Let's Talk - Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai - S02E09 - Pulpo

December 11, 2019 Just Curious Media Season 2 Episode 9
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E09 - Pulpo
Let's Talk - Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai - S02E09 - Pulpo
Dec 11, 2019 Season 2 Episode 9
Just Curious Media

Jason Connell and Sal Rodriguez break down Season 02 - Episode 09 (Pulpo) of the Cobra Kai series and much more.

Synopsis: Johnny cautiously takes a stab at love, while Daniel and Amanda enjoy a romantic date night. An attempt to bring the students of the two dojos together backfires as hostilities between the teens escalate.

Recorded on 11-18-19

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Show Notes Transcript

Jason Connell and Sal Rodriguez break down Season 02 - Episode 09 (Pulpo) of the Cobra Kai series and much more.

Synopsis: Johnny cautiously takes a stab at love, while Daniel and Amanda enjoy a romantic date night. An attempt to bring the students of the two dojos together backfires as hostilities between the teens escalate.

Recorded on 11-18-19

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Let's Talk - Cobra Kai - S02E09 - Pulpo

[00:00:00] JC: Welcome to Just Curious Media. This is Let’s Talk - Cobra Kai. I’m Jason Connell.

[0:00:04.8] SR: And I’m Sal Rodriguez.

[0:00:06.3] JC: All right, Sal. Here we are. Season 2 episode 9.

[0:00:10.7] SR: Big time excited. Before we start Jason, there is a little surprise I have for you. I'm very excited to present to you the 1984 All Valley trophy. Now what that is is that is from the 2-pack of Johnny and Daniel made by NECA action figures. That is the reproduction of the ’84 All Valley championship trophy there in your hands and that's my gift to you.

[0:00:32.7] JC: Don't you want it? Part of your package.

[0:00:34.5] SR: I do. You know what? You've invited me on the Cobra Kai journey. I would not be here if it weren’t for you. It's just my way of saying thank you.

[0:00:40.3] JC: This thing is awesome. We'll have to put this online. I love this thing.

[0:00:43.3] SR: Yeah, yeah. Take a picture of it. Put it on Instagram.

[0:00:45.7] JC: Wow. Wow. I'm going to carry this with me always.

[0:00:48.8] SR: Do not give it away. If you ever have to give it away –

[0:00:51.6] JC: Give back to you.

[0:00:52.1] SR: Give it back to me.

[0:00:52.9] JC: I’m keeping it. In fact, I have a trophy case. Not in glass, but I do put all my film awards/trophies there and my sports ones are below that. This has a great place. Oh, this is a miniature trophy. Much smaller than the other ones, but I do love it. Thank you.

[0:01:07.7] SR: I think almost at this point, it's probably taking on as much emotional value as some of those other trophies probably too.

[0:01:13.0] JC: Absolutely. Well, thank you. I didn't know you could get a reward by doing a podcast. It’s great.

[0:01:19.0] SR: It's your participation trophy.

[0:01:20.9] JC: This episode is called Pulpo, which is Spanish for octopus.

[0:01:25.7] SR: You think I'd know this, but no.

[0:01:27.2] JC: I thought you would know this.

[0:01:27.9] SR: No, I’m not – I’m sorry, listeners. I’m not fluent in Spanish. I know a fair amount. I can communicate with somebody to a fair degree if they know enough English, but I'm not fluent in Spanish.

[0:01:37.2] JC: Well, thank goodness your English is pretty good.

[0:01:38.7] SR: It's okay. I do all right.

[0:01:40.5] JC: This episode's a 9.1 rating on IMDB. Very good rating as usual. We open with this great montage of Samantha and Tory as they’re individually training in various environments. It's pretty good stuff.

[0:01:55.1] SR: You can tell that this is a build. This is showing their bad blood that lies between them.

[0:02:00.4] JC: Absolutely.

[0:02:01.4] SR: They have beef and it shows the contrasting styles. I can appreciate both styles. Sam has the more spiritual style.

[0:02:09.3] JC: The Miyagi-Do style.

[0:02:09.8] SR: The Miyagi-Do style. Then Tory has the kick ass – I mean, she is smashing the crap out of these bags and out of these mitts that are being held by Miguel. She is kicking ass. I'll tell you at this moment, I'm thinking, good luck to Sam when they do face-off.

[0:02:24.2] JC: Tory's very Cobra Kai. It's quite impressive. I love the fact that this fifth harmony, who I don't know the band, but I like the song That's My Girl. Very fitting song for this particular montage.

[0:02:34.2] SR: Yeah. I'm really chomping at the bit to see where this winds up, how this winds up. I want to see these two girls face-off and although, sure, I want to be team Miyagi-Do, I may bet on Tory.

[0:02:46.7] JC: Yeah, we'll see. Well, I do like the fact that they're doing katas, medicine ball training, kicking bags. What I found funny was Tory's kicking Miguel followed by kissing Miguel.

[0:02:57.5] SR: You know what? Very much almost a display of dominance, if you will, because she goes to kick him, right? Then she grabs, him puts him against the wall and then kisses him. Almost a masculine method.

[0:03:11.0] JC: Then Sam's kissing Robby. It's just a fun montage all the way around.

[0:03:15.2] SR: Everybody's kissing here.

[0:03:16.3] JC: Yes. What I was reminded Sal, when I watched the sequence of this contrasting styles of training was Rocky 4, going back and forth between Rocky and Ivan Drago and they're very different means. Remember, Rocky was doing old-school training and the ice in the barn.

[0:03:34.2] SR: Where was it? In Siberia or something.

[0:03:35.4] JC: Yeah, something like that. Drago was on treadmills all plugged up with –

[0:03:40.4] SR: Yeah, his little suction cup things that they attach to check your heart rate and all that. He had all the latest tech. Rocky was out there hauling logs and stuff like that.

[0:03:47.6] JC: Hauling logs, doing upside-down crunchers or whatever.

[0:03:50.9] SR: Oh, yeah. Hanging upside down, doing sit-ups against gravity from a vertical position.

[0:03:55.2] JC: It was amazing. He was ripped. They were both ripped, actually.

[0:03:57.7] SR: Yeah, yeah. I love seeing these contrasts. You see his style, his style, you see her style, her style. You finally get to see how it all comes together and how they both use their skills. I'm really excited to see Samantha and Tory face off. I really am.

[0:04:13.2] JC: Yeah. To me, a nice little tip of the cap homage to that great film. It was. It was leading us up to you know there's some big bout brewing between these two,  between Sam and Tory.

[0:04:24.0] SR: Oh, yeah.

[0:04:24.6] JC: Now we're at LaRusso's and Sam and Robby walk in holding hands and are ready to tell Daniel and Amanda about their relationship.

[0:04:33.1] SR: Yeah, because up until this point it's a secret, right?

[0:04:36.0] JC: Yeah. They're slipping kisses here and there and holding hands here and there, but it was right here and now they, go in to make this known and what happens?

[0:04:46.0] SR: I was not expecting this at all. They walk in and the LaRusso's are having tea or coffee with Robby's mother.

[0:04:54.6] JC: Yes.

[0:04:55.0] SR: What? This was out of left field for me.

[0:04:58.2] JC: Yeah. I never saw her making a comeback.

[0:05:00.9] SR: Then they sit down, start having a conversation, a mother and son conversation.

[0:05:05.5] JC: She's clearly upset and she's confessing to Robby the mistakes that she's made. She knew that Cabo adjacent was a mistake.

[0:05:16.3] SR: He says, “I could have told you that.” That’s what Robby said.

[0:05:18.7] JC: Yeah, and she also reveals something else.

[0:05:21.4] SR: Well, I like how she says, “I know I haven't been there for you.” She admits that. “I want to make things right,” and she says she's going to rehab.

[0:05:30.2] JC: Robby just changes right then and there.

[0:05:33.0] SR: Yeah, you start to see his body language. He starts to become more open than receptive to what she’s saying.

[0:05:36.2] JC: Oh, wow. That's great. She could really turn a corner with this.

[0:05:39.0] SR: Yeah. When she said that I'm thinking, “Rehab for what specifically?” Then she says the drinking, the pills. She's an addict.

[0:05:46.9] JC: The LaRusso's have agreed to let Robby stay there throughout her time in rehab, but then they bring up Johnny.

[0:05:54.6] SR: Yeah. Well, Robby can stay with the LaRusso's until she's out of the program, or she says to Robby, “You can also stay with your father.” Of course, a quick no from Robby. She takes fault for Robby's relationship with his dad and she tells Robby that his dad cares about him and wants him in his life, which I guess Robby didn't know officially.

[0:06:15.6] JC: Yeah, and that was nice to hear that she's not throwing Johnny under the bus for no good reason. She knows that he wants a relationship now and that was nice.

[0:06:23.9] SR: My mother has never to this day told me she's sorry for putting a wedge between my relationship with my father. Yet, here is Robby's mother being that self-reflective and that self-aware and able to tell Robby, “I don't want to make my problems with your dad your problems with your dad.” I got to hand it to her. This is another example of the women of the Cobra Kai universe.

[0:06:47.7] JC: Yeah. They're amazing. Don't give up hope, Sal. That day may come.

[0:06:52.6] SR: With my mother? Oh, yeah. That'll happen.

[0:06:55.3] JC: She's a good scriptwriter. Now we're at Miguel's and Carmen is getting ready to go on a date with Johnny and her mother's teasing her, which also nice to see her mother, by the way.

[0:07:05.0] SR: Yeah. This was the first time grandma's been back in a few episodes.

[0:07:08.1] JC: I love that she gives a shout out and says with your outfit, that she's hot for teacher.

[0:07:13.6] SR: Yeah, Van Halen shout out. 80s shout out.

[0:07:15.9] JC: That was great shout out. That video was shot at John Marshall High School, which is in Silver Lake. We play soccer there on Saturday mornings. That's the same field they filmed Grease.

[0:07:27.8] SR: Wow. Oh, yes.

[0:07:28.3] JC: It’s a very historic school in the Los Angeles area.

[0:07:31.8] SR: Another Grease connection, not only the car, the 48 super deluxe car, but also this too. Since we're talking about hot for teacher, I used to go to Sepulveda junior high with a guy who was in the hot for teacher video. He played the drummer as a kid.

[0:07:45.9] JC: Wow.

[0:07:46.4] SR: Yeah, what was the drummer's name?

[0:07:47.6] JC: Oh, I don't remember.

[0:07:48.0] SR: It wasn't Michael Anthony. No Michael Anthony, Van Halen was the other guitarist. Anyway, the drummer of Van Halen in the video Hot for Teacher shows him as a kid and that kid named Yano, I went to junior high with him. He was a bully. He was a little guy, but he's a bully.

[0:08:00.4] JC: I'm a Cobra Kai.

[0:08:00.9] SR: I hope he's straightened out today. Then Carmen's mother also says in Spanish as they're walking out, “Don't knock her up.”

[0:08:07.7] JC: That was hilarious. Johnny thinking she said something nice as, “Thank you.” Yeah, which is too funny.

[0:08:13.9] SR: Finally somebody who speaks less Spanish than I do and it will be Johnny Lawrence.

[0:08:17.1] JC: Johnny Lawrence, folks. They're going on a date and that's wonderful. I think they look really cute together. They have this shared love for Miguel and we'll see where this romance goes.

[0:08:26.5] SR: Does Miguel know that his mother is going out on a date with Johnny? Does Miguel know that?

[0:08:31.0] JC: I don't know if we've ever seen him aware of it, but I don't think it's a secret. We've never really had that conversation.

[0:08:36.9] SR: I don't think he knows. The show hasn't showed us that he knows.

[0:08:40.4] JC: I would tend to think that he'd be fine with it. Sometimes you're rooting for your mother to be with certain people, right? If his mother's going to date, who better than Johnny in his eyes?

[0:08:50.2] SR: It would make sense. I also did want to factor in the fact that Johnny's 54. Well okay, we don't know how old Johnny Lawrence is, but William Zabka is 54.

[0:08:59.9] JC: Johnny Lawrence isn’t 54.

[0:09:01.6] SR: Okay. How old is Johnny Lawrence?

[0:09:03.6] JC: Well, he was 17 in ’84, so do the math.

[0:09:06.9] SR: Oh, okay. Got it. The funny thing is when we first visit Carmen as she's getting ready, I didn't know at first that she was getting ready for Johnny for a date. It look like she's obviously going on a date, but I didn't know it was Johnny at first.

[0:09:17.8] JC: After that great previous episode, I assumed that was happening.

[0:09:21.3] SR: Okay. I've had forgotten, so yeah. All right. They're going out on a date and yeah, Miguel may not know, but hopefully he'll be cool with it.

[0:09:27.8] JC: Now we're back at LaRusso's and Sam is video chatting with Moon. She invites her and her karate friends to the party she's throwing.

[0:09:36.1] SR: Yeah. Well first, Sam is complaining about Tory to Moon, right? She says, “I don't know what Miguel sees in her.” Then Moon says, “Well, you've both moved on, right?”

[0:09:48.1] JC: Exactly.

[0:09:48.5] SR: Then this little moment when Sam responds with, “Right,” is where we know no, she has not moved on.

[0:09:55.2] JC: Very hazy details there. Yes.

[0:09:56.8] SR: Yeah, yeah. I caught that. Definitely, the viewer has to know in that moment where she says, right, is when we learn no, she has not moved on.

[0:10:05.5] JC: Which will come into play. Then Amanda enters and shares with Sam her plans for the night with Daniel. They're going to have basically a date night.

[0:10:15.4] SR: Yeah, they're going out for –

[0:10:16.7] JC: Dinner and dancing.

[0:10:17.6] SR: Yup. Dinner and dancing. Nice date.

[0:10:19.8] JC: Then she says to Sam, “I trust you use good judgment,” all those things, much like a line in risky business. “We trust you. Of course, you're not going to throw a big charade with a bunch of hookers. It's all good.”

[0:10:32.4] SR: Exactly. You know what? These are very crucial and telling moments in the arc of Sam, the character. Because when she says to her, “Whatever you do tonight, make good choices. I know I don't have to worry about you.” You see Sam reflecting on her mother's words like, “Yeah, yeah. I'm the good girl.” This is where we start to see the shift in Sam. I think Sam is tired of being a good girl.

[0:10:58.7] JC: Well, she's acted out before. She threw the big ill-advised party when the family was at the country club.

[0:11:04.6] SR: That's right.

[0:11:05.9] JC: She told no one about the hit and run that Yasmine did in the first episode.

[0:11:11.4] SR: Maybe Sam's not so sweet and innocent.

[0:11:13.6] JC: She's not innocent. She's a good girl though.

[0:11:15.9] SR: She's not a bad person, but she is a teenage girl. I guess she's just a teenager, right?

[0:11:20.9] JC: Correct.

[0:11:21.3] SR: She's a teenager and doing what teenagers do.

[0:11:23.8] JC: She was unsure about the party when Amanda came in. When she left the room, she wrote to Moon and said, “I'm in.” She is going to the party with Miyagi-Do karate.

[0:11:36.5] SR: Yeah, because Moon says, “You can invite your karate friends.”

[0:11:39.5] JC: Right. Then Sam goes into her wardrobe to see what she's going to wear that night and comes across the octopus.

[0:11:46.4] SR: Pulpo. Pulpo.

[0:11:48.2] JC: Her Pulpo. That her and Miguel won on their first date non-date at the infamous golf and stuff.

[0:11:54.7] SR: Yeah, where she if you remember the date, Sam made the first move. Sam was assertive. Actually, she made the first move with Robby too. You know what, Sam is assertive when it comes to guys.

[0:12:06.3] JC: Yeah, I'll give you that.

[0:12:07.3] SR: I'm going through my own montage and realizing, yeah, Sam is she makes the first move. I got to hand it to her. Aggressive in that manner.

[0:12:13.1] JC: It's nice moment though. It's very nostalgic and you can see that she does still have some feelings for Miguel. It ended so abruptly and so weird and also there's a new person in her life. Sometimes you have to give things time.

[0:12:26.1] SR: Well, you could easily say Sam when she met Robby, or shortly thereafter was on the rebound from Miguel.

[0:12:33.0] JC: Well, you could also say that she was on the rebound from Kyler when she met Miguel.

[0:12:37.6] SR: She's rebounded twice at a time when they rebound her.

[0:12:39.8] JC: Yeah. Double rebound. When is Kyler going to swoop back in?

[0:12:42.8] SR: I like Kyler’s character actually. I wouldn't mind if he showed up again.

[0:12:46.3] JC: He's just too terrified.

[0:12:47.5] SR: What if Kyler comes back and joins Cobra Kai?

[0:12:49.6] JC: You never know with this show.

[0:12:50.6] SR: That would be amazing. Yeah.

[0:12:51.9] JC: Now we're at a Mexican restaurant and Johnny and Carmen are having a really good time.

[0:12:55.7] SR: While they're having this nice conversation, Carmen asked about Miguel's training. Carmen says, “He's a good boy,” but Johnny corrects her, “He's a good man.”

[0:13:05.1] JC: That's right.

[0:13:06.6] SR: A little moment there in how they view Miguel, or how Carmen views her little boy, versus how Johnny views her son.

[0:13:14.0] JC: That's a good point. You can tell there's a shared love for Miguel, as there always is between these two.

[0:13:21.2] SR: Is it possible to two people to have love, not only because maybe they love each other or like each other, but a love of someone else? They both love Miguel, they both care about Miguel.

[0:13:30.0] JC: Johnny could adopt Miguel.

[0:13:32.0] SR: Wow.

[0:13:33.0] JC: How crazy would that be? Robby would be heartbroken.

[0:13:37.0] SR: Oh, my gosh.

[0:13:37.9] JC: They're having a good time and then who comes in?

[0:13:41.9] SR: The Cobra Kai universe always makes me crack up. Here's Johnny and Carmen having their date and Daniel and Amanda walk in.

[0:13:50.1] JC: Date night for them.

[0:13:51.8] SR: Then of course, the only table available is right next to them.

[0:13:55.7] JC: It's very uncomfortable for Johnny and Daniel, but the women, they're getting along fabulously.

[0:14:00.3] SR: Well, Amanda introduces herself to Carmen, extends herself. Carmen compliments Amanda’s earrings, which is total lady thing to do.

[0:14:08.0] JC: She knows.

[0:14:08.6] SR: You know guys, we can never compliment anything ever. Daniel asked the hostess if they have any other tables. The waitress answers no. Amanda right away orders a Cadillac margarita. I got to hand it to Daniel though at this very moment in time, because he still thinks Johnny ordered Miyagi-Do to be vandalized. Doesn't he still have that rage in him?

[0:14:29.3] JC: He does, but he's unsure because Johnny's already dismissed that, but he's still not giving up that Johnny must know something.

[0:14:35.6] SR: Okay. In this very moment, I had to hand it to Daniel though, because I think that if anybody is most angry of this foursome, it would be Daniel. I got to hand it to him for sitting down and carrying on with this evening.

[0:14:46.4] JC: I agree. I would also say this, would this not be a good point in time for Daniel and Amanda to share with Johnny who was at their house that day?

[0:14:54.6] SR: You would think so.

[0:14:55.6] JC: You would think that there would be one thing that guess who came over, guess who's looking better? I mean, maybe she already called Johnny, we're talking about Johnny's ex, Robby's mother, but I couldn't believe that never came up.

[0:15:06.7] SR: There's a through-line with Cobra Kai and we've talked about this before in previous episodes, are these misunderstandings and miscommunications that occur? Whereas if everybody just sat out and really had a heart-to-heart, laid everything out, things may be a little different. If they all went on Dr. Phil –

[0:15:21.8] JC: Yeah, their settings might be just – You're right. I've always thought that with these two for sure. Johnny and Daniel in particular. They're 20 minute conversation away from being best friends. They got really close at the bar that one scene, because they were able to share and talk about Ali. Inevitably, other things came up and they just didn't know how to talk about it. Alcohol seems to help.

[0:15:44.7] SR: Plug for alcohol.

[0:15:47.2] JC: For alcohol. If you're harboring some things in, sit down with your pal and have a drink.

[0:15:51.5] SR: Well, the truth comes out. Now that I think about it, if I was a detective and I were interrogating somebody, I think I wouldn't offer them coffee. I would offer them some alcohol.

[0:15:59.9] JC: Yeah, good point. Now we cut to Moon's house party and Sam, Robby, Demetri and all the other Miyagi-Do students arrive.

[0:16:09.0] SR: I like how Demetri brings trivial pursuit.

[0:16:10.8] JC: I said the same thing in my notes. Hilarious. I do not remember that being a crowd-pleaser in high school.

[0:16:17.9] SR: No, especially present-day. I mean, Cobra Kai is today.

[0:16:22.2] JC: Exactly. Yeah. This is already vintage.

[0:16:26.5] SR: Yeah, that's not even necessarily a 2018 edition.

[0:16:29.1] JC: No. As they come in, of course they spot Hawk, Aisha and a lot of other Cobra Kais.

[0:16:36.6] SR: Yeah, it becomes a stare down in the middle of Moon’s living room. What I'm thinking is Hawk is Moon’s ex-boyfriend. Why is he there? I mean, wouldn't Moon – but then again, Moon is about peace.

[0:16:46.9] JC: Moon has a whole other ideology. I think it was her upbringing. What if she come over, clear your chakras. She's really cool. She wants to be the zen. You're right, so an ex-boyfriend is her best friend. She's cool with it.

[0:17:00.9] SR: She was okay with having Cobra Kai there en masse and having Miyagi-Do en masse arrive at her party.

[0:17:08.5] JC: As the tension brews as these two groups see each other for the first time, it takes Moon to come in and be like, “Hey, school is starting.”

[0:17:15.0] SR: Well, specifically she says, “I figured with summer ending in school starting, we could stop all the fighting and be friends again.” I mean, because even Miguel and Tory walk in and Tory says, “Let's go,” and then they walk back out. Even Tory didn't want to have it.

[0:17:27.3] JC: Yeah. Well, Miguel could handle it, but some of them are less mature than others. School is literally the next Monday. You know who I didn't see at this party?

[0:17:35.2] SR: Who?

[0:17:35.9] JC: Yasmine, or Kyler, that old crew.

[0:17:40.2] SR: Yeah. Why aren't they there? Not that I necessarily miss Yasmine.

[0:17:43.0] JC: She's not the enemy anymore.

[0:17:44.5] SR: She's not.

[0:17:45.7] JC: Now its Cobra Kai, Miyagi-Do and she’s at a focal point after what Aisha did to her.

[0:17:51.7] SR: Yeah. I am a fan of old characters coming back. If she were to come back and have another place, have some ulterior motive as it would be her way, I would welcome that.

[0:18:00.0] JC: Now we cut back to the restaurant and drinks are being served. Like you said, Cadillac margarita, you've got a Michelada over here. Of course, Jonny stays true to himself, Coors Banquet.

[0:18:11.4] SR: Okay. I had to pause here. I thought this was so hilarious that he's in a Mexican restaurant drinking a Coors Banquet. What I did is I called two restaurants. I called Acapulco Restaurant in Glendale. I called Tequila's in Burbank right over here and I asked both of them if they carry Coors Banquet.

[0:18:29.1] JC: And?

[0:18:29.3] SR: The answer was no. But they carry Coors Light. I just found that interesting that he's going to a Mexican restaurant and having Coors Banquet.

[0:18:37.7] JC: Daniel gives him a little bit of a look. Teases him a little bit about that choice, which is pretty funny.

[0:18:43.3] SR: I tell you what though, again, kudos to alcohol, it did make me want to try the Coors Banquet. Have you ever had a Coors Banquet?

[0:18:49.5] JC: It's been a long time.

[0:18:51.1] SR: I've never had one.

[0:18:52.3] JC: I may have been at high school over the last time I had a Coors Banquet.

[0:18:54.1] SR: Okay. I’ve had Coors Light. I definitely have had Coors Light. No, you know what? I've never had Coors Light. I've had Miller Lite. I've never had a Coors in my life.

[0:19:01.7] JC: Now you can go to Acapulco and have a Coors Light.

[0:19:04.1] SR: I'm going to do it.

[0:19:06.2] JC: I love that Daniel and Johnny began to compare class sizes.

[0:19:10.4] SR: Of course, class is a metaphor.

[0:19:12.5] JC: Oh, yes it is.

[0:19:13.5] SR: Well, Johnny started it, right?

[0:19:15.4] JC: Because they're still sitting at opposite tables, but close enough to overhear everything.

[0:19:19.5] SR: Yeah. Johnny tells Carmen officially, but he says this so that Daniel can hear. “So many kids want to join my dojo.” Then Daniel tells Amanda how proud he is of his students.

[0:19:30.5] JC: It's not the size. It's the quality.

[0:19:33.1] SR: Yeah. There may not be as many, but they have heart. He says that, so Johnny can hear.

[0:19:37.9] JC: Then Carmen has a great idea and says, “Why don't we push the tables together?”

[0:19:41.1] SR: At first, Johnny and Daniel are like, “Oh, no.” Then Amanda says, “That's a great idea.” They ask the waitress and they make it happen. Carmen says, “Are you Sam's parents? I'm Miguel's mom.” Then Carmen and Amanda start talking about being boy crazy as teenagers. They start bonding over when they were teenage girls.

[0:19:56.0] JC: Well, Carmen even says that she was sorry to hear Sam and Miguel break up.

[0:19:59.1] SR: Yeah.

[0:20:00.0] JC: Everyone is like, “Oh, yeah.” It touched everybody. Like, “Oh, yeah.” Daniel acted like it bothered him, right? “Yeah, so are we.” It bonds this foursome even more. Now we're back at Moon’s party and there's a dance contest in full bloom.

[0:20:14.9] SR: Yeah. I really love this character Nathaniel, I realize. His real name is Nathaniel O. He bust some moves in Moon's living room.

[0:20:21.7] JC: The little guy?

[0:20:22.5] SR: Yeah.

[0:20:22.9] JC: Oh, he was great. Then Stingray shows up with booze and a date who cannot believe they're at a kid's party.

[0:20:31.7] SR: I got a hand it to Stingray, because it would appear that he might be dating out of his league successfully.

[0:20:38.0] JC: For sure.

[0:20:39.2] SR: He dates up. They're obviously the oldest ones there and the date says to him – the date says, “I thought we were going to your friend's house party?” Stingray, I call  him Stingray now. Stingray answers, “These are my friends. Their parents are out of town.”

[0:20:51.7] JC: Yeah, he's down with it, whatever.

[0:20:53.5] SR: How old is Stingray, you think? Late 20s, early 30s?

[0:20:56.7] JC: Oh, I don't think he's that old, is he? I'd say mid-20s.

[0:20:59.3] SR: Mid-20s?

[0:20:59.9] JC: Yeah.

[0:21:00.3] SR: Okay. He's a mid-20s guy hanging out with all those teenagers.

[0:21:02.6] JC: 18, 19-year-olds. Yeah. Or no, they’re not 19. I'm sorry. They’re probably 16, 17, 18. Sam goes outside, encounters Tory and all of the sudden, they're about to embark on a very unique drinking contest.

[0:21:15.5] SR: Which is funny, because I didn't see the drinking in the fighting montage earlier.

[0:21:20.9] JC: Yeah, they hadn’t trained on this part.

[0:21:23.1] SR: I got to hand it to Tory, because she’s already been drinking. She just came off another –

[0:21:26.3] JC: Yeah, she bested somebody.

[0:21:27.8] SR: Yeah, she bested some dude. Now she's coming over and trying to challenge Sam. I got to hand it to her.

[0:21:33.2] JC: Will explain what kind of contest this is.

[0:21:34.9] SR: Well, I was going to ask you if you've ever done this. What they do is they stand on one leg on footstools, very similar to the stools you would see a stand-up comedian has next to them. It's a four legged wooden stool.

[0:21:47.4] JC: It's secure enough to stand on.

[0:21:49.2] SR: Then drinking. I guess whoever slips, or whoever touches down with the other foot loses.

[0:21:54.3] JC: I would be quite good at this game, but I'm a lightweight now unlike the old me. I could balance, but I couldn't drink as much. Of course, they're just chugging beer, but it does go on from there. How long are they up there? Five minutes? You don't know.

[0:22:08.2] SR: What are the rules? I mean, do you have to have your leg in front of you? Can you have it behind you, like a flamingo?

[0:22:12.9] JC: I think as long as it's up, but it can never touch and you can't switch legs.

[0:22:16.4] SR: Have you heard of this game before? Have you ever seen it?

[0:22:17.3] JC: No. Never.

[0:22:18.5] SR: Okay. It's very interesting, because you know what, if you fall off that stool, you could be seriously injured.

[0:22:23.6] JC: This game is now sweeping the nation. I don't know what the name of it is, but it's got to have Cobra Kai in the title.

[0:22:29.4] SR: It's the latest YouTube challenge. Yeah, so Samantha accepts the challenge.

[0:22:32.8] JC: Oh, my God. It's called something crane.

[0:22:35.0] SR: I like it. The drinking crane.

[0:22:37.3] JC: The drunken crane.

[0:22:38.4] SR: Yes. I love it.

[0:22:41.0] JC: Okay. Patent it. You heard it here first.

[0:22:42.5] SR: Copyright. Samantha accepts the challenge. Says, “Give me a cup.” Hops on the stool and Robby says, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Right now, Robby's the voice of reason, which is funny if you know Robby's history. He’s like, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Sam and Tory face off in the drinking game on the stools.

[0:22:58.3] JC: Well, they're very competitive. Sometimes even if you've never done something before and there's your archrival, you're going to step up.

[0:23:06.1] SR: This is Sam starting to be less good girl, right?

[0:23:09.7] JC: Yeah. Those choices.

[0:23:11.0] SR: Yeah. We see exactly, just like the mother said, “Oh, we don't have to worry about you.” This is Sam saying to her parents, “Yeah, watch what your daughter does.” This is her being a bad girl.

[0:23:21.2] JC: Well, let's not forget that Samantha has Daniel’s blood in her. Daniel doesn't always make the smartest decision initially.

[0:23:29.1] SR: Very true.

[0:23:29.8] JC: Amanda does and she's probably been on the straight and narrow messed up occasionally maybe, but Samantha's a little bit of chip off the old block, if you will.

[0:23:38.9] SR: Also, we haven't seen Samantha drink prior to this, right?

[0:23:42.3] JC: No. We've not seen her drink. Much like we saw Miguel drink for the first time.

[0:23:45.6] SR: Okay. If you were to say offhand, who would win a drinking game? Tory versus Samantha.

[0:23:50.7] JC: I’d say Tory.

[0:23:51.9] SR: Yeah. Tory, she's probably from Reseda.

[0:23:55.2] JC: Much like Miguel versus Robby in a drinking game. Robby probably has a history of drinking.

[0:23:59.0] SR: I would imagine so.

[0:24:00.2] JC: Remember his buddies are over, they’re rolling joints. You never know what Robby was up to. I agree. Props to Sam, she's taking on Tory.

[0:24:07.0] SR: I got to hand it to her.

[0:24:07.8] JC: Now we cut back to the restaurant and everyone's ordering.

[0:24:11.5] SR: I did learn something here, which I found interesting and that is Amanda asks Carmen what work do you do? Carmen says, “I'm an x-ray technician.” This is what Miguel's mother does for work.

[0:24:19.8] JC: That's true.

[0:24:20.7] SR: I never knew that. I'm always curious what people do for work, whether in TV or in real life.

[0:24:25.9] JC: She already knows what Amanda and Daniel do, because she's seen the billboards. She says, “I know what you do. I've seen the billboards. You kick the competition.”

[0:24:33.5] JC: Of course, Johnny is just like, “Yeah.” Grimacing.

[0:24:37.3] SR: Yeah. Then Johnny and Daniel start arguing about All Valley 1984.

[0:24:42.0] JC: Hilarious.

[0:24:42.7] SR: It never leaves them.

[0:24:44.3] JC: As the server comes over, she starts to take the order, but by memory. It really bothers Daniel and Johnny. They want the server to write it down. They know there'll be a mistake made.

[0:24:54.6] SR: I'm onboard with them on that. You know what? I'm not the guy who – I usually just order off the menu. I'm not like, “Oh, don't add this. Take away that.” I'm usually however it comes. Carmen ordered no sour cream and then Amanda orders no corn. Their orders are a little more complex.

[0:25:11.7] JC: Johnny ordered no green stuff.

[0:25:13.6] SR: Oh, on his –

[0:25:14.3] JC: Taco hard shell.

[0:25:15.7] SR: Pollo tacos.

[0:25:16.6] JC: Pollo.

[0:25:17.5] SR: Johnny Lawrence in a Mexican restaurant is ordering chicken tacos in a hard shell.

[0:25:22.0] JC: Yeah, they say, “Do you want tortilla or corn?” “Oh, just the hard shell.” Daniel just like, eye roll. The server does not write it down, but they're not impressed. They're very pessimistic about this person getting it right. Then the women decide to do what women do at restaurants is they dismiss themselves and go to the restroom. Daniel and Johnny do not want to be left alone with each other, which is hilarious.

[0:25:47.0] SR: Don’t’ go. Don’t go.

[0:25:49.3] JC: These guys, they get along great, but they have no interest in spending time together alone, because it's just too uncomfortable for them. Sal, why is that?

[0:25:57.8] SR: Well, what are they going to talk about? I mean, really –

[0:26:00.0] JC: 1984 All Valley.

[0:26:03.5] SR: I don't know. Maybe Daniel could be like, “Hey, remember the car we gave you? How was it? Is it running okay?”

[0:26:07.4] JC: I know. They struggle these two. They're too funny. They're so similar, they just can't get out of their own way sometimes. Now we're back at the party, Sam and Tory are in the midst of this contest.

[0:26:21.8] SR: I'm loving that rooting on Tori is Stingray.

[0:26:26.1] JC: Oh, my God. So funny.

[0:26:28.8] SR: He has two 40-ounce beers duct taped to his hands. Have you ever seen this before?

[0:26:33.5] JC: It is so unique, I've never seen it. I absolutely love it. This is also sweeping the nation. This isn’t a college campus near you.

[0:26:41.7] SR: I love seeing that. I'm not even big on 40 ounce beers. That was hilarious.

[0:26:46.3] JC: Yeah, his hands are completely tied to these things. Who taped them up? Is this girlfriend think this is great? Or did he go get another Cobra Kai and say, “Hey. No, tape me.” I love it. It's hilarious and he's pounding these two drinks.

[0:27:01.1] SR: Well, his girlfriend starts to root for Sam real quick and then Stingray was like, “Oh, no, no. That’s Miyagi-Do. We don’t root for them.”

[0:27:06.9] JC: Yeah. No. We’re Cobra Kai. Now we're inside and we see Hawk watching Moon talk to a guy and it's bothering him of course. Then enter a pretty young girl. Hawk sets his sights on her and moves in. Sal, take it from here.

[0:27:21.8] SR: Hawk sees this girl walk in.

[0:27:24.5] JC: Piper.

[0:27:25.2] SR: Yeah. He walks over to her, he starts talking. Oh, he said, “I like your hair.” She goes, “I like your hair too.” Then he says, “Oh, a lot of people want to touch and I don't let them, but I'd let you.” You think hey, this is going okay at first. Then boom, Moon walks over, introduces this girl as Piper, her girlfriend.

[0:27:43.9] JC: Says, “Hey, babe.”

[0:27:45.3] SR: Oh, yeah. Then they start kissing.

[0:27:46.7] JC: Right in front of Hawk. He was getting ready to say his name to Piper and his ex came over and is making out with this girl. I felt Hawk turned back into Eli for a moment.

[0:27:59.4] SR: He became Eli again for a few seconds. Yeah, he walked away dejected. He's at a party. It looks like a pretty fun party and he's sitting on a couch just being grumpy.

[0:28:08.7] JC: Totally.

[0:28:09.1] SR: What's he doing?

[0:28:09.6] JC: He’s pulling on Miguel.

[0:28:10.5] SR: Go outside and watch the drinking game. Have some fun.

[0:28:13.3] JC: Well, he's pining over Moon.

[0:28:15.1] SR: Yeah, he is.

[0:28:16.0] JC: Young love, man.

[0:28:17.5] SR: You know what? I'm thinking though, I mean, she broke up with him. I'm thinking he could have tried to salvage it.

[0:28:22.2] JC: This is his way. Yeah, just looking at her and he should make a move. He made a mistake and she ended it. You're right. He's just staring at her at a party. She's obviously moved on. She's now seeing a woman.

[0:28:34.6] SR: Whoa. I do know that when it comes to high school relationships, I wasn't enough to know. There's oftentimes a back-and-forth. You don't just break up instantaneously. There may be a see each other a couple times and sort things out maybe.

[0:28:47.7] JC: But there is that –

[0:28:48.5] SR: No, I know. I think Hawk might have missed an opportunity and now he's trying to make this his opportunity and it's too late, a day late dollar short for Hawk.

[0:28:56.8] JC: Now we’re back at the restaurant again and Johnny and Daniel begin to chat.

[0:29:02.1] SR: Yeah. Well first, they start talking about the vandalism at Miyaji-Do, Valley Fest.

[0:29:08.1] JC: Well, Johnny is saying that I had nothing to do with it. Daniel might buy that, but then he's going to throw those other things out there. How about everything else? How about Valley Fest? Johnny takes full credit for Valley Fest.

[0:29:18.0] SR: Yeah. He goes, “Well, that was me.” Then Daniel talks about Kreese showing up at Miyagi-Do.

[0:29:23.3] JC: That was news to Johnny.

[0:29:24.4] SR: Yeah, and Johnny says, “Well, Kreese has gone for good. I want Cobra Kai to be better.” If you look at Daniel’s face, he looks on as Johnny's like talking this, you see Daniel is starting to think, “Is Johnny either not who I thought he was, or is he changing, or he's shifting, or he's evolving?” You start to see Daniel almost start to look upon Johnny in a different way, because he's getting to know him is what he’s doing.

[0:29:46.2] JC: He's surprised. Daniel was surprised, but I wouldn't say he's entirely convinced.

[0:29:50.0] SR: No. No, no. He's still skeptical, but you see those gears start to turn a little bit.

[0:29:54.1] JC: Absolutely. Then the ladies return and they briefly mentioned Robby's enrolled in school.

[0:30:00.6] SR: Yup. Robby's going to West Valley High. The LaRusso say that they enrolled him.

[0:30:05.4] JC: Johnny thinks that's a great idea and he should have never dropped out of school.

[0:30:08.7] SR: No. Everybody can agree on that. Sure. Don't drop out.

[0:30:11.4] JC: Sal, I have a question. Did Amanda and Daniel finally figure out that Robby's resume was a fraud? His wonderful transcripts, all of those things?

[0:30:22.2] SR: Yeah, interesting. I'm thinking maybe when they were at the beach club and Robby revealed a little bit to Amanda about his past.

[0:30:28.3] JC: You’re right.

[0:30:28.9] SR: Yeah, maybe they started to put the pieces together. Maybe Robby revealed a little bit more and the LaRussos started to really know who Robby is. I forgot about that though, because yeah, he's officially, or was officially a LaRusso employee.

[0:30:41.3] JC: That's right.

[0:30:41.7] SR: Is he still working at LaRusso Auto? We haven't seen him.

[0:30:43.9] JC: I think it's evolved. I think he's in the Miyagi-Do and getting him on the right track. I'm sure he'd come clean before, but I remember that popped in my head when I saw that scene.

[0:30:52.4] SR: No, that's interesting though. Yeah.

[0:30:54.5] JC: Then the food comes and naturally, there's a mistake.

[0:30:58.0] SR: Yeah, it's funny because both Daniel and Johnny both agree, you got to write it down. Then Johnny makes a joke, “White belt.”

[0:31:04.9] JC: Yeah, a little karate joke. That was so funny.

[0:31:07.4] SR: Yeah, a little karate joke. They both laugh. This is the first time I think Johnny and Daniel have shared a laugh together.

[0:31:13.9] JC: Maybe since the bar.

[0:31:15.2] SR: Did they have a laugh at the bar?

[0:31:16.4] JC: They were having some good times about Schwarber and Ali's new last name.

[0:31:19.8] SR: Oh, okay. Yeah.

[0:31:21.1] JC: Anyway, it is a bonding moment and it did bring them together.

[0:31:24.6] SR: Yeah. There are these little moments there, if you pay attention.

[0:31:27.1] JC: Now we're back at the party and Hawk is getting more upset while watching Moon and Piper make out.

[0:31:34.6] SR: This is maybe in bad taste of Moon, I got to say. You're making out with your new girlfriend, your ex-boyfriend’s sitting right over there.

[0:31:42.3] JC: Yeah, but he could do something else as you've just said.

[0:31:44.4] SR: Okay. He could get up and walk away, but you know what? Moon can get up and walk away.

[0:31:47.6] JC: Yeah, it's her house.

[0:31:49.1] SR: He's sitting there staring. I mean, I would not do this. I would not torture myself like that.

[0:31:53.9] JC: No way.

[0:31:54.4] SR: I would get the hell out.

[0:31:55.7] JC: Then Demetri comes in and he's trying to connect with Hawk. He does as they start to talk about Doctor Who.

[0:32:02.9] SR: Well, because he also tries to give him some friendly advice. Demetri says, “She's moved on, man.”

[0:32:07.1] JC: Yeah, that's right. She’s moved on, maybe you should. The walls start to come down just a little bit.

[0:32:13.5] SR: Yeah. Eli starts to come out a little bit, back with his old friend talking about nerd stuff, Doctor Who and the latest Doctor Who, which for you nerds is a woman, right? Demetri dumps this news on Eli, or Hawk and they have a little bonding moment.

[0:32:28.5] JC: He’s like, “Oh, wow. Okay.” Then what does Hawk do?

[0:32:32.1] SR: Hawk gets up, because Hawk is catching himself. He's like, “Wait a second.”

[0:32:36.8] JC: I'm not into that stuff.

[0:32:37.5] SR: Yeah, I'm not into that nerd shit. He gets up, dumps his drink right on Demetri's head and Hawk says, “Just what I thought. Still a pussy,” and walks away. Holy cow.

[0:32:47.3] JC: Yeah, he didn't want Demetri to give him love advice. He doesn't want to be considered a nerd anymore. He's moved on.

[0:32:54.6] SR: Wow. I definitely felt bad for Demetri there.

[0:32:56.2] JC: Oh, yeah.

[0:32:56.6] SR: I mean, he's sitting in the middle of a party with a drink poured over you.

[0:32:59.5] JC: Not good. He will get his revenge.

[0:33:01.9] SR: It's still no trivial pursuit game played here at all.

[0:33:05.0] JC: No. Didn't really pan out. Meanwhile, outside the contest continues. Now they've moved on to vodka.

[0:33:13.7] SR: Tory orders two shots of vodka. Sam downs it, Tory gets distracted, falls off the stool.

[0:33:20.4] JC: Samantha wins.

[0:33:21.5] SR: Wow. Then Tory, she's pissed. She just runs off.

[0:33:24.4] JC: Pissed, embarrassed. Takes off. No one's really a winner in this situation, I would say. Cut back to the restaurant, alcohol is in full swing. Everyone's having a great time. I love Johnny's line about another round. I don't know, the last time I went four rounds with a LaRusso, I took a foot to my face.

[0:33:44.1] SR: Yes, a very interesting moment, because you know what? That's the first time we've ever seen Johnny Lawrence joke.

[0:33:52.2] JC: About 1984 All Valley.

[0:33:53.8] SR: Wow. I couldn't believe it.

[0:33:55.9] JC: I liked that he's fun spirited, he can joke about it now. I'm going to spend 35 years, so come on.

[0:34:01.9] SR: If you can't joke about things from 35 years ago, I don't know what to tell you now.

[0:34:04.8] JC: You’re too uptight.

[0:34:05.8] SR: Yeah. It's very funny to see him joke about that.

[0:34:09.0] JC: I totally agree. Funny moment. Everyone got a big laugh. Then after the joke and everyone's having a good time, then what happens?

[0:34:18.0] SR: We hear music. Amanda starts grooving in her seat, says, “I love salsa night.” She wants to get up and start dancing.

[0:34:24.3] JC: Then both couples are dancing.

[0:34:26.0] SR: Yup. Everybody hits the dance floor. At first, Johnny's reluctant. I like this line. Carmen says to Johnny, “I can be your salsa sensei.”

[0:34:32.4] JC: That was nice.

[0:34:33.5] SR: What man could resist that? They’re on the dance floor. Everybody's having a great time. Johnny orders another round. He says, “Make it a double.”

[0:34:40.5] JC: Double of Coors Banquets?

[0:34:44.1] SR: All right, fun is had by all surprisingly so, the LaRussos and Lawrences. Well, sort of the Lawrences. It's double date night. Everybody's having fun.

[0:34:53.2] JC: It's wonderful.

[0:34:53.8] SR: See, what Mexican food can do?

[0:34:56.2] JC: It bonds people.

[0:34:57.1] SR: It does. And salsa.

[0:34:59.1] JC: Now we're back at the party and Robby stops Sam from drinking more. She leaves the contest to go inside to pour another drink.

[0:35:07.1] SR: Yeah, wow. Who knew that she was such a heavyweight when it came to drinking? I don't know if I could outdrink Sam at this point.

[0:35:12.2] JC: Not making good choices right now.

[0:35:14.8] SR: Sam says to Robby, “Are you my boyfriend or my babysitter?”

[0:35:18.3] JC: Hello.

[0:35:18.9] SR: Robby leaves to go get food for Amanda. He says, “I'll be back. I'm going to go get you some food.”

[0:35:22.6] JC: Then Aisha comes over and shares with Sam that Miguel is the one that returned the Medal of Honor.

[0:35:28.4] SR: Yes. This is news to Sam, because she just thought that it was laying out in the backyard.

[0:35:34.2] JC: She's drunk. She's not processing things perfectly right now, but it definitely affected her. Like these early thoughts of Miguel early in the episode when she had the octopus, of the pulpo. Now to find out that he did the right thing, she's conflicted and she doesn't have her senses.

[0:35:53.0] SR: Yeah. She excuses herself. She tells Aisha, “I'm going to go get some air.” She walks out.

[0:35:57.2] JC: Then we see Demetri on a microphone.

[0:35:59.4] SR: Yeah, it's front of a DJ. He grabs the microphone from the DJ.

[0:36:01.6] JC: Grabs it away and begins to call out Eli/Hawk.

[0:36:06.5] SR: Oh, he says, “I'd like to make a toast to Eli Moskowitz.” The crowd is like, “Oh, what?” “Oh, some of you may know him as Hawk.”

[0:36:14.5] JC: Oh, my God.

[0:36:15.1] SR: We watched every Harry Potter movie together.

[0:36:18.8] JC: He cried and cried when a certain character died. You could tell Hawk is just fuming.

[0:36:27.0] SR: Well, he's roasting Hawk. Normally at a roast, the guest of honor agrees to it in advance. Demetri is spontaneously roasting Hawk in a very embarrassing manner and Hawk is not the kind who likes to joke about himself.

[0:36:45.3] JC: No. Well, he's still becoming this new identity. He's embarrassed of the past. Yeah, it's very sensitive to him. Any Eli talk, especially in front of his peers, because he has a new persona.

[0:36:57.4] SR: I will tell you that I was very impressed by the way that Demetri held the microphone. I look at the way – when you ever you see somebody holding a microphone, you could tell if they've ever held a microphone before. I think maybe Demetri may have done some stand-up comedy.

[0:37:10.9] JC: Okay. I’ll have to ask him that.

[0:37:12.2] SR: I’m going to ask him when I meet him.

[0:37:13.8] JC: Now we cut back to the restaurant, which is a Don Corazon’s, by the way, said the door. Everyone is leaving and buzzed. Then there's a nice moment between Johnny and Daniel about they don't have to be at war despite their different dojos and they shake hands.

[0:37:30.6] SR: Is that the first time we've ever seen them shake hands? I'm thinking since the end of the ’84 when Johnny presented the trophy. We've never seen them –

[0:37:39.8] JC: This very same trophy that you gave me?

[0:37:41.3] SR: That's right.

[0:37:42.5] JC: Wow.

[0:37:43.4] SR: Put that on the dashboard of your car. We have never seen them shake hands, right?

[0:37:48.4] JC: Wow. The day they test drove Johnny's Challenger and they went to the bar, I don't think they shook hands. I mean, it was a nice moment when they went to Seven Seas, but they didn't shake hands. You're right, it was a very symbolic moment.

[0:38:00.0] SR: I think also, because didn't Johnny say something about Kreese? Oh, “Kreese was about war. I'm not.”

[0:38:06.3] JC: Right, exactly.

[0:38:07.2] SR: Yeah, so we gave some reassurance to Daniel that Kreese is out of this picture.

[0:38:11.8] JC: I was making it about them. One is Miyagi-Do, one is Cobra Kai and they're probably always be that, but they don't have to be at war with one another. You’re right, it was Kreese’s war to fight.

[0:38:22.9] SR: Yeah. Everyone says goodnight and leaves the salsa bar. Oh, it was funny when the valet brings the car up and Daniel sees the Cobra Kai car, which I guess he hadn't seen before. He's like, “Are you serious?”

[0:38:34.2] JC: They hadn't seen the paint job with the logo on that. “You couldn't resist, could you?” I love how Johnny is like, “Let's go, Carmen. Goodnight LaRussos.” Like they do it every Saturday night. It was really cute, I thought. Now we cut back to the party and Miguel checks in on Sam who is outside alone.

[0:38:50.2] SR: Yeah, Sam is sitting outside in the back. Now why is she alone? Wouldn't there be other people out there?

[0:38:55.1] JC: Well, I think she's trying to get air. Robby's trying to get her food. She's out there just probably trying to get her wits about her.

[0:39:02.0] SR: Yeah and try to sober up. Yeah.

[0:39:03.2] JC: Exactly.

[0:39:04.1] SR: Miguel approaches. Sam thanks him for returning the medal, which we learned from Aisha. She stumbles, he catches her and then, I was surprised by this.

[0:39:14.8] JC: I couldn't believe it. You think it's going to stop there and a moment of like, “Wow,” like when Robby and Sam nearly kissed when they were having smores or samores. You think it's to stop there, but it doesn't.

[0:39:27.6] SR: Did she kiss him and then he accept, or they kiss each other?

[0:39:31.8] JC: It was pretty mutual.

[0:39:32.8] SR: Okay. A pretty mutual kiss, but led by her almost tripping into him. They're kissing for a moment out in the backyard next to this pool and who's in the window?

[0:39:43.6] JC: Of course, not Robby, but Tory.

[0:39:47.1] SR: I didn't even think about that. What if it had been Robby? It's worse that Tory saw it, I think.

[0:39:51.1] JC: Robby would have come right over and dealt with it right then and there.

[0:39:53.9] SR: Probably so. Yeah.

[0:39:54.9] JC: Tory seeing it. She's more sinister.

[0:39:58.1] SR: Okay. Now that you mention it though, Tory could have ran out at that moment and be like, “What are you doing with my man?” Instead, she's like, “Oh, let me deal with this later.”

[0:40:07.1] JC: I'll kill you in your sleep.

[0:40:08.0] SR: Yeah. That is yeah, yeah. You got to watch out for those kinds. Tory's watching from the window. Miguel though, he backs away.

[0:40:14.2] JC: He does.

[0:40:14.8] SR: He says, “We shouldn't. I'm with Tory.” Miguel tries to do the right thing.

[0:40:19.5] JC: “You’re with Robby.”

[0:40:20.2] SR: Yeah. Then Sam says, “I have to go.” Walks away. As soon as she walks away, there's a pool that I thought she's going to fall into the pool. I just thought she was going to.

[0:40:28.1] JC: That’s hilarious.

[0:40:28.7] SR: It's right there. It would have been so embarrassing for her to do that. Anyway, now she walks right past it.

[0:40:34.8] JC: Now we're back inside and Demetri shares Eli's history of bedwetting. That Demetri's mother had a special air mattress for him when he stayed the night and they called it Eli's water bed.

[0:40:48.5] SR: Oh, no.

[0:40:49.2] JC: Devastating.

[0:40:50.2] SR: Yeah. This is really, really embarrassing.

[0:40:52.9] JC: Demetri's pushed it to a whole new level.

[0:40:55.4] SR: Then Hawk has had his fill, he's about to go for Demetri, but Robby and Chris step in the way. Moon intervenes and Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do are having a faceoff there.

[0:41:05.8] JC: For the second time.

[0:41:06.8] SR: Yeah, again. Yeah. Later on in the night now, the second faceoff. Stingray says, “I smell a rumble.”

[0:41:12.8] JC: And then?

[0:41:13.7] SR: Police. Police lights –

[0:41:15.2] JC: You see lights coming in the party and kids are fleeing, except for Moon who lives there. Everyone is panicking and hilarious, what happens to Stingray?

[0:41:26.7] SR: Stingray still has these beer bottles taped to his hands. He says, “I can't go to jail. My mom will kill me.” Tries to open up sliding doors to escape, but the beers are taped to his hands, he can't open up the sliding door.

[0:41:39.8] JC: Somehow, he manages with his head?

[0:41:41.5] SR: Somehow he gets through. Everyone's running. Miguel asked Aisha if she's seen Tory. She says no. Stingray runs out. What happened to Stingray’s date?

[0:41:49.7] JC: She's gone. I thought Stingray was going to pull a Kool-Aid and just go through the glass door.

[0:41:54.7] SR: Just bust through it.

[0:41:55.7] JC: He had glass hands, I thought he might break it down, but he didn't. Managed to get out, which is pretty funny.

[0:42:00.4] SR: All of these people running from the police, I couldn't help but have flashbacks of the Warriors. If you remember the park when they all gathered when Cyrus is up there, “Can you dig it?” He gets shot, then the police are coming and then everybody's pandemonium. This is what I was reminded of. Just everybody is running in all different directions. Nobody really knowing where to go.

[0:42:18.6] JC: No. The cops should only need to get a couple people, probably, but you do not want to be one of those couple people.

[0:42:24.5] SR: Well as a teenager who has been in similar situations as the Cobra Kais and the Miyagi-Dos, I will say that the consensus was always, “They can't catch all of us.”

[0:42:34.7] JC: Exactly. Save yourself. They're probably going to get MIPs. Minors in possession. They're all drinking. Obviously, one of Moon’s neighbors have called due to noise ordinance, or noise complaints. They're going to come, usually find the owner and talk to them, sometimes even give them a big fat ticket. Moon couldn't afford it, but then her parents aren't going to know. They're going to know anyway, because someone's probably going to rat on them. Yeah, there's teenagers fleeing all over the backyard, people are jumping in cars. It's a crazy scene. Now we're back at Johnny's apartment and he's walking Carmen to the door. They share a very cute, innocent goodnight kiss.

[0:43:14.4] SR: It was innocent and that it wasn't make-out city, but it was – I think they're into each other at this moment.

[0:43:20.2] JC: Absolutely.

[0:43:21.0] SR: There was enough sensuality in the kiss that leads you to believe that there's hope.

[0:43:26.8] JC: It was funny, because Johnny went back to his apartment, opened up a Coors and was mad at himself for not inviting Carmen over. Having regrets over how the night ended, which is such a guy thing to do.

[0:43:37.4] SR: Yeah. “Good night. I should have invited her in, dumbass.” That's what he says to himself.

[0:43:41.0] JC: And then?

[0:43:41.9] SR: A knock at the door. Of course, you think it's Carmen. Johnny thinks it's Carmen, right? Didn’t he say like, “Oh, miss me already?” He thinks Carmen has come to chase him.

[0:43:51.0] JC: Sal, did you have any idea what we were about to see?

[0:43:54.0] SR: No way. No way. I might have thought it was Carmen at first, or even if it wasn't Carmen, I did not expect that when he opens up the door, it's Robby and a drunken Sam. Robby says, “Hey, dad.”

[0:44:06.6] JC: Wow.

[0:44:07.1] SR: Yeah.

[0:44:08.0] JC: What an episode and what an ending.

[0:44:10.9] SR: Not to mention, I don't think we've ever seen Robby call Johnny, dad.

[0:44:15.0] JC: Exactly.

[0:44:15.8] SR: Wow.

[0:44:16.5] JC: It’s like, they're on good terms all of a sudden. What's Johnny going to do? Of course, he's going to bring him in, but episode stops there. Setting up season 2 finale will be next episode. What a great episode. So much to take in.

[0:44:33.3] SR: So much pulpo.

[0:44:34.8] JC: So much, so much octopus. Or octopi?

[0:44:38.3] SR: Octopi.

[0:44:39.2] JC: Amazing. Thank you so much for listening and we greatly appreciate it if you could subscribe and rate us on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast. If you had the time to leave us a short review, it would truly help us as well.

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[0:45:17.6] SR: No mercy.