluctant to get together with Samantha, because of his situation. I just wondering how this is going to play out with Johnny hooking up with his student’s mother.

[0:49:33.6] JC: I don't think this is hooking up. I think there could be a much stronger connection here.

[0:49:38.0] SR: When I say hooking up, I just mean getting together, not in the sense that the phrase hooking up has evolved and changed over the years. When I was young, hooking up just meant getting together with somebody. Now, hooking up I think means one-night stand, or sex.

[0:49:50.4] JC: No, I don't think that Johnny is looking at Carmen in that way.

[0:49:53.0] SR: No, no, no. I think he's looking at her for a serious relationship.

[0:49:55.4] JC: You could be a girlfriend, you could be a life partner, because you can't forget that Miguel's part of the package and he's thinking about that.

[0:50:04.9] SR: I love Carmen's reaction, because when she goes, “Are you asking me out?” She probably meant it as a joke and then he goes, “What if I am?” Her reaction was taken aback. Wow, okay.

[0:50:15.1] JC: Finally. The episode ends there. What in episode. I cannot wait to get to episode nine and 10, the season finale.

[0:50:23.9] SR: What was the name of this episode again?

[0:50:25.8] JC: Glory of Love.

[0:50:26.5] SR: Yeah, that's what it was. Yeah, that’s what I was saying. Everybody's getting together in this episode. I'm surprised Demetri hasn't met somebody.

[0:50:33.3] JC: That's true. He wasn't really a big part of this episode. Although, he did find the Medal of Honor that Robby so kindly left on some rocks.

[0:50:39.9] SR: We have the blossoming love between Robby and Sam, between Miguel and Tory and now potentially between Johnny and Carmen.

[0:50:49.3] JC: Daniel and Amanda rekindling.

[0:50:51.2] SR: Yes. Yes. Okay. Wow.

[0:50:53.9] JC: We just need Daniel's mother to find a mate.

[0:50:57.3] SR: You know what? Daniel's mother never got remarried after the death of Daniel's father and that's very sad.

[0:51:01.4] JC: Well, we don't know that.

[0:51:02.7] SR: We don't know. No, I really would like to think that somebody can – after the death of a spouse especially, find love again.

[0:51:09.3] JC: That was 35 years ago. I tend to think that there was more romances and potentially another husband. I really do.

[0:51:18.0] SR: That would be nice. Sure.

[0:51:19.5] JC: There could be a current husband and she's just traveling.

[0:51:22.4] SR: We don't know that either.

[0:51:23.7] JC: There's some things left to be learned.

[0:51:26.3] SR: Oh, man. I'm on an emotional ride here.

[0:51:29.1] JC: Two more episodes, end of the season.

[0:51:32.0] SR: I'm going to mourn. When this season ends, then we're going to have a gap between season 2 and season 3. I'm going to have some mourning to do.

[0:51:38.8] JC: I'm going to keep you busy, because I plan to have a few more special episodes.

[0:51:44.4] SR: Well, we did the special episode on Karate Kid. We're going to do Karate Kid 2 special episode.

[0:51:50.0] JC: Then you have to finally watch Karate Kid 3, so we can do that one as well.

[0:51:54.2] SR: Well, because when we get into Karate Kid 2, when they go to Okinawa, I'm going to share my personal stories about when I was in Okinawa.

[0:52:02.4] JC: That is pretty impressive.

[0:52:03.8] SR: Oh, yeah.

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[0:52:42.9] SR: No mercy.